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Former Public Enemy front man Chuck D released a venomous response to the news that Universal Records would not be replacing ousted president Jay Z with him or anyone else. "Its sort of expected, and a primary reason why the music business has collapsed," said Chuck D.

Chuck D placed the blame for the demise of Hip Hop squarely on the shoulders of 10-15 "buzzards" who are "trusted" by the clan of execs who really run Hip Hop (Jews and Israelis). In his statement, Chuck D went further calling the inner circle of usual suspects "incestuous."

The same thing that happened to MOTOWN is DEF JAM's fate. In my opinion, the fact that 10 -15 individuals in the guise of hovering buzzards are given keys to the culture based on their alliances with these corporations, is a partial reason for the troubled condition it's in. Hence music, and especially this urban, black, whatever you wanna call it, is an incestuous inner circle of usual suspects that are financially trusted over black culture by a select 'other few.' It's evident that we are not the same people.

Chuck D didn't name the 10-15 "buzzards" who are eating off the rotting flesh of Hip Hop, so I decided to give it a crack myself:

  1. JAY Z
  2. SEAN COONS, SEAN JOHN, PUFF, or whatever the hell he's calling himself these days
  4. LA REID
  6. 50 CENT
  12. NAS
  14. DRE 3000

As I told you earlier, there will be no replacement for Jay Z at Def Jam. You read this here first because, as you know, the same industry people who work closely with Jay are loyal fans who whisper in my ear on the low low.

The move not to replace Jay Z is "disappointing," according to Chuck D who (lol) thought he was in line for the position. Island Records president of Urban Music Jermaine Dupri who was out of the country when Chuck D released his statement, was also rumored to get the top job.

The reality is L.A. Reid decided not to replace Jay Z with his arch nemesis Damon Dash because Jay's fragile ego couldn't take the resulting snickers from the industry - and L.A. needs Jay in his corner - so this might end up being a sound business decision for all involved.

Is Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton a racist? The answer to that question depends on who you ask. Hillary would probably say no, but her history of verbal mishaps tell a different story.

Senator Clinton was roundly criticized in 2004 when she joked that Mahatma Gandhi used to run a gas station in St. Louis. She later apologized, saying it was "a lame attempt at humor." Clinton drew similar criticism 2 years ago when she told a mostly black audience at a Harlem church that Republican leaders ran the House "like a plantation". Again, she apologized, sort of.

Clinton recently came under fire again when comments she made appeared to diminish the contributions Martin Luther King Jr. made to the civil rights era. Her aides expressed outrage at the media for even suggestion Hillary is a racist. But is Hillary really that clueless and do we really want another openly racist president in the White House?

The fact that Hillary is married to the honorary first black president of the Untied States hasn't helped her case with the black community. Especially since now it seems her husband Bill might be a closet racist himself. To many blacks who supported Bill Clinton through two elections, that revelation is a bitter pill to swallow.

Why is everyone expressing shock at the revelations that Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick carried on an illicit affair with his sexy chief of staff, Christine Beatty? That should have been a no brainer (so to speak). All women should know if you are married to a handsome man who is in a position of power - expect your man to cheat.

You can face the facts or you can live in constant denial. If you find your man irresistible, chances are other women do too. It isn't always your man's fault: it is preordained that a man cannot reject the advances of a beautiful woman. When God said man should be fruitful and multiply, he wasn't talking about growing crops.

According to the Detroit Free Press, text messages show Kilpatrick and his chief of staff, Christine Beatty, lied at the whistle-blower trial when they testified last summer they did not have a sexual relationship.

Apparently a few of the Mayor's male staff members blew the whistle on the couple. Kilpatrick emphatically denied the allegations that he behaved improperly with Beatty. "I think it was pretty demoralizing to her -- you have to know her -- but it's demoralizing to me as well," he said then. "I think it's absurd to assert that every woman that works with a man is a whore.

But the text messages prove otherwise:

"I'm madly in love with you," Kilpatrick wrote on Oct. 3, 2002.

"I hope you feel that way for a long time," Beatty answered. "In case you haven't noticed, I am madly in love with you, too!"

Beatty: "And, did you miss me, sexually?"

Kilpatrick: "Hell yeah! You couldn't tell. I want some more. "

Remember ladies: it's in a man's nature to lie about the other woman even to the point of accusing others of lying on him. But your instincts never lie.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick kisses his wife in Florida yesterday. Click image to enlarge.

Photo: Splash News

On Wednesday a well-dressed woman was spotted wearing this Louis Vuitton print handbag at the Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer fashion show by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Are there any LV experts among you who can tell me if this bag is for real?

I questioned the appointment of Marc Jacobs to be LV's head designer when I saw some of the pieces he designed. First the monstrosity worn by Beyonce and now this mess? I'm not feeling the new direction that LV is going in.

According to a local producer who was tapped to produce tracks on Britney Spears' new CD, Britney is hearing voices. The producer who has worked with some of the biggest name in the business is telling friends that the scheduled studio sessions with Britney are canceled indefinitely.

"Britney has some serious problems. It's worse than what you think," said a source in the producer's camp. "She's hearing voices. That's why she has a British accent now. She's not just playing crazy."

The source revealed Britney recently made several visits to Atlanta to work on tracks with the well known producer.

The source also said Britney believes she's possessed by a British princess whose spirit has taken over Britney's body.

According to the AP, the masseuse who found Heath Ledger's body called his girlfriend Mary-Kate Olsen a total four times – not twice as was widely reported by the media.

Masseuse Diana Wolozin spent nine minutes, making three phone calls to Olsen – and waiting more than a minute between each call – before ever dialing 911, then called Olsen a fourth time after paramedics arrived at Ledger's New York apartment, the AP reports.

Wolozin first called Olsen on Ledger's own phone using the speed dial after the masseuse was unable to wake up the actor.

The additional calls were discovered when police took a closer look at phone records, according to AP.

Publicity reps are paid to dupe the unsuspecting public into believing whatever line they feed us. When a celebrity is in need of damage control because of persistent rumors such as he is sleeping with his manager who is old enough to be his mama - they usually resort to the manufactured relationship.

Hollywood has been faking celebrity relationships since the early days of moving pictures. Remember Rock Hudson who dated many Hollywood starlets so the public wouldn't find out that he was gay? And who can forget the totally unbelievable relationship between Ciara and Bow Wow? Honestly, who did they think they were fooling?

Now we have Rihanna, the new Hollywood IT girl who we're supposed to believe is dating the prince of R&B, Chris Brown. It would be cute if it were true, but unfortunately it isn't. Good try though, Tina.

From London's bio:

Among the many hopefuls who attempt to make it big in the music industry, only a chosen few obtain the goal. Even more elusive are those who exceed it. They’re the ones who have that elusive "it" quality – the ones whose genuine talent and ability to engage an audience and deliver a song with a matchless style sets them apart from the masses. The ones like London. Armed with years of preparation and an abundance of talent, this burgeoning singer-songwriter is destined to stand out in a sea of “next big names” in R&B music via his Universal/Motown debut, Man of My Word.

A native of Oakland, California, London’s talent for singing was initially discovered as a child. He sang in his church choir and he eventually joined them. As an adolescent London set his sites on a career in music but like many of his peers in the hip-hop generation, singing didn’t strike him as a particularly masculine hobby. Instead, he opted to make his professional foray into the industry as a rapper as a member of the eight-man crew Keep It Clean. The group had begun to see moderate success but sought to add an element that would give them that unique edge.
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