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Vince Staples called out major record labels for signing violent gang members to recording deals.

Vince, 28, stopped by Hot 97 morning show for an interview. He blasted record labels for signing violent gang bangers to recording deals.

It's an open secret that labels earn more money if high-risk rappers are killed after they are signed to deals.

"The truth of the matter when it comes to hip-hop in my opinion is like we gotta stop pretending like we care about these people," said Vince. "This is a business, they want to use you and destroy you, get your money and it's better for their business if you're dead."

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Vince Staples says it's odd that record labels hold albums to release when rappers, such as Pop Smoke (pictured) are killed, rather than release the music while they're alive.

"When you hear N.O.R.E. and all those other people talk about the role that their A&R's and executives had in their life, moving them out and doing certain things for them, like when Snoop talks about Master P moving him out to New Orleans. I don't think anyone's doing that anymore. I think they see the money in the violence. Back then, the violence ruined the money."

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King Von (pictured), FBG Duck, Mo3, and MF Doom were among the two dozen rappers shot and killed in 2020.

They all sold more records after they were killed.