Tip poses with his children Domani, Messiah, King, Zonnique and Deyjah, girlfriend Tiny and a guest. Photo courtesy of Sydney Margetson/Atlantic Records PR

God said come as you are in sin or in shame to repent your sins and reconcile with Him. Over 15,000 faithful answered that call on Easter Sunday for a special service sponsored by New Birth Baptist church at the Georgia Dome.

One of the attendees was especially grateful to be there: last week a federal magistrate judge gave rapper T.I. special permission to worship with his family and friends at the Dome on Sunday.

T.I. and his family arrived at the dome aboard his favorite mode of transportation: a special tour bus kitted out with plasma tvs. A friend who spoke with Tiny by cell phone aboard the bus could hear T.I. in the background telling his kids, "y'all gotta be good today!"

Tiny promised the caller that there would be photo ops available at the dome once they arrived. "[T.I.] is expecting that," she said. Tiny, who is 6 months pregnant with a boy, looked radiant as she patted her belly backstage at the dome.

The service was very emotional and moving as T.I. took the podium to give a speech on AIDS and its effects on the black community. T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, said, "We're here to celebrate the death of our Lord and Savior," Harris said, "he was willing to give his life for us so that we may ask for forgiveness for our sins and be forgiven and saved...no matter how many times we have to ask...or how long it takes to get it right."

Thank you to Sydney Margetson/Atlantic Records PR, and Freddy O for the exclusive photos!

Tiny and Tip pose backstage before the service. Photo courtesy of Sydney Margetson/Atlantic Records PR

Tip poses with his spiritual adviser Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Baptist Church. Photo courtesy of Sydney Margetson/Atlantic Records PR

Tip reads the Bible to his son Messiah. Photo by Freddy O Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Photo by Freddy O Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Tiny with Tia Jones, girlfriend of Grand Hustle founder, Jason Geter. Photo by Freddy O Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Rapper Lil' Scrappy and Diamond. Photo by Freddy O Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Frank and Tanya Ski and their four sons Blake, Jarrett, and twins Franklin and Harrison. Photo by Freddy O Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Gospel singer Fred Hammond with Bishop Eddie Long onstage. Photo by Freddy O Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Tip's mother Voletta Morgan reaches out to her son while Tiny reflects. The service was very emotional. Photo by Freddy O Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

  • brwnsugga4you

    sandra we knew you were going to make us all proud..:)

  • luxe.li.

    THIS POST MADE MY DAY!!!!! THis is sooo emotional!

  • http://rbtf.blogspot.com RBTF Angella

    I will put my "Sandra with her hating-ass" remarks on pause mode for today and agree with luxe.li.

  • bloggergirlz

    tip, his family, n all others look great...

    i'm gonna assume scrappy and diamond didn't get the "it's easter" memo...i have one word for them "wow"...

  • netta0281


  • tamel

    All the pics look nice but I got kinda stuck on the lil scrappy and diamond picture. I think they took the come as you are just a little too literal. I think she could have chosen a more appropriate dress.

  • alana

    Wow @ the pic of Diamond and Scrappy...Im speechless

  • luxe.li.

    btw Scrappy's facial expression and Diamond's blue eye shadow, Im glad you posted that so we know what foolishness looks like on Easter Sunday, but that one picture could have been left for another post on another day......

    once again, Love TIP TINY AND THE KIDS

  • mjoylaw

    I absolutely LOVE the first pic of the T.I. family..I could not stop staring at it. It is absolutely beautiful. I am really proud of this couple for staying together and loving and supporting each other through the rough times. Keep y'all's head up..it's going to BE ALRIGHT! God is still in control. Happy EASTER EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Sandra!!!

  • WeezysBaby

    awww how sweet glad they were able to make it to church.. can we please get Tiny to take that GHEDDO piercing out of her eyebrow?? at least for church.. and I wonder hads Tip read the bible to his son any other day besides now?? anywhoo they all look nice and LMAO at Diamond she was more than prepared for the after Easter Party ha ha ha ha

  • kamini

    Diamond and Scrappy must not have bothered to change clothes from partying the night before. You can't tell me she put that dress on intentionally to wear to church. She would have been better off in a pair of jeans, that is just straight ghetto.

    However TIPs family looked good.

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  • KittyHummerKitty

    SMH @ Diamond looking like a $2. dollar hooker. Sad.

  • brwnsugga4you

    was it that cold today for the fur??? wasn't the first day of spring the other day...i'm just saying. lil scrappy get your seasons together...lol.

