Budding style icon Zoe Kravitz wore Chanel to a private dinner honoring the Tribeca Film Festival Artist Program last night. I don't like the bag with that dress or shoes, but no one has ever confused me for a fashion plate. Never a starving artist herself, Zoe has that demure Audrey Hepburn look down to a T, doesn't she?

Every time I see the legendary Diana Ross decked out like one of her daughters, I ask myself how old is she again? For those who can't remember, she's 64 and looks fabulous! But I'm hoping she removed the rain galoshes once she got inside.

Actress Joy Bryant heard your criticisms about her not aging well and she doesn't care. She still left her house last night without makeup and with her weaveless hair tucked under a bright neon pink hoodie. She'll show you!

YOU BETTA WALK: Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Thia Eckhardt work it (butt pads and all) at the Australian Fashion Week in Sydney yesterday.

  • Goliano

    What butt pads?

  • teecee

    my have times changed, when my g-ma was like 65 in 1980, she was dressed like a lil old lady. long dress, big hat, thick stockings and white gloves.

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    hmmm so sandra, to you is zoe now like the rihanna yet with no record deal? u r sweating her alot lately. before...not so much. anyway yes the dress is nice but the hair could do better with such a fine gown.

    and leave joy bryant, and kim kardashian's bootie alone! :)


    Zoe finally looks clean... :)

  • London Marie

    I'm so in love with Zoe.
    She's my new "It thing."

  • omina-homina

    if those women where darker skinned with kinky hair, same body type, would they be on that runway?

  • mina

    I knew it was those kardashian chicks before I even read the caption. Their butts are real, you can't fake cellulite!

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Zoe ____wrong purse
    Diana_____wrong shoes
    Joy Bryant______wrong choice of jacket color
    The last pic is just all wrong for too many reasons

  • bloggergirlz

    the chick in the middle don't have a butt or a pad! they should've put angel lola luv in the middle, that would've been more interesting...

    i've been enjoying zoe the past few months...


    Zoe - a smile wont kill u
    Diana - please go back to screwin Berry Gordy cuz u aint be right since....
    Joy - i cant hate on the comfortable look, just make sure ur ish matches next time
    Kardashian sisters - good job workin ur assets like black girls but bein paid like white girls.. Deelishis, take notes

  • gemini83

    When the he11 is Zoe going to realize that she is not
    100% white! She needs to get a relaxer! And that purse?......no boo boo. She is soooo confused. That dress is tooo gorgeous for her to be f*ckin it up like that.

    I like that white beater Joy has on, don't know if that's a necklace hanging from it, but it's cute. That's all that's cute on her though.

    And Diana's outfit would have been a looottt better if she would have worn some bangin boots with it instead!

  • brwnsugga4you

    zoe looks very nice. diamond could take a few pointers from her...you don't have to dress like a stripper!!!!!

    the kardashians, the kardashians, the kardashians, talentless!!!

  • prynsexxx

    I like Zoe's dress. Her purse on the other hand, looks like she dug it out the back of somebody's grandmama's closet.

    I like Joy's outfit as well. I would rock it.

    Diana - idk

    The three butt broads - uhm NO! Before I read the caption I was like "what sloppy crack rock mess is this". After I read the caption I was like "what sloppy crack rock mess is this".

  • cupcakes

    They (Kardashian's) need to keep their backsides in the front!! NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!

  • stefany

    Why Zoe always look like sh**! She has that just woke up and threw something on look, and she should have never cut her hair, don't sport a short hair do if you're not going to keep it done.
    Diana Ross, no comment
    Kardashian ho's, nothing interesting.

  • sin

    zoe could have gotten some1 to bump her hair before she came out..come on..and im sorry..but that dress is ugly and too dark..i mean i know its chanel

  • sin

    ooh and my grandma had that purse!! Bless her heart

  • kat

    joy does have weave in her hair. i saw a pic on cl with the hood off.....

  • Hotstuff

    Kim's back looks like a pack of hot dogs with those straps cutting into her skin...

    Khloe tries so and too hard to be on Hoe Status like her sister that it makes her look hella desperate

    Zoe looks cute

    Diana would look nice if she didn't have rain boots on but I'll let her pass b/c it was raining and she's diva enough to choose comfort over stunting

    And Joy just needs to stop smoking...that's why she can't age well



  • gemini83

    I agree. She is a beautiful girl even if she is dating my man. Watch ur back Kim, I'm comin!

  • Mia

    Zoe ~ She is not cute. Budding Style Icon my azz.

    Diana ~ H.A.M! She needs to cover up that rosacea before she steps out.

    Joy ~ H.A.M.

  • miamore73

    It looks like Joy does have her hair weaved. If you look closer to her shirt you can see long strands coming out of that jacket.

    Zoe really does need to smile. That sad look gets really annoying after a while.


    Wow- Diana I don't care what she has on, SHE IS A LEGEND!!! REGARDLESS...say what you want about them boots...she still doing it @ 60+..so hey...........Go Diana!!! love the bag......


    joy looks a mess..um,um,um.....was Diana and Joy at the same place? maybe that is why my girl DIANA got them rain boots on..hell it's rainy....HELLO!!!!!


    I like Lisa Bonet and Lenny and all --but dang they daughter hair cut look like a mole rat!! Like rat's been chewing on the ends of it,,,Im sorry..that ain't It-boo-boo...the "grudge" look is over....get glam sweetie your a pretty girl!!!

  • JustMe1

    I like the Kardashians, they a hilarious, even nif a bit clueless. Although I do think Kourtney is actually the prettiest (not pictured.)

    Zoe is such a wild child. Look @ her parents. they haven't fully embraced their blackness, so why should we expect it of her...

  • leat

    is it me or does Kim have more back fat than Khloe??? Khloe is my favorite on the show, she seems so real! Kim, will have to put out another video soon or marry the football guy to stay relevant