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Back when I was a young nurse working at a hospital in Miami, I overheard a conversation between my co-workers. In hushed tones, they discussed the erratic behavior of the father of one of the patients. One co-worker, who was normally very sweet, whispered, "God forgive me, but I don't like him."

From the pained expression on her face I could tell she was sincere when she asked God to forgive her for saying a disparaging word about another person. But in the case of Angel Laws, it doesn't pain me at all to say I don't like the bitch.

Three years ago, Angel emailed me begging me for a list of hosts when her blog was under heavy DDoS attack which took it offline for over a week. I gave her some suggestions because she seemed like a nice enough kid. But some kids are ungrateful and tend to forget when you're there for them.

Now she's on her wack blog calling me out my name because I wrote a post suggesting that her God, Knaye West, utilized the services of a Ghost blogger. Anyone with half a brain knows that dude has help with his blog. Then Angel had the nerve to call me a crab in a barrel. Well if I'm a crab in a barrel, you are right in there with me, sister. It tickles me when ass kissing gossip mongers like Angel have anything to say about anyone else.

I chuckled when I read the comments from her Kentucky Fried biscuit eating, no man having readers. Bitches cant even afford a two-piece chicken dinner - just the biscuit. Half of them already emailed me begging me to let them register on my blog. I may look a hot mess, but I clean up nicely if I throw on a tight lacefront wig and a little makeup. Angel looks a hot mess even with her lacefront wig and makeup on.

Normally an unfortunate looking creature like herself would have a nice personality to fall back on, but she doesn't even have that. Anyway, this has taken up way too much of my time. I'm sure I'll bump into Angel at the Blogging While Brown conference next week in Atlanta. It'll be interesting to see what she has to say when I'm standing right in front of her.

  • Crys

    sandra - omg. you do not look a hot mess! come on - warm is more like it :)

    (*guess who LOVES being first*)

  • cupcakes

    Tells us how you really feel Sandra!! Go on girl, brush your shoulders off and keep it moving!!

    She just on some hater juice!!

  • candi got gushy

    LOL !!

  • candi got gushy

    So is that Angel from Con crte LOOP? WTF !


    dont bite the hand that feeds you. oh sandra... we havent seen your picture?


    Who ever the lady is who loves being first just loves not having nothing to do but refresh her webpage and wait till she posts something. commenting before even reading to be first. thats juvenile. 1st or 22nd doesnt matter. I never read any comments before mine anyway!!!!

  • kamini

    You aren't lying about the comment section of that Blog...lmao

  • Crys

    well you read mine BITCH - B- I T- C H

    how about that for juvenile?



  • The Divine Ms. K

    Dang - is it that hardcore out in the urban blog world? lol

    I read ALL the urban blogs because they all offer different takes on stuff. I don't prefer one over the other - they are all just different.

    But all of this dissing each other's appearance and looks is childish on both sides. I mean, who cares what you look like when you are on a computer blogging? I don't go to anyone's site to see how they look - I wanna read what they have to say!

    I need everyone to go to their respective corners and chill out! Do you and don't worry about the next one - if they have bitten the hand - hey don't extend them another courtesy. Ya'll are hating on each other.

    Now, I'm going to go pick up my husband, grab some KFC and hit the corner. :) Love you Sandra!

  • solodove2008

    Wow....I felt the fire in those words just by reading this!! It just burns me up when you help someone out and then they act all new on you....

    Did Sandra say "Kentucky Fried biscuit eating, no man having readers" LMAO!!

  • bloggergirlz

    talk about bloggers cyber-gangbanging and $hit...



  • bloggergirlz

    sandra, you str8 called her out...i can't wait 2 hear about the conference...will u b solo? you better have ur vaseline ready, a razor hidden behind your ear n a few of ur girls...LMAO!

    u know this is childish, right?!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    LMAO @ bloggergirlz - how do you do a drive-by on the internet?

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Stop it Sandra!!! While I luv both sites...I can tell you are both intelligent, gifted I can't understand why ya'll can't get along???!!!

    Both of you guys have different and unique things you bring to this blogging game...styles that I can appreciate.

    You guys are too talented to have blog wars with each other...especially when both parties have fabulous thing going for themselves.

    Now what you should do is cut up that damn Perez Hillbilly I can't stand his azz...he is so fake.

  • H.B.I.C.

    This entire post is pretty wack. Posting a picture of her, talking about her physical appearance, and calling her out her name is pretty childish. Get it together Sandra.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    *things going for themselves...sorry for the typo.

