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The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards hosted by Katy Perry, was held on Sunday, August 27, at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Rapper Kendrick Lamar dominated the evening, winning six coveted trophies.

Kendrick, 30, took home 6 "Moon Person" trophies. That's right; in keeping with Hollywood's inclusive, diversity blah, blah, blah, the liberals at MTV renamed the iconic Moonman trophy as the "Moon Person".

They even had host Katy Perry descend from the rafters in a harness wearing a spacesuit, presumably to prove that women can be a Moon Man too.

Unlike the American Music Awards, the MTV VMAs winners are chosen by MTVs staff, who lean heavily towards mainstream pop artists and wholesome rap artists with crossover appeal, such as this year's big winner, Kendrick Lamar (pictured above), and one-hit-wonder Li'l Yachty (pictured above), who hosted the pre-show.

Kendrick accepted his awards for his hit single "Humble", including Best Cinematography and the prestigious Video of the Year trophy. The Compton native beat out other bold name artists such as Bruno Mars, Rihanna and DJ Khaled, and The Weeknd for Video of the Year honors.

"Glory to God every time, giving us these amazing talents," Kendrick told the crowd at The Forum in California as he stepped up to accept the final award. "Thank you for allowing us to take our thoughts and our wild imaginations to the next level."

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran (pictured) walked away with his second ever MTV VMA for Artist of the Year, and later, he performed his hit song "Shape of You" as a unique collaboration with rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

It was a big night for Pink, too, who was celebrated for her career achievements with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Other winners included singer Khalid (pictured), who was voted Best New Artist; Fifth Harmony (Best Pop Song for "Down"), and Kanye West (Best Choreography for "Fade").

The event also featured the world premiere of Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" video, and performances from Kendrick, and Miley Cyrus, before host Katy Perry closed the show with her Nicki Minaj (pictured) collaboration "Swish Swish".

The live pre-show was hosted by rapper Lil Yachty and MTV's Charlamagne da god.

The main list of winners includes:

  • Video of the Year: Kendrick Lamar - Humble
  • Artist of the Year: Ed Sheeran
  • Best New Artist: Khalid
  • Best Collaboration: Zayn and Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever
  • Song of Summer: Lil Uzi Vert - XO Tour Llif3
  • Best Pop: Fifth Harmony ft. Gucci Mane - Down
  • Best Hip Hop: Kendrick Lamar - Humble
  • Best Dance: Zedd and Alessia Cara - Stay
  • Best Cinematography: Kendrick Lamar - Humble
  • Best Direction: Kendrick Lamar - Humble
  • Best Art Direction: Kendrick Lamar - Humble
  • Best Visual Effects: Kendrick Lamar - Humble
  • Best Choreography: Kanye West - Fade
  • Best Editing: Young Thug - Wyclef Jean
  • Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award: Pink
  • Photos by Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Adriana M. Barraza/

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    • Coy little wink

      Only saw fifth harmony seemed like their mics weren't on

      Also saw Asahd and DJ Khaled...that boy gonna be a heartbreaker ?

    • Benjamin

      Congrats to everyone. Shout out to Normani from 5th Harmony, she's absolutely beautiful.

    • soujourn_erets

      All idol worship. The exact opposite of the will of Yah. All vanity

    • Platoon

      Pink is a man. Js

    • Kanyade

      Moon Man, Moon Person, MTV is still not the music-driven channel it used to be.

    • You Could Never

      This is kinda not true. I actually looked into when Nicki did her rant against Miley. NOBODY knows how these folks are nominated or selected to win in some of these categories. Including one in the category up top that K. Dot won. (Kendrick accepted his awards for his hit single “Humble”, including Best Cinematography)

      Still. To this DAY. Nobody knows.

      "I set out to answer the above questions and shed a little light on the behind-the-scenes workings of the MTV VMA awards. Unfortunately (though I can't say I'm surprised), MTV keeps their lips tightly sealed concerning the nominee selection process for the VMA nominees as well as the voting committee that decides the winners of the 6 'Professional' categories of the awards (Best Direction, Best Visual Effects, Best Cinematography, Best Choreography, and Best Editing).

      I have scoured the internet researching this topic, looking for any sign of information that might help me understand how this process works but I found nothing. Absolutely nothing. Usually you can Google something and, even if the results aren't solid, trustworthy answers from reputable websites, you can at least find some good soul who has already asked the same thing as you, whether it be a blogger writing about the issue or a person on Yahoo! Answers who has asked "Who gets 2 pick the MTV VMA nominees?! Y wasn't Nicki nominated more?" But, alas, all my queries on this topic yielded absolutely nothing."

    • xenaD

      I still remember when *NSYNC won and Justin sang "we gotta moon man, we gotta moon man"

    • Curious George

      I just cannot get with Kendrick. I do not like his music at all. Something about him seems pretentious as well. Maybe pretentious isn't the best word. He doesn't read as genuine to me.

    • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

      Kendrick, 30, took home 6 “Moon Person” trophies. That’s right; in
      keeping with Hollywood’s inclusive, diversity blah, blah, blah, the
      liberals at MTV renamed the iconic Moonman trophy as the “Moon Person”.

      What are you upset about this morning? I actually chuckled, but you sound BIG mad and I know, it is not about this nonsense.
      Take Care, Woman!

    • MookieFly

      Kalid is alright, but SZA shoulda won that

    • SDot

      Nicki looks cheap and worn out.
      Katy was horrible.
      Kendrick CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Intellectual by Nature!

      I only watched Kendrick's performance. He had great energy and stage presence. I don't get the hate towards him. He's a positive black man who is trying to steer this generation in a better direction. He's not all hoe this, molly and bands that; so, more power to him. I don't subscribe to his personal beliefs, but I like him overall.

    • Kim’s Original Face

      Loves me some kendrick!..just love and adore him..

      Nicki looks like trash smh.

    • Hell_On_Heelz

      That's why they "hate" both he and J. Cole. They come with that real! I adore them both!

    • AJ

      Let's keep the prayers and resources flowing to our people in Texas.

    • Shay

      Love Kendrick....gonna need him to shave a bit tho.....just sayin

    • 100milesperhour

      Get a grown man haircut. Those plaits are tired.

    • Shamari123

      Nicki tries a little too much. She really wants to always be center of attention. Shes very beautiful especially when she's not dressed all weird and funky. The barbie look is very annoying and overplayed.

      Kendrick is everything!! His album is so dope. Every song on the album is amazing but FEAR is my favorite song on the album.

    • Mr.LeBrickJames

      OK, well I'm glad I'm not the only one saying it. I don't quite "get" Kendrick Lamar. Yes, he's got some talent, but I don't really get all the hype. He'd kind of overrated to me.

    • Kimberly King

      I don't even know who half of these people are.... Two things:
      1.) I miss the Section.80/GKMC Kendrick... This new look... he needs to quit.

      2.) Nicki always looks sooooo cheap! She even makes the Chanel she wears look cheap, which is such a shame. I don't know why she's so hell bent on dressing like an IG thot or an avid IG boutique shopper. HOWEVER, I am slayed by her makeup. Whoever did it was smart enough to know not to overdo it since she was wearing such a bold outfit.

    • ???TheRider???

      He's cool, but I didn't/don't get the hype over Damn. I can't take his monotone voice for a whole album. I only like 4 songs, well 3 3 1/2, on DNA when he changes the tone, it ruins it for me.

    • disqus_FW7pCIigCY

      Award shows are sooo boring.... can't watch them anymore... a room full of talentless people..... there was a time when everybody in the room could sing and rap and you didn't know who would win because everybody was great..., DJ Khalid... don't even sing but yet he's up for awards... he hired everybody to sing on his records he makes all the money and collects the awards.... he's a genius and everybody singing for him instead of making their own music is dumb?

    • WutizaGRANNY!
    • Lisa daniels

      He getting his Diddy on.

    • SandraRose

      Yes, Lawd! I was just telling my friend last night. The younger generation is being robbed by misappropriation of black music. This is what they call music today.

    • Luvn_it

      Katy hosting was not needed. The most talked about moment was Ed Sheeran winning Artist of the year over kendrick. I still don't see how that happened I'm a fan of both,but just like the rest of the world I had to give that one a side eye.

    • Renee26

      I watched the was cool. I wish Kendrick didn't put that perm in his hair but yeah he deserved EVERY award he got. Pink deserved her awards...Cardi killed the kick off performance and has come a long way, she also let Kap know she standing with him...I wish her crazy azz the best . Demi killed her performance and her outfit was too cute.

    • Renee26

      Khalid is even putting his baby on as if his goo- goos and ga -gas are doing real's too funny to watch. I love all his "productions" so far....continuous bangers

    • Renee26


    • IntroSpective

      Bruno Mars was robbed last night.

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      Is Kendrick Lamar overrated? Bruno Mars I do like and can name his songs.

    • dontgetblocked

      I guess I'm really confused about Cardi? I guess if Iggy Azaela can do it...she can be a one hit wonder as well. I lost respect for Katy once I learned she was a coke head and more.

    • MRiGOThim

      Katy P dress was beautiful...Nicki body lawd imma have a salad this week!!!

    • MRiGOThim

      Katy P dress was beautiful...Nicki body lawd imma have a salad this week!!!

    • chris

      The could listen to old stuff is still exists. We're all bring robbed of new quality music tho.

    • chris

      He sounds really smart to dumb people. I think that's what they like but I don't really get it either. Cole is way better