  • http://www.madnews.wordpress.com MissB


  • MsShayinGA

    Great pics! I didnt make the service today so I am glad to see pics of the event..but as usual some of our people gotta go in and look a hawt mess. I know you are suppose to come as you are, but dayum..have some class. Did someone tell Scrap and Diamond it was a concert being held @ the Dome? I mean come on? How ignant can you be? God bless them!

  • http://stylerazzi.blogspot.com stylerazzi

    TI, Tiny and the family look cute. So does Frank Ski and his family. Scrappy and Diamond look like an episode of PIMPS UP H0ES DOWN, just a hot ghetto mess in rabbit fur, payless sandals, and a Rave dress. If they knew better, they'd DO BETTER. At least they came though, i guess

  • http://www.madnews.wordpress.com MissB

    It looks like Easter Sunday, a day to remember the death and resurrection of Christ was a good photo opportunity for some folk! Nice......

  • heart2heart

    Wow @ Lil Scrappy and Diamond. I'm hoping that the picture got mixed up and belonged on another post.

  • Ms. Me

    Very nice pics.

    I know that Diamond didn't wear that to a church service.... is she for real?
    It is ok to be out of "character" every now and then.

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  • http://www.straightfromthea.com ATLien

    Awww...The fam looks great! I'm just speechless @ that Scappy/Diamond pic...like 4-real...wasn't this a CHURCH Service?? :shock:

  • licia

    glad they let ti out to be with his family. very emotional and blessed day for them all. sandra has tiny found out what she's having yet ?

    i won't even comment on scrappy and diamond.

  • http://myspace.com/mizz_eccentrik Abhor_

    Scrappy needs to learn how to close his mouth...uggh he bothers me. Diamond looks a mess, and needs to stay out of NEW YORK's make up bag!

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    ok Scrappy and Diamond completely threw me off from the post..it's beautiful to see so many people come together and worship especially as a family

  • Sharonda

    Photo opting on Resurrection day.Must be nice.

  • Bubbles

    nice scoop Sandra

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    I posted this on my blog the other day. But you got the exclusive pics girl. awesome. I didn't want him to be bombarded however it is good that he expected that. it seems that church was still about God and that is great! I am very happy he went. i sure hope he keeps changing his life for the better...TIP can be a powerhouse...for good or bad. Let the good prevail.

  • srv

    Diamond looks ridiculous. It does look like Pimp and Hoe. I noticed that a lot of people where inappropriate clothes to church, like the lady that had her dress cut all the way down to there at my church today. ughhh...

    I love Tiny and Tip and a million things run through my mind when I see pictures of them while he's on house arrest. I know that this is a trying time for her, and I am glad to see that she is seeking spirtual solace at this time. I'm sure he's a handful now. :-) It is good to see that Tiny is a ride or die chick, because even as a fan, I can remember a time when TIP was so disrespectful to her publically, etc. Patience is a virtue. If he beats this, I hope he will remember her dedication going forward and respect her accordingly.

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  • lexdiamonz

    karma is a byotch i think the family is beautiful everyone looks good sooooo cubic zirconia and scrappy doo hmm that is why crime mobb broke up my ears thank you... and Tiny my statement about karma applies to you and TIP or whatever his name is girl 'member when you couldn't keep him out the streets now his butt can't go nowhere LOL!!!!

  • free

    loving the suits on the TIP boys and loving frank ski's handsome boys! the chick w/the blue eyeshadow just shows us how far we still have to go in 2008 but it's alright.

    missb (#18), great minds think alike.

  • jemalangel

    Great pics Sandra. I just love Tip and Tiny and pray that God really continue to shine his favor upon him because he really is an inspiration and hopefully this ordeal has showed him that just as fast as God blesses you he can strip you of that blessing if you are not a good steward of that blessing. Love him and tiny together...OMG..Diamond need hands laid on her..This was not a concert or the Falcons vs Saints game...Total disgrace

  • gemini83

    I know Lil Scrappy and Diamond did not wear that to church??!! They should be ashamed at themselves!! They look down right triflin. I know He says come as you are, but, damn, have a little respect for our Father!


    Happy belated Easter to all....

    Yes, T.I and his fam looked very nice. On the other hand, Scrappy & Diamond, we all know they looked a HOT MESS, but, it seem as if they were clubbing the night before, but at least they were good enough to get up that next morning to hear the word of GOD....I'll at least give them that. But she could have kept that blue eyeshadow off, the dress was enough. And why does Frank wife, Tanya, has on that old-fashion ass poofy-looking dress? Not CUTE!