  • BayArea

    Sandra trying to get gangsta with it. WE GOT YOUR BACK! I hear were your coming from, because I get sick and tried of people making negative comments about my favorite blogger (SANDRAROSE) enticing people to speak bad (they do it on Myra Panache's sight also). Yet, they sill run their asses over her for the genuine straight from the heart discussions.

  • Smokie


    And I aint even much First.

    NOw - WHAT.

    Now on to Sandra and all her gangsta talk.


    Did you just Ether a blogger, Ms. Sandra Rose?? Did you Ether her readers too??? I'm too excited about the mess that's going on right now. TOO excited!


  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Sandra I agree with some of the other posters...Angel is NOT unattractive. I luv you both...I wish u guys could squash this blog beef.

  • iyonah

    oggergirlz Says:

    talk about bloggers cyber-gangbanging and $hit… --lol

    his is to much, Sandra we already knew you have something against Angel but come on .... I hold you to a different standard.

  • ThatCarmen

    yeah, i can see how people get their panties bunched because you wont let them register and then go crying about it on another blog and all of a sudden its "i hate sandrarose.....knowing damn well, they would jump at the chance to be able to comment on your site. F-her and the only thing you did wrong was allow her to grace this site! Dont give her any face time on here!

  • hellava10

    Now that is an e-ass whoppin. Saddle up posse!

  • Terry .W

    hahahahahah @Kentucky Fried biscuit eating, no man having readers-----that visual !

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    @ BayArea I agree with that too!!! Why in the heezy does everyone try to go off on Sandra???

    Sandra you gonna have to hire some bodyguards gyrl!!! LOL

  • Vegas Dice

    Leeettt's get READY 2 RUMMMMMBBBBLLLEEE! Lol..

    C'mon ladies.. Stop all the nonsense.

    Real women, do real things.. If either one has a problem with the other then address it on site when you see each other.

    Name calling, internet thugging, all that ish is 'PG-13'.

    Someone can say what they want about me, and I won't say a word.. Just be prepared to deal with me when you see me, I'll make sure we cross paths.

  • hellava10

    Sorry, I got carried away in the corner from all the Jack Daniels yesterday. Letting her people come over here won't solve the problem. I am always one to speak my mind, and you have every right to speak yours. Just know that you have the most faithful and loyal readers in the blogger world. We really don't have a clue what the hell you look like and obviously it doesn't matter --------we still come back every damn day. Some folks just don't know any better, I feel that way about some certain people who post here...howsomuchever - it's all love and at the end of the day, I'm going to bed with my husband and not loosing a wink of sleep. The only person you can control is you and what you do unto other WILL be done unto you. So, you point your 2 finger at her and repeat after me "Til' you do right by me, everything you think abouts gonna crumble."

  • j-lo843

    "I’m sure I’ll bump into Angel at the Blogging While Brown conference next week in Atlanta. It’ll be interesting to see what she has to say when I’m standing right in front of her."

    Sandra, That's a pretty hefty girl from all those KFC biscuits so you better have your "high powered" mase look hood.


    I really hope this is settled because I hate to see women go at each other like this. But in the meantime, I'm gonna sip my cooler and eat my popcorn. This is better than "Love Song"

  • Sharonda

    Usually and sometimes I agree with you Sandra, but this is not the time I will.You have showcased how much you didn't like her on your site before and she never until now blantly stated your name on CL (unless she was crediting you).You two are grown women.This name calling just doesn't make it any better.Angel is a cute girl, she "sort of" resembles my brother's girlfriend.But back to the subject, I like both CL and your site for specific reasons because I know on CL they can get CRAZY while here we talk with an intellectual standpoint and not get all up in the arms about it.But just don't feed into it just because she mentioned your name you just be fueling more fire to it.

  • goat76

    This beef is worse than Shawty Lo vs. TIP...........And don't get beat up next week.........

    Just F'in wit you Sandra.............don't ban me.....

  • Dizz




  • Imalover

    Sandra, don't get caught up in the negativity... I'm glad you got it off your chest, but don't let it consume you... just keep it moving. Your loyal readers love you and that's all that matters. Now everybody lets join in giving Sandra a big ole cyber group hug. *Squeeze*

    Oh, and LOL at the straighting you just served.

  • Necole Bitchie


    i need some ice chips...

