Kanye West is having a fit on his blog. The "Stronger" singer still can't get over the fact that his white fans booed him at last week's Bonnaroo festival.

If you recall, Kanye was booed lustily for being 2 hours late for his performance. He didn't hit the stage until 4:30 AM. The next day, 'fuck Kanye' graffiti was spray painted on port-a-potties and on walls at the festival. Kanye is LIVID! Here is an excerpt from a rambling untitled post on his blog:

I am sick of negative people who just sit around trying 2 plot my downfall... Why???? I understand if people don't like me because I like me or if people think tight clothes look gay or people say I run my mouth to much, But this Bonnaroo thing is the worst insult I've ever had in my life. This is the most offended I've ever been... this is the maddest I ever will be. I'm typing so fucking hard I might break my fucking Mac book Air!!!!!!!!

Wow, Kanye never gets this angry when urban bloggers diss his ass. I guess we don't count? Well, we're sick of you too, Kanye!

More Kanye signage after the break!

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Shaquille O'Neal was stripped of his badge and gun over that immature "freestyle rap" dissing former teammate Kobe Bryant. According to Shaq, he was just joking when he said Kobe broke up his marriage.

But Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio didn't think he was funny. The Sheriff said he had no choice but to strip Shaq of his badge after the Phoenix Suns center’s use of a racially derogatory words and profanity in the video.

"I want his two badges back," Arpaio said Tuesday. "Because if any one of my deputies did something like this, they’re fired. I don’t condone this type of racial conduct."

Good for the Sheriff! But we wonder how Shaq ever got sworn in in the first place? Can you see Shaq chasing a perp and tackling him to the ground with his big ass?


I didn't watch the BET Awards in its entirety last night. But I did watch enough to hear some of the most atrocious "singing" in the history of televised Awards shows. I guess the entertainment standard is set so low in R&B and Hip Hop that no one even cares anymore.

Back in my day, singing off key was a sin that got you the hook on Live at the Apollo. An artist wouldn't dare sing off key at Madison Square Garden, so why is it OK at the BET Awards? Artists in the 70s and 80s took way more pride in their art than these artists today.

The artists I saw last night were much more interested in how they looked than how they sounded which is a sad reflection on the industry.

It's ironic that the main protagonist of the "less substance and more flash" style of singing (Beyonce) didn't perform last night.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Tomika Skanes is today's Morning Glory by request. She is a video and print model whose résumé includes appearances in various music videos, in the movie Beauty Shop (starring Queen Latifah), a Boost Mobile Commercial (braiding Ludacris's hair), and as one of the BET's Comic View models, to name a few.

Tomika is not the least bit confused about her heritage. The biracial beauty refers to herself as "Blasian". Her motto is: ½ black + ½ Asian = 100% Amaazin. Tomika currently resides in Atlanta where she designs websites and owns her own modeling agency called Industry Factor.

Tomika's Myspace page

Please note:

    Ladies, this thread is for the brothers, not for you to critique or criticize the models. If I see any of that going on, I'll close the comments. Thanks.

Don't click the link if you're easily offended or can't handle the Fabulosity!

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Cornell Haynes Jr aka Nelly is one of Hip Hop's most recognizable artists. Not for his lyrical prowess or his way with the ladies, but for his grill. Nelly was one of the first pretty boy rappers to sport gold teeth which paved the way for the "grill" phenomenon.

Nelly, 33, rode the success of his debut album, Country Grammar, to dizzying heights in 2000. Now Nelly spends most of his time trying to emulate his idol LL Cool J and sweeping up after strippers in strip clubs.

Nelly is today's Morning Wood by request.

Don't click the link if you're easily offended...

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Blogs are the fastest growing source of information on the Internet. Every day something like 175,000 new blogs pop up on the net. Every new blog competes for the same traffic as the 25 million other blogs in the blogosphere.

So what sets the big blogs apart from the rest? And why do some blogs get massive amounts of traffic while others hear crickets? The answer is SEO.

Making your website or blog search engine friendly is the key to increasing traffic. SEO means Search Engine Optimization which translates to helping your visitors find you quickly!

Unfortunately, optimizing your site for search engines can be a long and tedious process. There are TONS of SEO tips on Google if you have the time to do the research and apply the information.

Today I'm going to show you 5 non-SEO ways to drive traffic to your blog.

1 - Utilize Your RSS feed

RSS feeds help drive traffic to your blog. An RSS feed should be your main way of promoting your blog to the massses. An RSS feed works by telling the world that you have updated your site. There are many different types of RSS feed services including Technorati and Feedburner.

Your RSS feed link should be prominently displayed at the top or near the top of your blog. Some blog owners use oversized RSS icons to grab their visitor's attention. The key is to get many visitors to sign up to your feed.

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I knew this would happen once Madonna brought adopted son David Banda into their happy family. What man can compete with a cutie like David? Soon Madonna will be on husband #3 and Ritchie will be a forgotten memory.

    Today, the Mirror reports that Madonna and Guy are done as a couple -- but not yet ready to endure the onslaught that will follow an announcement. One source says that Madonna is waiting for the end of her tour in November to publicly put a pin in her relationship. "They live like brother and sister rather than husband and wife and thought it best to call it a day," the source adds.

    Earlier this month, Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg released this statement, amid rumors of marriage troubles:

    "I am delighted to confirm that Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ritchie remain happily married. Though they were in different countries recently — Madonna in the U.S. doing promotion for her upcoming album, "Hard Candy," and Guy finishing up post-production on his new film, "RocknRolla," as well as completing a Nike commercial and working on several scripts in England — the family are joyfully back together at home in London. All is well and wonderful in the Ritchie household." (Source)

Photo: Splash News

    EDITED 6/24, 4:29 PM:
    Earlier I stated that Toni Braxton made an appearance on The Montel Williams Show. It has been brought to my attention that this morning's show was a re-run. It seems Montel's show got the ax back in May. We here at Sandrarose.com regret the error.

We all know that Toni Braxton canceled her Las Vegas shows due to illness. But the National Enquirer has the sultry R&B singer on her last legs. According to the National Enquirer, Braxton is on her death bed rest and could push off at any minute.

Toni’s lengthy history of health problems has contributed to a damaged heart valve. The valve is very weak, and even the slightest bit of overexertion could result in a rupture of heart failure. Toni’s health is so fragile that she’s being ordered to stay in bed as much as possible and to limit her physical activity.”“The surgery is very dangerous and there’s no guarantee it would be successful….Toni has been told that, in many cases, this condition can be stabilized with medication and bed rest. But if that doesn’t work, she could literally drop dead of heart failure.

Well, if that's the case, why was she performing on The Montel Williams Show this morning? If her heart valve was that weak she wouldn't be strong enough to make guest appearances anywhere much less sing.

Endocarditis is a very serious infection of the heart valves. It is notoriously difficult to treat and most patients are given a poor prognosis. But if caught early enough and if treated aggressively with IV antibiotics, patients can recover and live normal lives. Clearly Toni Braxton is living her life and loving every moment of it!