Explosive court papers posted by TMZ.com documents the alleged sexual harassment of a WBLS employee by the husband and manager of the station’s popular shock jock, Wendy Williams.

According to the documents filed with the EEOC, Nicole Spence, a booker for Wendy’s show accuses Kevin Hunter of creating a hostile environment in the workplace by repeatedly making sexual demands of her, and referring to other females at WBLS as “bitches.”

Among other things, Spence alleges in the documents:

    Throughout my employment with the Company, Kevin Hunter, Ms. Williams’ husband and manager subjected me to severe and pervasive sexual harassment. For example, Mr. Hunter repeatedly sexually propositioned me at work, in the most crude and vulgar ways, telling me over and over that he wanted to “fuck” me.

    Recently his sexual propositions escalated into the obsessive and during the workday at the Company’s studio he constantly told me of his desire to “fuck” me and that he had been dreaming about sleeping with me.

Spence further alleged that Williams did nothing to stop the abuse and in fact, “offered to take me shopping so I could dress ‘like a sexy little bitch,’ as Mr. Hunter demanded.”

Spence stated that Hunter was temporarily banned from WBLS after she lodged a complaint with station management. Spence also alleges that Williams received a two-day suspension for retaliating against her complaints. When Williams returned from her suspension, the retaliation continued with Williams canceling guests booked by Spence “sometimes at the last minute.”

Wendy Williams has been advised by her attorneys not to make any statements about the case while on the air. Williams’ popular show is syndicated around the country and can be heard on WBLS in NY from 2-7 PM.

I’m just guessing here. But doesn’t this sound suspiciously like a woman scorned who found out her husband was creeping with a pretty young thing and when she confronted her husband he dumped the youngster who then alleged sexual harassment against him? Again, I’m just guessing.

  • ms. hershey

    i’m so not surprised by this. i’ve been hearing dirt about this man for years. he’s a tragic mess and so is his tranny wife. see what happens when you like to air out everyone else’s dirt? karma…

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    She wassss out for 2 days about a week ago or so. ALOT of subliminals today too lol. I’m just waiting for a caller to mention it lol.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Sandra you should’ve put the “In fact, Ms Williams’ lack of respect for proper workplace conduct is demonstrated by her own conduct in forcing a subordinate to have sex with her to keep his job.” part, too!

    *plays dramatic music*

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    LOL @ Charlamange’s real name being Leonard McKelvey.

    The things I’m reading in this complaint is shocking as sh*t. Speechless.

  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    Doesn’t sound like they were creeping. Sounds just like she worded it, but there’s two sides. Wondering if she kept a work diary, you know like the Pentagon…lol, but some people keep a work diary, when there is tension on the job with co-workers or management. Gotta be some hidden audio footage somewhere. Still, something in me wants this to not be true.

  • AreUForReal

    That’s what I was trying to say in the other thread. Sounds like he was trying to holla, and Wendy knew she couldn’t stop him so she went along with it.

    My scenarios for this situation……..

    Hubby wanted it. ‘Ol girl let Wendy know her man was foul and Wendy got mad at her instead of checking him. Which (unfortunately) is what usually happens. And, the chic filed a complaint.


    Hubby wanted it. Wendy set it up, but ‘ol girl had some condition. Those condition were probably like more air time, or her own segment that was suppose to grow into something more. When things didn’t materialize fast enough she filed a complaint.

  • brwnsugga4you

    “offered to take me shopping so I could dress ‘like a sexy little bitch,’.

    sorry, sounds like something she would say. but, one thing about it the truth will come out…but, this is a mess. i’m sure the husband would say something to her…since he has to go home and look at wendy at night…gross!!!!

  • AreUForReal

    Hubby wanted it. ‘Ol girl let Wendy know her man was foul and Wendy got mad at her instead of checking him. Which (unfortunately) is what usually happens. WENDY STARTED SHOWING HER ASS.And, the chic filed a complaint.

  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    They all should go on that lie detector show and let the truth come out.

  • ldorisca

    Has Wendy been suspended recently? I still don’t believe Nicole.

  • Bubbles

    Wendy’s husband (or pimp) sounds and looks like the vulgar violent controlling type.

  • Terry .W

    What a Creep/slimeball – he looks crazy anyway!

  • aqtpie

    I agree with AreUForReal #6
    I can’t wait to find out the whole truth, if we ever will, then again I suppose that leads to the question of, “who’s truth is credible?”

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    to answer your question Sandra, no it doesn’t.

  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    I sense more women will come forward, because definitely a pot of gold lies at the end of this complaint, whether through settlement or judgment.

  • AreUForReal

    Okay. Okay. Okay! Trying to catch my breathe and type at the same time……..

    Did anybody else notice he is giving her the “eh eh” face? Look at his mouth. If we could see his eyes he probably looks scared as hell!! LMAO

    thanks for the pic Auntie Sandra!!! I needed that laugh.

