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Jazze Pha is cute, but Fantasia isn't leaving her man Young Dro anytime soon! The two friends partied the night away with Ne-Yo, Irv Gotti, Ashley Ragland (College Hill), and more at the Hot 107.9 Anniversary party at Luckies last night.


    I already knew that was a joke girl! Jazze would NEVER be able to pull Fantasia from Dro. They got that hood love. That's not even funny. Jazze is...never mind. I'll just say the good...he's a great producer! I bet the party was FUN too.

    And guess what...T.I. only get a year in prison...Lucky right! check it out:

  • meme

    lol. That was cute Sandra.

  • brwnsugga4you

    good & catchy line.

  • ATLien

    That was a good one... :-)

  • ms.peaches

    I knew thought that was her!! Sandra you r a mess!! does Jazze Pha have a woman though?? & no Im not asking for myself (lol)

  • ms.peaches

    (excuse my spelling/word) I thought that was her!!! lol


    He needs to lose some weight ASAP!!!

  • milly

    I knew that was her! but yea it wouldnt hurt ya boy to lose a few pounds to better his health.

  • spraggaswifey

    that was cute sandra because you got disrespect but he's getting too big...unhealthy....

  • Terry .W

    I have a 13 day diet that would add a year to Jazze Pha's life...he needs to put that fried chicken down!...damn!

  • Bird

    Terry .W Says:

    I have a 13 day diet that would add a year to Jazze Pha’s life

    Ok so spill it. As an unsatisfied thick chick I'm always looking for new diet tips.

  • mjoylaw

    He looks like The Dream, just a lot chubbier..

  • lea

    lmfao you are wrong lol...

  • nonya

    He needs to diet that's not healthy.

  • brownsugar2874

    I don't believe they are a couple. That is Fantasia in the pic though...

  • ms.peaches

    lmao # 11
    I thought the Dream reminded me of Chris Stokes but you have a point!!!

  • hellava10

    She looks like she tossed back 1 too many, he is too cool---looking like a bag of skittles. I get worried about heavy black men like that, walking and breathing hard like they are sleep.

    Just becuase I have to ---caption for the 1st pic "Is that your new fragrance- fried chicken?"

  • bloggergirlz

    that weight o him looks dangerous...

  • 2bme

    watch this pic still make it to mediafakeout

  • NC_NYer

    hellava - LMFAO...."Church's Fried Chicken Cologne"...

    Anyway - the ONLY two diet tips I think you'll ever need:

    #1 - Control your calories
    #2 - Exercise - Heavy cardio, Light Weight training

    I am in no way a certified dietician or personal trainer, but I certainly don't believe in any "cleanser," "diet pill," "South Beach" or "Atkins" diet. I needed to lose some weight before a cruise last year - and it worked for me.

    Listen, I love the biscuits & sweet tea, sausage & grits, bacon & eggs, cheeseburgers & french fries and plenty of desserts (cookies, brownies, you name it).

    LOL @ Jazze Pha looking like "a bag of skittles"


    I knew it was her, but I knew damn well the headline wasn't TRUE!

    Jazze is one Big Teddy Bear. I actually saw him at Luckies during Bobby V. B-Day event, and he is BIG for his height. Dude needs to go on a diet, SERIOUSLY.

  • Kymystry

    Jazze Phat ... lets just hope he Pays what he Weighs ... cause if a chick took TOP .. she would have to be a gymanst or run the risk of a dislocated HIP ... don't EVEN wanna think about HIM trying to mount up ... yuck .. I just ate .. let me go purge ... hahahahahah

  • Anti-believer

    Then only thing Jazze Pha could pull is couple of hamburgers

    Jazze Pha looks like he is wearing a Persian Rug.

    Bloggergril... that weight of him looks dangerous only if you're under him.

  • kpakpando

    Looking at him makes my chest hurt for real, his poor little heart.

    oh Fantasia... waxing under your arms will help with that dark patch peeking out.

  • kenyanhottie

    LOL, Sandra you is wrong. But I agree with the general consensus that the dude needs to loose weight, fast!

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  • 2thick4u

    I knew that was 'Tasia!!!

  • sanaas

    I know Tasia's tattoo's anywhere.LOL

  • Music999

    Ok Sandra you got me with that one.
    Cause I was finna come in here and say you was lying your ass off.
    I knew that was Tasia, cause I don't know nobody else with a tat on their hand.

  • brwnsugga4you

    i want pha to loose weight for health reasons. :(

  • claire