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Mr. Olympia contestant George Peterson was found deceased in his hotel room on Wednesday in Orlando, Florida.

Peterson, 37, was just days away from competing in the 2021 Mr. Olympia finals in Orlando when he died.

His body was found by retired American bodybuilder Dave Palumbo who told RxMuscle that Peterson was face down in hotel room.

Palumbo went to check on Peterson when his coach could not reach him by phone.

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RxMuscle claims there was blood around Peterson's nose - which Palumbo suggested could be from a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Peterson was fully vaccinated as required to participate in the Olympia finals.

There have been multiple instances of brain aneurysms and blood clots reported in people who received the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

Mr Olympia's Instagram page announced Peterson's death:

"It is with great sadness that we report the unexpected passing of George Peterson, a champion on stage and off.

"Our condolences go out to his family and all who respected and admired one of the kindest men we have ever known."



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Jason Bryan Maurer passed away unexpectedly six days after receiving his second Covid-19 mRNA injection.

The 45-year-old barber received his first dose on April 2. He took to Facebook the same day to announce he expected side effects from the spike protein injection.

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"After having COVID-19 I know my T-Cells need help. Dr. Fauci says yes the first shot is rough," he wrote.

Maurer, who was reportedly HIV-positive and tested positive for Covid-19, was praised by his followers.

One Facebook follower wrote: "girl u gonna get sick as hell for a couple of days, we all did."

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On May 3, Maurer wrote:

"You don't want to get the Covid vaccine because it was done in less than a year? Wow we have lost so many people in the AIDS pandemic and we still don't have a vaccine for that. We do have PREP, but no real vaccine. Shut the hell up and get your Covid vaccine!"

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Later, Maurer registered for the Ohio "Vax-A-Million" lottery that gives Ohio vaccine recipients a chance to win a million dollars.

He took to Facebook on May 18, writing, "I am registered for the lottery!!!!"

One of his final Facebook posts mocked Christians and featured a Bible verse with a man waving a rainbow colored flag.

Maurer passed away on June 5.

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John McAfee had a suicide note in his pocket when he was found dead in his prison cell in Spain last week.

McAfee's death came hours after a court ruled he would be extradited to the U.S. to face federal charges of income tax evasion and wire fraud.

The note was found after the 75-year-old software designer hanged himself in his cell in Barcelona on Wednesday.

However, his widow Janice McAfee said her husband was not suicidal and would not have taken his own life.

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Janice McAfee, 38, is demanding a "thorough investigation" into his death, saying her husband did not appear suicidal when they last spoke.

"His last words to me were: 'I love you and I will call you in the evening', those words are not words of someone who is suicidal," she told reporters.

She fought back tears as she spoke with reporters outside the walls of the Brians 2 penitentiary northwest of Barcelona where she recovered her late husband's belongings.

"I don't believe he did this, I will get answers," she said.

McAfee also confirmed he wasn't suicidal in a tweet last year.

"I am content in here. I have friends. The food is good. All is well. Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine," McAfee tweeted on October 15.

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Janice, a former prostitute, met John in Miami after he solicited her services in 2012. They got married the following year.

John McAfee was arrested at the Barcelona airport in October 2020 on an outstanding warrant issued by prosecutors in Tennessee.

Prosecutors were seeking up to three decades of imprisonment for allegedly evading more than $4 million in taxes.

McAfee is best known for designing the award-winning antivirus software that was used by 80% of Fortune 100 companies worldwide. He later sold the rights to Intel for $100 million.

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Instagram, GoFundMe

Earlier, I reported that rapper Megan Thee Stallion (right) helped to cover the funeral costs for a fan who died unexpectedly.

Due to information on social media and in a GoFundMe page, incorrectly identified Shaniah Leigh Scales as a male-to-female transgender.

I apologize for the error.

Sherri writes:

"You reported that Shaniah Leigh Scales whose funeral was partially funded by Megan The Stallion was a Male to Female trans.This is absolutely incorrect. There is zero information you could have received to validate this.Shaniah was my niece. She was my sister's daughter. She was born a female and died a female. You need to retract your error and apologize to the family. Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device."

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Dallas rapper Lil Loaded - who was best known for his 2019 viral hit "6locc 6a6y" - passed away on Monday, May 31. He was 20.

His attorney, Ashkan Mehryari, told Billboard the aspiring rapper died by suicide.

Mehryari told Dallas Morning News his client's death was "very tragic. "He had a very bright and promising music career ahead of him."

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Loaded, who was born Dashawn Maurice Robertson, wrote a suicide note on his final Instagram Stories post:

"Dear most high, Please forgive me for my shortcomings and all of the times I've fell short of making you proud and being appreciative of all the blessings that have been put in my life.