  • kpakpando

    I’m listening to her now, and she’s definitely referenced “the elephant in the room” a few times. I like WW, I’m sure she’ll turn this whole situation to her benefit one day.

  • mizzdallas

    RE: Idorisca

    It was two days that Wendy was off the air, Charlamane was on the air with best of Wendy, so that I do believe that part.

  • mizzdallas

    Re: kpakpando:

    I’m listening to her now too. You can tell in the beginning of the show she seem so vacant at first like she is trying so hard to be regular. But now I guess as she get into the show she is being extra nice or something I dont know its weird!!! *** THE ELEPHANT IS IN THE ROOM***!!!

  • http://myspace.com/latituded400 htownshan

    This is a tuff one to call. Personally, I believe ANY man will get with anyone – albeit male, female, dog, cat whatever as long as it involves a nutt. All men are freaky by nature. They will do it with anybody especially if they feel safe that their friends won’t find out about it. I’m sure some of Nicole’s complaints are embellished just for the sake of having it look good on paper, but I’m willing to bet the lion’s share of it is true. Wendy is doing what I would expect any wife to do – back her husband. It looks like the battle lines have been drawn. This will be tried in the media. Expect a quiet settlement with no fault on the part of the defendant to be admitted and this will quietly go away.

  • free

    wow, this is starting to appear more legit by the minute. i find it hard to believe that this up and coming young lady would risk it all just to lie about something like this.

    the allegations are traceable; it’s not like they cannot be verified, particularly the bookings and cancellations. it appears that the retaliation has started, or will start, to affect her job performance and evaluations. that’s usually when a person who is trying to operate within the system will take it public or to court.

  • bloggergirlz

    i just read the cout document and all i can say is “wow”…i agree w/ whoever said they will try to settle w/out admitting any guilt…i know there are 2 sides to every story, but their a$$e$ are sounding pretty guilty…this is about to get really juicy…$hit will really hit the fan if other female employees come forward…

  • mizzdallas

    I just read the court documents and I can say is WOW! Sh*t about to hit the fan, I dont think Nicole would jeapordize her career over some fake Sh*t, there’s truth on both sides I would like to believe but who’s truth shall we believe and I believe Nicole…

  • BayArea

    I want to read the missing parts to the document. This is some juicy stuff being that Wendy is the Queen of all Media. This is way more juicer than anything she has talked about in a lonnnnnnng time!

  • claire

    Oh boy all i can think of is Wendy used to talk about him as if he were candy on a stick and all that advice she gives should be in content of her own affairs…I thought he had his own thing going on and it baffles me why Wendy would do even have him working at the station with her…A husband and wife working together is a no,no…It can strain a relationship in many ways………I also believe Nicole.

  • ms.peaches

    AreUforReal…I am with you on this cause if anything like that went down I think Wendy was with it!! she looks like the type of broad that would hook her husband up with another chick just to keep him happy or keep him home!!! shiiiiiiiiiit I wish I would!!(lol) all I want to know is if callers on her show call in to ask her about it how is she gonna answer the question if she is not allowed to talk about it!! mm mm mm the drama, the karma, what a tangled web we weave Wendy!!!!

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Any woman who is married to a man with power and thinks that he is not using his status to score with other women (or men) is delusional. History has proven time and time again that most men in power cheat. The same way you got him others will too.

  • ms.peaches

    Sandra what power does he have?? other than being her manager I really don’t follow Wendy like that to even know that much about him but I have read a few stories about him cheating!!

  • Mia

    Did Wendy get those on loan from Aretha? I’m sorry I never made it past “those”. What’s this post about?

  • ms.peaches

    Mia ur crazy!! It does look like a a$$ on her chest though(lmao)!!!

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    On one hand I really want this dirt to be true, but on the ohter hand, is this just publicity for her movie???

    And, really, Wendy was born a man so I can believe that she’d go along with whatever. It’s not every day that a transvestite gets a man to marry her. So Wendy is like “WHATEVER BOO…”

    I REALLY think Wendy is a man. I never see her kid, and her offspring WOULD look like her….if she was ever really pregnant. She hid out during her “pregnancy”. I guess Kevin wanted some natural born P….

  • hellava10

    Dangit Smokie, there you go again. I wonder how much she paid for those pigs in the blanket.

    It all sounds like a crock of crap. Wendy was with and tried to pimp out the girl to her husband and it backfired on all of them.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Boy was I sorry to hear about this. Wendy is my people and I hate the thought of her being openly abused and cheated on by an idiot who would be absolutely nothing without her. I gave her credit for being stronger than that. I know she’s denying it, but the story has the ring of truth to it.

  • srv

    This doesn’t sound THAT fraudulent. I believe her, but it’s scary to think that Wendy would let a man physically abuse her in front of her colleagues and in nearby locales. I heard her say on her show one time that a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. That she let’s him bring strippers home from the strip club or take them behind a building, so it is obvious that she can’t control his behavior. He was an embarrassment long before this popped up.