  • Necole Bitchie

    and an oxygen tank

  • goat76

    Fresh out of ice chips and an oxygen tank but got that Kush 4 dayz................damn can't wait to get off work.....

  • Sharonda

    Lol @ Necole

    Ice Chips?Teeheeee

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    And thought the "biz" I was in was cut throat.

  • Nekita

    Aww man, I thought we were all grown folks. This is real petty.

  • karaz

    e-thuggery is so 90's Sandra stop the madness!

    OT: That gold belt is in direct violation of a fashion code I'm so sure of it.

  • eastpointvet

    imma go to the conference just so i can see sandra fight she already took out usher wonder what she can do to a woman lol

  • sugarandkisses

    I seen the post on the Loop early this morning(giggles) and I was just waiting for Sandra to comment. I knew that it wouldnt be much longer(tripple giggles) because Sandra is super petty (PREACH). Sandra how does it feel to be childish? I mean I need to know!? She didnt even mention your name but you are so ON IT that you did an ENTIRE article on YOUR blog of her. Lets get it together please...I am embarrassed for you. A real woman would hold her head high and laugh but not you took it all the way! WOW! And what will you do when she see's you? I mean really who does this? People dont fight anymore..Girl is it really worth it? LETS GROW UP LIKE NOW!

  • Seattle Slim

    Wait a minute though, blogging takes feeling and technically it is a log/journal of your musings. If Sandra needs to catalog her feelings so be it. If Angel wanted to address it defending damned Kanye West of all people (pretty friggin petty) then she should've emailed Sandra.

    I like both blogs but I like the originality of sandra's the most. Both are well-written.

    Why can't black women join forces to take down crappy blogs like Perez Hilton's who regularly attacks all things black? I don't blame you for saying anything sandra because I would've but I am disheartened at these blog beefs on the net.

  • Dizz



  • mizzdallas

    @goat76 Says:
    Its my b-day and thats what Im gonna be on..


    @ Dizz


  • lcwells80

    Please come on , SISTAS.

  • pyt_504

    hhhahahaha I didnt know AUNTIE SANDRA WAS A THUG!

    **sings*** I hit that B!tch with a bottle!!!

    hahahaha Suntie Sandra even went off on her bloggers

  • shunda

    I am glad Sandra go this off her chest. I love this blog because it is updated regularly and we can have mature adult conversations. With that being said you each commented let it be over now.

  • truthhurts717

    The best thing Sandra could have done is do like Kobe did Shaq when he did that weak freestyle a few weeks ago...ignored the other blogger.

  • Seattle Slim

    I just came from over there. Good lawd they ride hard for that blog.

  • D.Ortiz

    I stopped reading concrete loop after she got rid of B.scott b/c her readers were not confortable with his and their own sexuality.

  • MsAmour22

    I don't care what none of yall say. Sandra, you did your thing by setting the record straight and addressing someone you willingly helped out in the past who tried to play you. I applaud you for speaking you mind and putting that chick in her place. She deserved it!

  • spongebobfan

    LOL the battle of two average blogs, the world needs more black blogs so i read both, but why yall beefs, dang calling her out her name, now i dont like concrete loop cause of those annoying pop up ads that just take you out of what gossip u was reading so i give u one up on that, my pop up blocker takes care of yours, but come on sandra bury the hachet, why black women cant get along!!??

  • ladilovely

    Sandra they got a picture of you, boo boo on the comments. And you not so hot yourself.

  • ThatCarmen

    As much fun as we have on here... I think this blog has more adult conversations. Sandra plays the perfect Devil's Advocate to get us thinking and talking. Funny how she needed you at one point and is now trying to dog you Sandra...just shows that she still needs you to generate talk.

  • 2bme

    I started off on CL all the way up to when they started their chatroom, I was a regular there and chatted to angel and bryan alot. It was only when a new influx posters came thru that i left them alone because of the i'm a faithful SR reader and this is the ONLY blog I comment on because of the adult factor. Save the few idiots that still scream first like it's a prize(fam you know how we do). We all know how Sandra gets down with someone she doesn't like..Angel ignited that fire because she knew what she was doing when she wrote that post chastisiing Sandra but not saying her name.That right there is a punk move, if you're going to go there in the first place keep it 100 and go all the way. Should Sandra have let it go, sure! But she is merely defending herself..sometimes anger takes over before rationale can set it..we've all been victim of it..let Sandra the end it's not about us

  • cinnamonkisses97

    Sandra , it is not worth it , you know your site is slamming!!!!