"Sometimes the lines are blurred between being solid and being heartless. I want to thank you for how far I've come and the people you've put in my life to keep me grounded through everything and I love every single one of those people that are genuinely for me. I ask for entrance into your kingdom thru all of my mistakes. I know you love all of your children and I'm ready for my heart and soul to Join you."

Lil Loaded was facing a manslaughter charge following the murder of his friend, 18-year-old Khalil Walker.

He was initially arrested on suspicion of murder last year, but was indicted in February.

Following the viral hit, Loaded signed with Epic Records. "6locc 6a6y" was awarded a gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America just last week.

Loaded posted about his achievement on Instagram four days ago, insisting he had the "dopest fanbase on earth".

He wrote: "6LOCC 6A6Y Certified Gold. Who runnin dis s**t like me. young N***a S**t dopest fanbase on earth."

Stanley Gabart, whose production company worked with Epic Records, said: "This kid was on a great path. He was struggling with some things we wish we would've known about, wish we could've intervened."

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A suspect who crashed into Rick Ross' Atlanta area mansion during a high-speed police chase has died in custody.

40-year-old Chaka Stewart led police on a wild chase that ended at the rapper's front door in Fayetteville, Georgia last week.

Stewart was found unresponsive in his jail cell at the Clayton County Jail on Saturday.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation tells TMZ, a guard and a medic who were making the evening rounds noticed Stewart unresponsive in his cell. They attempted Cardiopulmonary resuscitation but were unsuccessful.

Stewart was pronounced dead at the jail. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Stewart was alone in his cell and no foul play is suspected. An autopsy is underway to determine his cause of death.

Stewart's mother, Jacqueline Gordon, confirmed her son is the suspect who crashed outside Rick's 190 room mansion last week. Police say he crashed his truck and was carrying a firearm. He surrendered at gunpoint and was taken into custody.

Gordon says she last spoke to her son Friday. She claims he told her he was being beaten behind bars. It is unclear if he was accusing jail officials or other inmates. He also told her he wasn't allowed to shower and was confined to his cell for 23 hours a day.

Gordon also claims one of the deputies told Stewart he'd never get out of jail. She said Georgia authorities have been ducking her and her inquiries.

W. A. Harewood/Getty Images

Rick bought the mansion at a discount after former boxer Evander Holyfield was foreclosed on in 2014. Holyfield is pictured strolling on the grounds of the custom built home during a Fourth of July celebration in 2002.

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Family handout

16-year-old Mikayla Miller was found hanged from a tree just steps away from her apartment in Hopkinton, Massachusetts on April 17.

She reportedly binged on drugs and suffered a mental health crisis in the days before she died.

Mikayla's death touched off baseless rumors on social media that she was lynched by four white teenagers following an altercation.

Mikayla reportedly fought with the teens, including her ex-girlfriend, Kaitlyn Anderson, in the clubhouse of her apartment complex.

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Kaitlyn would later admit to punching Mikayla in the mouth during a scuffle when she went to Mikayla's apartment to pick up clothes after their breakup.

Kaitlyn reportdly asked her friends, two boys and 2 girls, to go along with her to Mikayla's apartment that night. One of the girls, the driver, reportedly stayed in the car.

Days earlier Kaitlyn contacted Hopkinton High School's guidance counselor Kiely Murray via email to say she was worried about Mikayla's mental health.

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"I don't trust her alone with herself and I'm scared she might hurt herself. She tore up her room and she's screaming and yelling," Kaitlyn wrote in the email.

Mikayla's mother, Calvina Strothers, was away in Chicago visiting her boyfriend at the time.

Murray replied that she would check on Mikayla but she apparently never followed up.

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After the emails were sent, the troubled teen Face-timed Kaitlyn and attempted to kill herself with the same belt that was found looped around her neck on April 17.

In text messages to a friend before she died Mikayla detailed her drug use (Xanax, mushrooms, marijuana, alcohol). She admitted harassing Kaitlyn with spam text messages and phone calls.

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Mikayla's mother raised over $42,000 on GoFundMe page for an "independent investigation" into Mikayla's death.

Strothers did well for herself financially even before setting up the GoFundMe page. She and Mikayla lived in a $3,800 a month condo. She drove a Mercedes-Benz and purchased a new car for Mikayla -- all on a part-time hair dresser's salary.

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Mikayla reportedly spent weeks home alone while her mother jetted off to Chicago to be with her boyfriend.

Strothers attended a vigil for Mikayla in Hopkinton on May 6. Se told a crowd of 1,000 people "I'm never going to see her get her license and drive the new car that is still sitting in my driveway, graduate from college, fall in and out of love, get married, have kids."

