Serena Williams dry skin

Your breath, skin, and muscles may be telling you that your body is dehydrated.

Many people who are dehydrated have no idea until their bodies begin to show signs and symptoms of dehydration.

This is probably the case with tennis superstar Serena Williams, pictured above in Milan, Italy, this week.

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Kelly Rowland

R&B beauty Kelly Rowland often goes without makeup, which explains why her skin has that natural, healthy glow.

"I started wearing makeup at 14 for Destiny's Child," Rowland tells People magazine. "I remember the first time I saw my lashes with mascara on them – it was my favorite thing. For me, makeup reminds me of work. Without it, I feel natural and untouched."

Rowland's album, Talk a Good Game, is set for release in June.
Photo: Andrew Macpherson

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