  • fatblkboy

    It is good to see the whole family in church. The question is, will they attend next Sunday. I'm just saying...

  • kat

    diamond looks a H.A.M. and scrappy know that he has some slacks and a button up that he could've put on if he didn't want to rock a suit....just so damn ghetto!
    tip and the fam looks nice.

  • JustSaying

    All those kids all Tiny's by TI? About her eye ring, why take it out just because she is going to church. If she wears it out of church she might as well wear it in church. It is called NOT being fake.

    For Bishop Long - what is going on with him. He is looking mega old and getting bigger then the side of a barn. No really, he looks sick.

  • pinkvirgo

    Beautiful pics but it said that they can't even pray in peace w/o ppl snapping pics of them that it is a sacred and personal time anywho Diamond looks like she belongs at The Players Club....a mess!

  • WeezysBaby

    No Tiny only has one child by T.I and her eye ring why have it period??? It is not lady like/attractive and she is too damn old to be wearing facial piercing period.

  • HeyNow

    Nice pictures thank you Sandra.Tiny is barely showing to be 6 months pregnant.Who is Frank and Tanya Ski??????

  • Kymystry

    Perhaps the call him Lil Scrappy cause he likes to pick up table scraps and dress them in a dress from Dots with eye make up looking like a muppet.

  • Hotstuff

    First off somebody needed to reject or smack the shit out of Diamond and Scrappy for showing up to church like that I know the lord says come as you are but they look like they worked hard to put this HAM of a look together It would've looked better if they came with their PJs

    The son in the black suit looks just like T.I. and King is his momma's son without a doubt...Glad he was let out the house to go to church and I wish TIP the best in the future and hopefully this trial will pass him in good grace b/c I need to hear more TIP on the radio dammit...

    Nice to hear him on superstar and Umma do me remixes though

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Ha, they made it....Good!
    Diamond, I would be your stylist for free, it would have taken me 30 minutes to find an Ivory suit in a size 0 for you to wear with some pumps. Scrappy you're people taught you better, but obviously you two were pressed for time when you woke up late as hell on Sunday and couldn't get it together fast enough. I've seen you both dressed more appropriate in videos.

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  • ms.peaches

    They are such a beautiful family wow are all those kids his I can see his nose in those older girls & the boys are so handsome!! I think he should be able to attend church more offend it seems like he enjoyed himself!!I thought Tiny was pregnant if she is I can't really tell in those pics??

    Please tell me that Scrappy & Diamond did not attend church like that I mean he is fine I guess but girlfriend looks like she either just came from the club or will be on her way after service(lmao) It does say come as you are but that is crazy!! Oh & Frank Ski has some handsome boys as well!!

  • http://mskimba412.blogspot.com ms.kimba412

    Love seeing T.I. and his family looking so happy. Tiny is just glowing. She's looks very pretty.

  • Goliano

    Diamond's lookin' like a female Bozo the Clown. Where's the hair down the center of her head?

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  • pointhimout

    wow look at King. I mean, like, look at him. wow wow wow. can scrappy close his mouth? i thought females didn't wear purple/blue eye make up any more? it pays to know when you look the fool.

  • kdillon

    People always want to be in church when something goes down. I wonder how many times out the year he actually attends church. Church people always treat people with money better than others. They know what type of music he sings and now all of a sudden is a a dedicated member sitting on the stage.

  • WeezysBaby


    Well said... now I want to see if he does make it out of this situation with no time and all that good stuff I will like to see how often he is in church then giving thanks for yet another blessing...

  • gemini83

    I may be a little late, but can somebody tell me if Tiny had the baby or is she still pregnant. I know they lost one about a year ago. Just curious.

  • Anti-believer

    DAMN!!!! I didn't know T.I. had so many damn kids!!!!!

    I like T.I. but DAMN!!!!!!

    Why can't Lil Scrappy close his mouth??? Does he always have something in it or what???

  • HeyNow

    Who the heck is frank ski people????

  • Prissydiva71

    Even though I don't do new school rap, there has always been something about Tip I like. Although he has a little thug to him, he also seems like a nice person deep down. Also, whomever is his stylist keeps him tight!

  • preciousfromomaha

    Great pics It is nice to see him out with his family. I still can't believe Diamond came out the house looking like that at church no class at all.

