Photo: Jay e

Jay Electronica: Move over Jay Z. The who's who in Hip Hop say Jay e's the Second Coming. The hype for this talented rapper with a burgeoning underground cult following has swelled to mammoth proportions since he announced he would release new music on Christmas day.

Fiends anticipating the release of Jay's Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) stayed up all night refreshing their browsers only to be disappointed when the free download never materialized.

The rapper is signed to Erykah Badu's boutique label and he has the stamp of approval from heads of state such as Nas, Just Blaze, Young Guru (Jay Z's engineer) and more.

He's a talented photographer too! Woot!


On Sunday, Smoking Section upped a handful of tracks from Giles Peterson's podcast featuring Jay e last week.

Erykah Badu says of Jay e:

He’s awake and he stays awake. What makes him the next thing is that he is progressive; he studies like he is in medical school. He studies music, period. He studies sonics and styles. The sound of music is pretty much the same all across the board when it comes to rap or hip-hop. Whatever it is that is in him that gives him the energy to move like he moves, it’s not the music that impresses me, it’s his mind really. There are millions of his atoms in my music; sometimes I think they are strategically placed there. He reflects himself in everyone and everything around him; he’s like a virus. His minds and his words and his thoughts, sometimes I feel like he’s straight from God.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    They also said Lupe Fiasco was the second coming. Every year, there's a 'hip hop savior.'

  • Mypoetryisdeep

    Jay Electronica is a nice lyricist- I Love music with a message-Voodo Man has to be one of the illest record under 2 minutes

  • 2thick4u

    His music is nice but will it reach the masses:)!!!

  • 4evajulie

    Since there is no comment for the post above this one about Monica, I was just hoping that you will take your own advice. That whole post was the pot calling the kettle black.

  • dj_dceezy

    @ monica... i have NO probs with her, but it is odd you regularly blast Beyonce, but you obviously kick it with Monica so you grant her immunity from anyone else... Its ur blog though, I just thought that is real funny...

  • heavensent

    I really enjoy Monica's music and I am happy for the healthy birth of her second child but, for you to act as if continuing to have children out of wedlock is acceptable is why are world is in the state it is in. And you blast other celebrity's but I guess its ok for you to past judgement. I think its funny how you close discussion because people dont agree with you.Like it or not she is suppose to be a role model a positive one that is.

  • Caron02

    Yeah I have to agree with dj_dceezy when he/she says: @ monica… "i have NO probs with her, but it is odd you regularly blast Beyonce, but you obviously kick it with Monica so you grant her immunity from anyone else… Its ur blog though, I just thought that is real funny…" Sandra you are FUNNY though...SMH, I love Monica too but damn you really be in her ass. is she like your 1st cousin or something?!? (CTFU)

  • kat

    yeah sandra, like 4evajulie said, TAKE YOUR OWN DAMN ADVICE!

  • meme

    Lol @ sandra rose with her "no comment" policy about monica. If it were beyonce' droppin babies out of wedlock she would dog her out even worse.

  • Chloe

    Really? it is funny how you favor Monica, and you are so quick to putting down Jay and Bee.. Practice what you preach for real.. You sound like a hypocrite. It is a New year...

  • 2Unruly

    You're right Sandra. He is very talented behind the camera lens. I like how he captures simple everyday life.

  • ms.peaches

    Seeing how everyone else is talking about Monica I might as well jump on the bandwagon!! I agree with everyone on here when saying your definitley the pot calling the kettle black is monica in your Top 5 (Myspace) or a first cousin, neice, what is it?? All I want to know is do she still take care of the kids she was claiming b4 she got pregnant the first time I believe it was about 3 or 4 of them she said she was raising or adopted or something (I think from the guy she was with that killed himself) you never hear about them, is it because they don't belong to Rocko why don't you do a piece on that since it's "All things Monica"!! lmao

  • ms.peaches

    Also that lil girl in the pic above looks so familiar she looks like someone famous,can't put my finger on it yet!!

  • tara77

    the cultural co-option is ridiculous. based on that scarf, i have no desire to listen to his music. how uneducated can you be? what is wrong with your own culture that you cannot embrace i in your 'press' photos. what a shame.