This morning, my host was hit by a DDoS attack which knocked hundreds of sites off line including mine. Once that issue was resolved I found that my site couldn't connect to the database due to the database being corrupted.

After many database backups and MySQL restarts, the host was finally able to get us back online around 8 PM tonight.

If you are a member of our small community, your passwords should still work. The only residual effect is the comments are lost for this morning and yesterday. Thanks for your patience! :)

  • 2Unruly

    welcome back! the ups and downs of technology...

  • shhhh

    I wonder did Brian from CL have something to do with that DOS, after all he is VERY technological savvy.

  • cutienjerzey

    I was starting to have Sandra Rose withdrawal...You know I need my daily dose...LMAO

  • solodove2008

    I was traumatized when I couldn't get my Sandra fix yesterday!!

  • prynsexxx

    ^^^^^^^ me too.

    I thought the job had finally caught up with me! I almost fell out in the floor.

    Password? I haven't remember my password since the day I logged on. I NEVER log off of SandraRose. LOL

  • brwnsugga4you

    i'm glad you are back up and running!!!


    @ prynsexxx, i thought it was just me... i was ready to buy our I.T guy lunch so he could unblock it!!! LOL

  • SnootyPooty1

    I was about to need 10 days and a couple 3 day follow
    ups. I am glad that this issue has been resolved now I
    dont have to be committed to that room with padded walls
    after all. LOL :)

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Hi, my name is Mz_Magnificent1 and I'm addicted to

    WHEW thank Sweet Jesus you are back!!! I was going threw it at work yesterday...if I wasn't sure before I know I'm a "Sandra Rose" addict now!

  • cutienjerzey

    Thanks for sharing Mz_Magnificent1....LOL

    @ prynsexxx...Like you I thought IT caught up with me...

    @ Sandra Rose-see how much we appreciate your hard work and dedication

  • ldorisca

    cutienjerzey Says:

    I was starting to have Sandra Rose withdrawal…You know I need my daily dose…LMAO


    Too Funny, I was going to type the same thing. I was trying to log into Word Press because I thought it was a new thing.

  • sin

    u too? i thought i was the only fool tryin 2 log in too...i tried to download word press like 3x's


    Thanks Sandra for getting us backup to reading and posting. :) The day isn't right if I can't check in on Sandra Rose. :)

  • milly

    Child I was having withdrawls lol

  • BayArea

    Can someone say MARIAH CAREY!! I thought her fixers came to get you girl :) But I know you hvae 3 words for them: BACK UP FILES!

  • blackgyrl

    Chile I was a cussin sistah yesterday!! I almost walked into the IT department at my job to clown about who been effin around with my computer!!!LOL!! I guess Im addicted to miss sandy rose!!!

  • candycane

    work was so boring without this site yesterday. I had to real AOL gossip - which wasnt very good

  • candycane

    ^^ read ^^ Aol gossip

  • Kymystry

    chile ... I actually got WORK done .. I was Like Mookie in New Jack City .. kept trying the site cause it was Callin me ... callin me ...

  • aqtpie

    LMBAO @ these comments!!!

  • Sandra Rose

    shhhh Says:

    I wonder did Brian from CL have something to do with that DOS, after all he is VERY technological savvy.


    LOL! I guess you think anyone who owns a laptop is VERY tech savvy. :)

  • shhhh

    Is that what you think? That Brian's tech skills only goes as far as a laptop. That's funny! I bet he's somewhere cracking up. Whatev

  • hellava10

    OMG. 5 days without my friends and I'm feeling crackish twitchings----I went to the beach for a few days and came back yesterday and nearly lost MY DAMN MIND! I actually did work my whole 12 hours---what kinda insanity is that!!! Hell, I read through the word press thing...oh, my I do wonder how many people actually signed up for that mess!

    For real.........I thought the NAACP really did start busting caps and taking names or Tameka went hood and pulled a Beyonce.