  • pyt_504

    IS THAT BIGGIE IN DRAG? Lawd biggie is reincarnated!


  • pyt_504

    WHERE IS HUNE? Cane we get a side by side with that 1st pic and a pic of biggie.....

  • SnootyPooty1

    I love!!!! I only comment on this site!!!!

  • SnootyPooty1

    @pyt_504.... I know you are in the corner today for sure I am just waiting on my invitation... I want some patron silver

  • tdl74767

    This is a shame! I don't know why your dissing her, you have downloaded many stories from ConcreteLoop and put them on your site........anyway I like both sites......CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!! too much HATERATION!!!!

  • pyt_504

    Umm Snooty I guess you must have forgotten today is REBEL FRIDAY!!! There is not corners on friday boo.. TIME TO GET REBELLIOUS!!!


    see there? a mann is not always at the center of female sqabbles.

    its childish...but come on ya'll it was a funny read.

  • ReadTheBlog

    lol...If you don't like her, neither do I. Besides, who gets dressed up like that to go to the buffet? LOL...

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  • lajajar

    Sandra, I luv it that is going to be my favorite saying God forgive me, but i dont like her you HELLA crazy. Any way Ive been a fan of your site for years and when I saw the BET best blogs I found out about that blog site. Sandra you are the baddest dont trip keep doing what you do.

  • alana do clean up nice girl!

  • pyt_504

    hahahhah @read.. Thats what im saying?



    She better leave my Aunt Sandra the hell alone!!!

  • cupcakes

    Well, well, well, just had to check out the "other" site. Those bloogers are dogging Sandra and they are dogging us too!!! LMAO!! We should whoop some bloggers!! LOL!!

  • Seattle Slim

    Lol @ biggie comments and buffet comments.

  • pyt_504

    and if yoiu got DUN LAP... meaning your stomach dun lapped over your pants... dont put that belt that doesnt match above your stomach

  • pyt_504

    Cupcake.. I could give 2 Sh!Ts in a bucket what they say about me... Im not going over to read that lame Sh!t let them keep clicking back and forth boosting my aunt sandra rating.. cause come 3pm i will be outta here.. and going to enjoy my weekend of shopping in Houston!!!

  • goat76

    @ Dizz and @mizzdallas.......

    I don't know how ya'll f ck wit that hell in a bottle(Patron) The 2 times I have messed wit it was the worst hangovers I've ever had.......Give me the Goose or Kettle 1 and I'm good wit da drank.....but I'll smoke till the Sun comes up and go down again........Happy B-day Mizzdallas and have fun.....

  • SnootyPooty1

    @pyt_504... Missy what do you mean its time to get rebellious?????

    I guess if people dont like your site then why are they coming here? I mean if I hate something then I am not bothered with it... (shrugs shoulders)

  • pyt_504

    ummm snooty.. come back into the room...

    What i menat was.. get crazy cause there is no corner on fridays.. Imma really need you to stay with us today

  • ThatCarmen

    since PYT is refusing the Kona on Fridays... will somebody please please please escort her to the round play table out on the porch so we can get the dominos game started? Is Kymystry on vacation or did she get banned again?

  • MsAmour22

    pyt u funny as hell, lol.

  • AlwaysSweet

    Florida Evans????

  • pyt_504

    Snooty you on that silver patron today? hahahhahaaa

  • SnootyPooty1

    @pyt_504 ... I was being facetious crazy!!!! LOL… Because you are always acting up 7days a week

  • SnootyPooty1

    @pyt ...... I am going to need you to stay with me.. Follow along I -w-i-l-l l-i-s-t-en a-n-d b-e g-o-o-d

  • pyt_504

    ok ok .... IMMA GO TO THE ROUND TABLE, but im not going in no damn corner!

  • pyt_504


  • pyt_504

    **walks over to that damn round table and kicks it over***


  • Destiny

    I guess you read what Angel had to say about you on CL today! hahahaha. You don't look any better than she does, not even close.. so you should be the last person tryna put up her picture and clown her. You're just mad, Sandra.

  • ThatCarmen

    LAWD JESUS! I dont know how to make a link for you all to see but, I just did the side by side of her and Biggie!!!!!!!! It looks like he jumped in her body like on Men In Black! PYT you 'is a fool and have fun at the Galleria! I need to go say my prayers and sit down somewhere.

