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Here's Justine Simmons, wife of Rev Run Simmons, holding their newly adopted daughter Miley. But why is Justine looking at her baby girl like that? Maybe she and the child haven't fully bonded yet. These things do take time. You will recall Justine lost her biological baby daughter last year due to a birth defect.

  • Dt2

    Justine looks so happy, and the baby is cute...She dnot even know how blessed she is, she ended up in a home with wealthy parents who wanted a baby to love.. Congratulations Simmons family on you new baby..

  • buttercup24

    I don't think she is looking at the baby in a strange way. It looks like she is just making one of the weird faces she always does. I'm happy for them, I felt so bad when she lost her baby. Congratulations to them.



  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    It looks more like shes proud and happy. Cute baby!

  • niastar

    Get your ass out of here!!! She looks very happy. You say stupid sh*t like that to stir up bullsh*t. You a desperate ass woman...its ridiculous.

  • no12blame

    It looks like she's not sure how the baby will react to the camera person/stranger,bright lights, etc.
    Aside from that she looks like a content mother.

  • J Gats Juice

    sigh.... she looks happy, sandra, and that baby is too adorable. pls stop the childish bull. its not attractive

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    Justine looks fine. Sometimes as we all know a camera can catch us in an unatractive or unexpecting facial expression or pose. She is holding the baby to face the camera and still stretching her head to see the baby at the same time...that's it. This woman is happy. You saw the show...she was ecstatic about the impending adoption and then the arrival or little Miley.
    Sandra for '08 think positive for black america okay? Less assuming. That would be GREAT! BUT I know that you like to get a rise out of your readers and make people leave tons of comments (good OR bad) therefore solidifying your popularity. It is all in the plan. Oh well...I guess you know what you are doing.

  • Poetry777

    These are the best responses ever....All positive. I agree with everyone...Sandra does try to put a negative spin on everything. It's obvious the camera just caught Mrs. Simmons at a bad moment and that's basically it....

  • Brown Suga Baby

    Sandra grown up!!!!!!! She was probably talking or something and whoever took the picture just caught that image and got her looking like that. You are a crazy as lady. Get some information straight before you post it. You take shit and run with it. These stars are human unlike you and they have feelings. Grow Up Bitch!!!!!

  • kogletree

    I agree with everyone else. Justine is NOT looking strange. Obviously Sandra doesn't have any kids or she would know that mothers tend to do that when they are holding their children up to been seen (for pictures or other people to see). She is simply holding her child up and trying to look at her at the same time. Mothers do this to see how their baby is reacting to the attention. Jeez....

  • ggouch

    LMAO... as everyone said, there is nothing strange about Justine's look. I agree with another blogger who stated it looks like she stretching to see the child’s reaction to the commotion....The LMAO because...If Sandra had simply wrote "CUTE Baby Happy Mother"...would there be as many interesting comments to read! Negativity sets reaction and obvisouly get the masses talking!

    KUDOS for the INNOVATIVE Ms. Rose!!

  • cta

    I used to work for a foster care agency. So I applaud the Simmons Family on their decision to give a Black baby in America a good home. I wish your story would have highlighted that aspect of the story.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aaronmichaelofatm AaronMichael

    Yea the negative spin on this is really disappointing. I've grown up in a household that took in foster children as well as adopted a few and please believe as long as they have had that baby they have bonded with it. It really takes no time at all. Maybe you should try it.

  • micca

    Come on Sandra.......

    How would look if yours baby is being snapped by cameramen/women!!!!

    Just be happy for the family:::::::: PLEASE

  • plushlush

    She is so cute....cute cute baby...

  • KiKi So Fresh

    Dammit Sandra..you're always trying to pinpoint some bullshit that's not even there!

    What the f*ck do you mean that Justine and the baby haven't "bonded" yet? Sometimes when people take pictures of other people, the camera may catch them in an awkward and off-guard position. She was looking at the baby smiling but when the camera caught her, it caught her facial expression in a way that makes it look awkward. You should know what the hell I mean.

    You're always trying to make something look bad when it's not.

  • ms.peaches

    I know its hard to try to ignore all the craziness that comes from Sandra, cause thats her whole purpose, she could have simply said "Cute new addition to the Simmons family" cause honestly its about the baby not about the expression on Justines face we know that is a silly family & she may have been trying to make a face so the baby could smile!! Basically once again we have all given Ms.Rose what she wants & thats FEEDBACK!!!!!!!! so in order to get it she has to be negative, but yet we still come back she is like crack-------THINK ABOUT IT!! Anywhoo congrats to the family I know they are very happy cause this is what Justine has been wanting even b4 she got pregnant she wanted a lil girl of her own & until a recent episode of there show I never knew Angela & Vanessa weren't her daughters they do resemble her a lil though!!!

  • claire

    as a mother thats nothing but pure curiosity on justines face-she probably wondering how the baby gonna react to the camera beautiful baby by the way! much respect to the simmons family for taking on such a nurturing, loving role!

  • Dt2


  • Toodles

    what a sad blog owner!...to turn something positive into a negative. someone must have issues ........its sad when you have to resort to such for attention like a child!!