  • ms.peaches

    #54 I believe that Scrappy got some Veneers or something & still may not be use to them!!(lol)

    #55 I think Frank Ski is a radio dj!!

  • hellava10

    Great to see so many folks in church....we'll see them all again on Christmas. Don't be fooled, church is open every Sunday.
    What Diamond had on was appropriate....it WAS in the dome right?...not the church house. I know you can come as you are, but you shouldn't come as you would to the club. I'm just saying.

    And, if Fred Hammond don't put down them chickens. I love his music, but I am a bit concerned for his health!

  • http://www.keminications.com mediakemi

    Sandra, when I was in the ATL, I found your work exemplary! Since I left in 2005 and later moved to Canada, I have found you as a humble resource. After reading all these comments, it is obvious that you have some exclusive pictures. There are some blogs who refuse to link to your pictures or do any stories about T.I's Easter service visits simply because they are "Sandra Rose's pictures and I'm not giving her the web traffic." I am actually quoting a blog owner whom I told that Sandra doesn't look for "TRAFFIC?".

    I created Hip-Hossip because Canada has hardly any hip-hop resources. The artists here are not taken seriously or even respected by the local media. The Canadian immigration won't let Bone Thugs and Harmony, 50 Cent or even Snoop in. One record label owner in Detroit is even suing CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). The main reason is because of the violent lyrics as CIC told me in a statement. I am still a news reporter and work in two local newsrooms now, one radio and one TV and I write my blog professionally like a reporter. Some have complained that I have no comments field. Does CNN have a comment field on every story on their website is always my reply. I created this site for CANADIANS and others who want to know the latest in hip-hop. Toronto and Vancouver the two largest cities that have the main hip-hop stations have tremendous gang problems and the RCMP (National Police) attribute it to the rap culture. It is stereotyping but can you blame the government?

    Teens with criminal records here tell me that it's what they watch in hip-hop culture that they follow and other kids told me sometimes they forget it is not always real. I visit high schools twice a month to talk about hip-hop culture. My ranting is because I really want you to know that I appreciate what you did for my blog today. T.I and Tiny are dear to me especially when that woman let me take that picture with her man back in 2005 and also she was the first comment on my MySpace site to wish me happy birthday last August.(myspace.com/pharmamedia.) I didn't know celebs actually follow the birthdays of their millions of friends in their friend list!

    I am a die hard fan of both Tameka and Clifford.They are real people and they will survive! T.I will rise from the ashes, Tameka will have another healthy baby boy and I want to thank you for the link and access to your pictures Sandra. All my readers,the local radio station DJ's and the Canadian hip-hop record label folks are all thrilled as they checked out my site this morning.....and now bookmarked yours too of course. That GALLERY!!! I don't make money from my site right now as that is not my immediate goal. I want an audience that will appreciate good hip-hop news coverage. God Bless!

    Kemi Olunloyo Joshua
    Managing Editor

    The Clifford Harris family story is at

  • http://www.keminications.com mediakemi

    Sandra, the Clifford Harris story is here. Pls remove the earlier link. Once again Thanks for all your work.
    Kemi in Toronto, Cdn


  • ChokLitFactory

    I just wanna know...IS DIAMOND NOT PREGNANT ANYMORE?? I remember seeing pics of her late last year with a baby bump, but then I see her with her in skintight clothes every now and then. I hope it was no abortion!
    On a positive note, Tiny and T.I have a (big!) nice family. Frank Ski also has a great-looking family, very handsome boys! This was a nice post Sandra, thanks!

  • spongebobfan

    lol@TI who now wants to go to church and take photo op's with him reading bible after his federal indictment of buying guns and etc...dudes a criminal, smooth criminal like mick jackson lol

  • lnp03

    Come as you are means to come with all of your sins and issues not to dress like a hooker. Diamond needs some prayer. I'm sure Bishop Long prayed for T.I. and took time to talk with him about his situation. We are all guilty of not calling on God until we need him. When he gets out of this mess, I hope that he will remember church and all of the people that are praying for him. He has a wonderful family and he needs to marry Tiny. She has been with him through every storm in his life. The reason he was on the stage is because he was on a time limit. He had to be back home by 2:30pm. He did not need to be late returning because of traffic.

  • aqtpie

    Both TI and Frank Ski have beautiful families.

  • lnp03

    @ heynow

    Frank Ski from Frank & Wanda in the Morning. He is an on-air personality for V-103. He is also a member of New Birth.

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