As I told you earlier, there will be no replacement for Jay Z at Def Jam. You read this here first because, as you know, the same industry people who work closely with Jay are loyal fans who whisper in my ear on the low low.

The move not to replace Jay Z is "disappointing," according to Chuck D who (lol) thought he was in line for the position. Island Records president of Urban Music Jermaine Dupri who was out of the country when Chuck D released his statement, was also rumored to get the top job.

The reality is L.A. Reid decided not to replace Jay Z with his arch nemesis Damon Dash because Jay's fragile ego couldn't take the resulting snickers from the industry - and L.A. needs Jay in his corner - so this might end up being a sound business decision for all involved.

  • niastar

    It doesn't have anything to do with Jay's ego. I'm sure L.A. could care less even if his ego was fragile, which I am sure it is not. Afterall, HE left, he wasn't fired. I think that they know that having someone in that spot is not really necessary. They may put someone in there later but really though...who cares.

  • 2thick4u

    What happened to Dame Sandra?!!

    You was sure he was going to get the position. Now it's we hear it first news that nobody is replacing him.

    I didn't even need a source to tell me was obvious:)!!!

  • kat

    LOL @ sandra!

  • captpmo

    ARE THEY the same industry people who work closely with Jay are loyal fans who whisper in my ear on the low low. THAT TOLD YOU TO SAY "Good try though, Tina." YOU ARE CLUELESS IN ATLANTA

  • Bsoul

    2thick4u Says: What happened to Dame Sandra?!!

    Me: Initially, Sandra did say Dame or Jermaine (A.K.A. Shorty-Bang-Band) were in line to take Jay's positions.

    However, her last posting said that it's rumored that L.A. might not replace Jay with Dame because of Jay's fragile ego. I paid attention because I was wondering where she was getting her info from.;^)

  • Bsoul

    *Shorty Bang BANG.

    ...the gun got stuck. :^(

  • Bird

    LA Reid Doesn't need Jay-Z. Dame ain't getting the job because he's an idiot and I'm sure he was never considered for it.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ 2Thick:

    My last post on the subject was titled "Source: No Jay Z successor at Def Jam." In the post I wrote "or they might not replace Jay Z at all." The link to that post is in the first sentence.

  • 2thick4u

    Thanks guys...I guess I was off that day:)!!!!

  • tina12

    The only problem though is that this info has been on the net a couple of weeks ago. I think ran the story.

  • Lou_Brock

    LA Reid needs Jay-Z??? For what?



  • 2bme

    Dame is not a stupid man by any means..however he was tolerated because Jay was the franchise..Dame can't do it by himself which has become very evident with his musical losses..this would not have been a good look for Def Jam, but it made for good conversation

  • beaute101

    Sandra- Let it go!!! Dame Dash as president. Dame Dash has done what since he got dropped...tried to open his own record label failed....the bet show that nobody watched...the magazine that nobody buys...