Your Cell Phone Number Was Released to Telemarketers Today

Beginning today, all cell phone numbers will be released to telemarketers. If you’re like me and you don’t answer your phone unless you recognize the number, it won’t affect you.

But to those of you who jump to answer every call – get ready to be besieged by telemarketers hawking everything under the sun!

The Federal Trade Commission has set up a National Do Not Call Registry where you can add your cell number to a Do Not Call list. You must call from the cell phone that you are registering. The number is 1-888 382-1222 or visit


19 Responses to “Your Cell Phone Number Was Released to Telemarketers Today”

  1. 1
    2thick4u says:

    Not mine.

    My cellphone number has been on the DO NOT ****ING CALL ME List!!!

  2. 2
    BayArea says:

    Took care of that. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. 3
    Anna says:

    I’ve already done mine, hubby’s and kids a long time ago. The sad thing is the DNC list are only good for 3 years and you have you have to re do them.

  4. 4
    browni007 says:

    Oh hell F*ing no – that’s why I’ve been on the list!
    Thanks Anna – maybe I need to re do it.

  5. 5
    SnootyPooty1 says:

    I put my number on that list like 2 years ago but recently
    I have been receiving all kinds of crazy calls people
    telling me I have won things and my warranty on my car is about to expire. I just re-registered my number I sincerely hopes it
    works this time. A live person has not been on the phone its all pre recorded messages.

  6. 6
    brwnsugga4you says:

    i had my number blocked out months ago..+ if you are not programmed you won’t get answered…lol.

  7. 7

    Dialing the Do Not Registry as I type…seriously lol.

  8. 8

    Do Not Call I mean…sorry!

  9. 9
    kitty4shigady says:

    I did that too thanks for the warning though I am like you sandra don’t answer private numbers or don’t know numbers

  10. 10
    crystal says:

    damm, i opted out last year and now again?. what the hell we paying all these cell phones xtra fees and special federal taxes that can’t be explained if they are going to dumb our numbers like that!! some folks get these stupid calls on their unlisted land line numbers and now for the folks who use their cell # as their primary telephone number?!! the next thing they are going to do is give out our e-mail address!

  11. 11
    milly says:

    I put mine in the do not call list months ago

  12. 12
    crystal says:

    oops!! that word should of been dumped instead of dumb. lol

  13. 13

    Yeah, I registered with the Do Not Call List a month ago in anticipation of this. I was sent an e-mail notification in advance. It works everyone.

  14. 14
    miamore73 says:

    I registered but I heard that this isn’t real. The same email has been circulating for years with a different threat date.

  15. 15
    2bme says:

    this shyt has already started and I cursed out two people as it was

  16. 16
    LAChick says:

    Y’all this is a internet hoax, goes around every year….don’t fall for it…

  17. 17
    LAChick says:

    The hoax is your cell numbers are not being released, tho there is a donotcall list for your home phones. A better explanation:

  18. 18
    kat says:

    this e-mail has been circulation for YEARS….

  19. 19
    kat says:

    circulaTING for years…(oops) :)

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