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    When will this melodrama end?

  • Miss P3

    Ok. It's evident that Chris Stokes paid Raz B to keep his mouth shut. He knows what Miss Jones is all about, so I'm perplexed as to why he even bothered acting surprised when they asked about the incident.

  • ms.peaches

    I really didn't want to comment cause to me it's dead & stinking how much longer are people planning to drag this out!! It took me awhile to listen cause I for one can't stand Ms. Jones ass so whatever she has to say about anyone is not credible in my eyes or ears she has too many issues going on for her to try to judge any damn body!! However Raz knew what the convo was gonna be like when he called so why try to act like you don't want to talk about it?? What else is there to talk about?? this whole thing has my stomach aching like I have to vomit!! it's pathetic what some will do for money & what others will do for fame!!!NEXT

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    Why did he call them? I feel so sorry for this boy. He is getting very bad guidance or no guidance at all. Either way his career in entertainment has been ended officially because of this whole debacle.

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    Honestly Miss Jones is the one person in the radio industry thats I'm shocked hasnt been slapped in her mouth yet...as far as Raz B, what did he expect her to talk about exactly??? As a matter of fact he has just been moved to my "go sit down list"


    Hi Bird,

    I respect alot of what you write up here but Im a little surprised by this comment

    "Either way his career in entertainment has been ended
    officially because of this whole debacle."

    You don't strike me as the type of person who would ever "officially" accept the damnation that comes after a fall from grace

    especially not in Raz's case

    we all fall from grace

    He's obviously lost and confused.

    He doesn't understand what is important for his personal growth and spiritual development as a man. He doesn't realize that he needs to rid himself of his abuser/brainwasher completely and totally in order to reclaim his soul. IMO, Raz mistakes Chris' money and gifts for love and affection. Abused people often times seek the approval and acceptance of their abusers.

    Raz is lost right now but that's right now

    Anyone can come back from anything just as long as they get right with GOD and the TRUTH. He can come back and have 3 times what he had before.

    Its called HOPE & FAITH


    For the life of me, I'am trying to figure out why is everyone being so hard on this man. Nobody knows the real story but him,God,Chris and his brother. And anyone else that might have been in this involvement.
    I WILL NOT AND DO NOT, believe a grown man will come out publicly and say he was molested by someone and was not telling the truth. I'm quite sure that would have been an embarrassment to him to know that he was apart of a group that so many young girlz loved!
    Something in the milk is just not clean. He has been forced I believe to let this all go to keep from making another individual reputation look bad and that's not right. And this was a FAMILY MEMBER, come on people!!!

    That's why right now young kids are so afraid to say anything about this type of disgusting thing happening to them because people will not believe them and make them look like LIERS!!! RAZ B MAY GOD KEEP YOU STRONG AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP IF THIS DID HAPPEN TO YOU.BECAUSE IT TOOK A LOT OUT OF YOU JUST TO SAY " I HAD TO DO SEXUAL ACTS WITH ANOTHER MAN"!

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    Can't Take It No More,

    I didn't say that I have given up on him altogether. I still believe he was abused. I just don't think he can have a career in entertainment after this whole episode. We still don't know who was responsible for releasing the original video to the public, but he will take the blame for that and everyone thinks he is now back tracking. And worst of all is hanging out with his abuser. I can't see him ever winning fans over again.

    On the other hand I do believe he is a Christian and as such there is nothing but hope for him. He can do other things.

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    I will pray for this young man. His soul is lost!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly


    I havent given up on him, but at the same time he cant expect to be to calling a radio station and not be asked about this. I mean honestly, he has no album out no one really ever mentions their reality show and I didnt even know they had a reality show until this whole mess came out. I just wish he would get help and unfortunatly I dont see that occurring simply because he is still around the people that did this to him or allowed this to happen to him and he is also covering up for them for whatever reason. I'm not sure if hes afraid or if hes simply keeping quiet for money, either way its sad.All we can do at this point is pray for him...but in the meanwhile, I will need him to sit down somewhere.

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    My Quote For az B and for Everybody!

    When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind, and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.
    -Author: Phyllis Bottome-

  • http://yahoo.com Dr. 90210

    Raz B I mean.

  • mofinest04

    I with Miss Jones on this one