  • pmap

    i can believe it. one time her annoying side kick mentioned how their (wendy & kevin) arguments get so heated at times, he doesn’t know when to step in or call the police.

    but he learned to just step back and let them do them.

  • omina-homina

    All her finger pointing, and now this?

  • NC_NYer

    I’m down with Wendy – BUT – I do believe the allegations of Kevin’s thuggery and ni**a nonsense!! And it is (in my opinion) totally believeable that the radio station would do whatever it could to keep Wendy in the building. I’d be very curious to know the amount of time left on her contract…

  • NC_NYer

    **believable (ahem! must not let misspellings fly!)

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    Kevin has cheated time and time again(probably trying to convince himself he’s not gay cause yall know Wendy is a man)She’s admitted it so this comes as no surprise, neither does her insecurities..it’s not like she has a long list of suitors so she’s obviously settling..Take a good look at him..i mean seriously, the both of them need to be happy they found each other and call it a day..However Wendy needs to check herself..People like her love to tal ish and spew advise until it starts hitting close to home..then by miracle there is nothing more to say

  • lexdiamonz

    first gov spitzer now this…. LMFAO karma it’s real people she always digging in other people dirt and now let’s see if she dig around in her own everybody in the NY know about that dog-azz kevin and how he use her name and status to pimp and mack that is good for his azz

  • http://themoneychicks.blogspot.com dakotab

    Well this is a huge example of what goes around comes around. Wendy has been putting people’s business out there for years, it was only a matter of time before her own business came out the same way.

    It is what it is as she says. She don’t care. This probably doesn’t even phase her.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mzmekpage Tmekio


    Whomever is on here saying that Wendy is a man should be ASHAMED of themselves.. You know that ain’t no dayum MAN!
    Wendy has been around for YEARS. Just cuz she looks like a “Tranny’ doesn’t mean she’s one.

    As far as her husband goes “beating’ on her at work, yall know this shit would have BEEN came out a before now… And if you listen to Wendy you know she ain’t even going for no negro putting his hands on her AT ALL..

    Now we weren’t there so we can’t say what her husband may or may have NOT did to this young lady, however, I’m sure Wendy knows what kind of man she married and what he’s capable of. I just feel like this complaint might be a LITTLE over the top..

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Wendy is the defintion of not being photogenic. I’ve seen her in person and she really isn’t ugly. As for the man/tranny jokes, sh*ts old as hell. Can we get some creativity up in this b*tch. Thank yoooou.

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    so now your on kevin’s side? yesterday i thot you were all with nicole. aren’t u and nicole kinda friends or associates? dang sandra for a story you will turn on a nicka (unless it’s Monica and her family) cuz yesterday u said that kevin seemed like the type, which you are not saying that he isn’t now. but it just seems like your views shifted a little. nicole could be scorned (or it’s all truth) but lets be real…Kevin is not all that. infact he’s pretty icky! ewwww.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mzmekpage Tmekio

    Coo Coo Bananas Says:

    Wendy is the defintion of not being photogenic. I’ve seen her in person and she really isn’t ugly. As for the man/tranny jokes, sh*ts old as hell. Can we get some creativity up in this b*tch. Thank yoooou.
    That’s what the EFF I’m saying!! How many YEARS niccas been saying that sh*t? She’s soooo OVER it already!!

    Yall think Wendy gives a EFF that her business is in the streets?? HAIL to the NAW! She’s a gossip QUEEN!

    And I saw someone say that “we haven’t seen her son yet”. I wouldn’t want people to see my child either! Especially as much $hit as Wendy talks about people.. You don’t know WHAT intentions people have for her or her family.

  • shunda

    I don’t think Wendy looks like a man. She is just tall. I wish the links to those Essence videos were still available. Kevin may be a dog but Nicole is a bit suspect if you ask me. She made it well known she wanted to be the next big thing. What is it they say any publicity is good publicity

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    I don’t understand why people keep saying Wendy is ugly? She is beautiful to me. I wish people would post their pictures. :(

    EDIT: Please email me your photos so I can make a post to show what REAL beauty looks like. I hope all the women in your families are beauty queens, including your aunts and your grandmothers. Smdh.

  • jazi65

    I’ve heard that kevin has issues, but from what I’ve seen of this chick, she sounds like a scorned hoe trying to make so quick doe.

  • http://www.myspace.com/gregwlsn greg

    CUT THE CHECK, Wendy.


  • http://www.myspace.com/mzmekpage Tmekio

    Sandra Rose Says:

    I don’t understand why people keep saying Wendy is ugly? She is beautiful to me. I wish people would post their pictures.

    EDIT: Please email me your photos so I can make a post to show what REAL beauty looks like. I hope all the women in your families are beauty queens, including your aunts and your grandmothers. Smdh.
    I don’t talk about NOBODY Sandra-

    You know I TRY and KEEP the “peace” on here. (LOL)

    I sent you my photo anyway, just so u can know what I look like!!


  • pmap


    u stay posting side-ways comments about other peoples appearances, so do us all a favor and start by posting your own.