State law enforcement officials initially ruled Mikayla's death a suicide. But pressure from her mother and community activists prompted police to take a closer look at the evidence.

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Black Lives Matter activists and congresswoman Ayanna Presley blamed the 5 teenagers for Mikayla's death. The FBI was asked to take over the case.

Tracking Mikayla's steps on her iPhone's Health app, investigators determined she walked about 1,316 steps -- roughly the distance from the complex into the woods where her body was found the next morning.

Additionally police pulled surveillance video from a McDonald's that shows the two boys were eating inside the restaurant when Mikayla died.

GPS signals placed Kaitlyn and the other two girls miles away. Middlesex district attorney Marian Ryan confirmed none of the teens were in the woods that night.

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Facebook, family handout

The tragic suicides of two Black teenagers prompted calls for more mental health services in one of the most neglected communities.

16-year-old Mikayla Miller (right) was found hanged from a tree just steps away from her apartment in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Mikayla's death touched off rumors that she was "jumped" by 4 white teens -- two boys and two girls -- who then carried her body into a wooded area and lynched her.

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Just hours before she died on April 18, Mikayla fought with a group of white teens, including her ex-girlfriend, in the clubhouse of her apartment complex.

She suffered a bloodied lip, police said. The clubhouse showed signs of damage. Hours later, Mikayla walked into the woods and hanged herself with her belt.

Her family said Mikayla was a member of the LGBT community.

State law enforcement officials initially ruled her death a suicide. But pressure from her mother, Calvina Strothers, and community activists prompted police to take a closer look at the evidence.

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Family handout

Tracking her steps on her iPhone's Health app, investigators discovered she walked about 1,316 steps -- roughly the distance from the complex into the woods where her body was found the next morning.

Additionally police traced the GPS signals of the teens she fought with. None were in the woods that night.

"As to who else may have been in the woods or that area on Sunday, we do not have any information as to that," said Middlesex district attorney Marian Ryan.

Ryan doesn't believe Mikayla's death was the result of foul play.

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A week later, Saniyya Dennis, a 19-year-old Buffalo State sophomore (pictured), went missing from her dorm room.

Saniyya's father, former Dipset rapper 40 Cal (Calvin Byrd), offered $10,000 for information on his missing daughter.

At an afternoon press conference on Thursday, police said Saniyya apparently jumped to her death from Niagara Falls after calling an ex-boyfriend 66 times.

A text she sent to her ex read: "I'm not feeling good - I think I'm going to kill myself."

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Family handout

Surveillance video from Saniyya's dorm in her final hours on April 24 showed Saniyya throwing personal items into a garbage can.

Police retrieved the discarded items and concluded that she didn't plan to return to her dorm room.

Hours later, she took a bus to Goat Island where she made a 45 minute phone call to a male friend. The male friend later told police he thought he'd convinced her not to take her own life.

Saniyya sent a text message to her mom telling her she loved her. Her cell phone pinged a tower close to the edge of Niagara Falls.

At 1:22 a.m. she sent her friend a final text message, assuring him she was back on the bus.

A minute later her phone left the cell phone network -- an indication that she either turned the phone off or it was destroyed.

"It appears that this poor girl took her own life," said Erie County DA John Flynn at a press conference on Thursday.

Flynn said her body may never be found because it is likely wedged in jagged rocks below.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741-741.

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Getty Images, Facebook

Police will investigate the death of Robert Fuller, a 24-year-old Black man, who was found hanging from a tree in Southern California early Friday.

Fuller was found hanging in a park in front of Palmdale City Hall in Poncitlán Square around 3:39 a.m.

Authorities initially believed Fuller committed suicide. The body showed no signs of a struggle and the scene was undisturbed, which would have indicated others hoisted his body into the tree.

But Fuller’s sister, Diamond Alexander insisted her brother was not suicidal.

Sheriff's Captain Ron Shaffer said homicide detectives are now investigating the circumstances leading to his death to determine if foul play was involved.

The news comes after police confirmed a second Black man was found hanging from a tree on May 31 in Victorville - about 45 miles east of Palmdale.

San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Jodi Miller said foul play was not suspected in Harsch's death.

Harsch, 38, was found hanging from a tree near the Victorville City Library.

On Saturday, hundreds of protesters gathered under the tree where Fuller's body was found.

After placing a memorial with balloons and flowers, the crowd marched from the park to the sheriff's station. Many carried signs that read "Justice for Robert Fuller."

More than 100,000 people signed an online petition demanding a full investigation into Fuller's death.