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In a move that is completely legal, superstar Mary J. Blige filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan courtroom against street vendors who plan to sell bootlegged t-shirts and other tour memorabilia outside her concert tomorrow.

She can do that because of a law allowing people to sue "Jane Does" and "John Does" who will be named at a later date. Mary and Jay Z are set to perform a sold out show at NY's Coliseum tomorrow night.

Bootleggers beware!

"She is suing John Does and Jane Does numbered 1 though 100, so law enforcement can confiscate the bogus stuff as they are selling it. They are sued under fictitious names because their true names are unknown at this time." (Source)

  • hellava10

    Interesting.....maybe if the stuff inside didn't cost twice as much as the ticket, you wouldn't need to meet up with Hustleman on the corner. Just a thought. Why pay $25 when you can pay $10? I don't even know of anyone other than the Hannah Montana and Cheetah Girl crowds that still buy/wear concert t-shirts. Is my MC Hammer shirt worth any money?

  • missy

    lol @hellava but you have a point people already buy the tickets(which can be pricey might i add) so why not let the little man get a cut of some of that money i mean why pay more when you can pay less.

  • bloggergirlz

    There is a lot of money to be made off of merchandising. However, I agree the stuff they sell at concerts is way too expensive. Add that to (the cost of) taking a picture, buying some snacks, drinks, etc. and you’re a$$ is damn near broke! Paying for parking…must I go on!
    Her attorney must’ve gotten in her ear or someone who stands to profit off this. I thought police could confiscate counterfeit stuff regardless...

    “She is suing John Does and Jane Does numbered 1 though 100, so law enforcement can confiscate the bogus stuff as they are selling it.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    What I look like wearing a "Heart Of The City Tour" tee anyway? WTF?

    Will be in the building come May though lol.

  • greg

    Can we sue her for her *next* album? I mean, has she really done anything relevant since "Mary"? "My Life" even? But yeah good looking out for your lawyers, Mary. They won't miss a boat payment as long as you keep filing suits like this.

  • greg

    Oh, and:

    (sings) "buy you a chevrolet/buy you a chevrolet"

  • brwnsugga4you

    i'm not sure about this one. i agree with hellava10: its enough the tickets are overpriced..then you get inside the venue and t-shirts w/iron ons cost $20 + ridiculous.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    I think "relevant" is the wrong word to use since she's more relevant then ever.

  • Bird

    So that's how they do it. The only time I have ever been to a concert and there were not t-shirt bootleggers outside was Michael Jackson's concert. I was so shocked and happy. I gladly paid the $40 for an authentic Michael Jackson t-shirt inside the venue. BUT when I take my 16 year old to a concert I always get her the cheap $10 knock-off. Homegirl needs to get a job if she wants the real one.

  • 2thick4u

    Mary doing Power Moves.

    She has came along way...why should she get short-changed?!!!

    It's not like Jay buying her million dollor paintings...Kendu damn sure can't!!!

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    A lot of children will go without because of this Mary....Bootleggers have families to feed!

    tee hee hee

  • NyNy

    Dang!!!!! Hellava10 I will buy that Hammer shirt from you!!!! I have been looking everywhere for one and yes I am serious as a heart attack......LMAO!!! I had a few but they faded away.

  • ms.peaches

    Wow Im kinda on the fence with this one cause I will not lie, I have purchase some things off the street from vendors including CD's (srry) I agree they have to eat as well & I also thought you would have to have some sort of vending liscense to do stuff like that if they have them can they still be sued??

  • ms.peaches

    Helluva ur crazy as **** thats almost as bad as my old & I do mean old LL Cool J concert Tshirt when he came out with I Need Love & still rocked the Kangol (lmao)!!!

  • krbinc

    MARY J must forgot where she came from! she lived in yonkers where she was around people who hustle! now she wants to sue poor black people who just gettin by, by sellin her shirt? she should be proud that she can feed people with her name who are from the streets! and those shirts inside is from the same manufacter which is hanes, fruit of the looms, avil that the bootleggers sells! so who's gettin rip off! it just mess up now you can come from the hood, and forget hood cats who you grew up with for white america! SHAME MARY! SHAME!

  • krbinc

    and she was brought up in the nasiest dirtyest projects in yonkers! around nothing but hustlers! brought her dope from hustlers, and she wants to do this to hustlers!



  • hellava10

    Sorry NyNy, I can't part with my shirt. It's my Saturday clean up attire and it is now ashy gray instead of black (half his head peeled off in the dryer).
    We could get together and sue an artist for a crappy cd. I hate actually paying for a cd (doing the right thing) only to have 1 jam, 1 half decent joint, and 8 songs they put together in the last hour.

    @ms.peaches - I practicied how to kiss on my LL poster (I ain't shame to admit it)--oooooh, to be a crumb in the corner of his lips

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  • wiggy2272003

    With technology being what it is (cd burning, downloading) music sales are at an alltime low. the artist make only a percentage of those sales. Concerts are actually where they make their money. Just because her beef is on a larger scale ya'll would be upset too if ppl were taking your $$$.

  • mjoylaw

    Mary gangsta when it comes to DAT MONEY! Guess she got it from Jigga hee hee. So keep yours girl! Yes, it takes a whole LOTTA cheese to maintain a 12.3 mil home and a whole entourage including Kendu and nem kids!! lol