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Rapper Bow Wow, who is a regular visitor to, videotaped his reaction to my posting about himself and College Hill’s Ashley Ragland yesterday.

“I don’t even go on these blog sites,” lied Bow Wow.

Bow Wow, whose mom Teresa blessed him with a $400,000 Maybach for his 21st birthday, chilled with his boys and several dime pieces at an unidentified hotel as he browsed the Internets.

“Who would find that out?,” Bow Wow asks In the video titled “IT’S TRUE” that was uploaded to his Xanga fansite last night. His friend suggests that Ashley herself put the story out. “I don’t think Ashley would do that,” he responds.

He and his friends go on to discuss Ashley’s attitude and an incident at Bow Wow’s house when Ashley went off on one of Bow Wow’s friends for messing up a take out food order she had placed. Bow Wow mimics her voice as he recalls the dust up.

Does any of this mean that Bow Wow and Ashley were an item?

[HINT]If Bow Weezy wants to clear the air, he can easily get my number from Big D or Greg Street[/HINT].

Meanwhile, Ash is claiming some dude named Mike Gordon from the group One Chance as her main boyfriend. Pics of the two are plastered all over her Facebook page (Thanks Aisha Wright!)

In fact, Ashley had developed quite a reputation for herself as that chick who ran fast and loose through the industry in years past. They say she preferred to date rappers or singers. Allegedly, she had a fling with the singer Lloyd after appearing in his “Hey Young Girl” video in 2004.

Maybe Ashley will clear up these rumors with her own video response?

The loyal reader who sent me the email alerting me to Bow Wow’s video asked me not to post her entire email (which contained some more juicy details) for fear of “hurting Ciara’s feelings”. But why would Ciara’s feelings be hurt when she is so far removed from Bow Wow’s world? I’m just asking…