  • ThatCarmen

    SnootyPooty1 Says:

    I guess if people dont like your site then why are they coming here? I mean if I hate something then I am not bothered with it… (shrugs shoulders)


  • Dizz



  • Red

    You're no better than her Sandra...over here making this you own personal dairy and all. News one wants to read the script to the mellow-drama you call your life. Report the gossip/news and keep it pushing.
    PS: Neither one of you would win at a beauty contest...don't talk about people like comes back.

  • Destiny

    I agree wholeheartedly to the above comment by Red. My words exactly...

  • pyt_504

    Red.. I already won a beauty contest. So I guess I can talk.... anywayyyyyy

    Thats whats up Carmen.... I cant wait to get there!!! Then we going to Mr A's! Yea i know it may be ghetto but I love some Zydeco!!!

  • SnootyPooty1

    @pyt_504... LMBO girl you are crazy!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlwaysSweet

    Okay Imma run to the cona after sayin this but Angel looks kinda scary in that bottom pic; like that thang in the jungle in the Shaka Zulu movie. You know the one that had the saggin breasts and high forehead that foretold when Shaka was gonna be born. It kinda looked like Miles Davis.

  • pyt_504

    Always Sweet.. There is no corners on Friday... but I feel ya!

    Now imma leave that WARREN SAPP lookin ass guh alone and get back to sippin on my ice tea

  • intensemocha

    I used to blog over there and at least posters here on sandrarose are allowed to state their opinion even if it disagrees with the site owner-let's just say I know first hand that if you disagree with CL contributers or their "high school high bunch" posters your azz is outta there........

    Be glad that you have a site that allows you to post your opinion and even when you are blatantly disrespecting the owner-you still are allowed to blog......

    that alone speaks volumes and in my opinion shows whose really for the bloggers and whose not....

  • pyt_504


  • Destiny

    Some ppl are catching EXTRA feelings just becuz they've been featured on this blog... relax, it's not that serious.. actin like this is some war or something..

  • tdl74767

    Bloggers are straight dogging you over on CL.....

  • pyt_504

    @ That carmen the other mall that we are going to is deerbrook

  • pyt_504

    and you that bored where you going back and forth to let us know that.. THANKS......

  • ThatCarmen


    That girl has fought Sandra and all of us on here before and is still on here doing the damn thing! We've been "Rosebuds" and everything else and she still has a voice! Now, go try that on Biggie's clones site and see what happens! We fight it out over here and get over it....its called; having a life!

  • goat76

    @ Dizz Mos def. not the brown.....98 freaknik was the last time I really drank liquor let alone some brown(alchol poisoning) If I do drank it's clear(vodka) or beer.......I'm a full-time weedhead.....

  • Destiny

    and you're that bored that you need to POINT out the fact that she went back and forth to do that... ??

  • ThatCarmen

    PYT, Deerbrook is kind of far from the Galleria so, Im guessing that you are spending the night? Im in Cali right now but, my fam says the weather is great back home so, have a blast! Its only 12:45p here so, Im jealous you all are about to be off work soon!

    And we dont care what they are saying over there!! We are not going over there to give that site any support so, they can keep that over there.

  • pyt_504

    Yep sure am....... But thanks for your reply too..

  • Destiny

    LOLOL you need to just relax becuz it's not THAT serious.. I know Sandra featured you on her blog.. but damn, calm down lol

  • tdl74767

    YUP.......It's Friday and I'm at work ready to go home, yeah I am that bored.........

    Thanks Destiny for having my back! must be bored too....your all up and thru this post talking off subject...........

  • Destiny

    @ tdl74767 problem.. don't even take her seriously.. Sandra featured her on this blog so that's why she's riding her clit so hard.. lol pureeeeee entertainment! example of a low life..

  • pyt_504

    Yea carmen I am staying out there. I will be back sunday night and back on SANDRA ROSE.COM bright and early MONDAY MORNING.. hoping to see T.O. as the morning wood

  • tdl74767

    Let's all go to the Blogging While Brown Conference to see who throws the first punch LOL!

  • oshikoyah

    See this is that bull-ish! Was it really necessary for either of you to put each other out there like that. She didn't mention your name though, like you did hers! YOU are the one being tacky moreso than she is. YOU took the time to actually respond! Aren't you a grown woman? If she posted about you, oh well! It's just that... a deezam post! Blogging ain't that serious people! And I can't believe some of the ladies that are egging this on. If you like cyber-drama, I hate to imagine your real lives!

  • pyt_504

    Awwwwwwww thanks Destiny for being on my bra straps.. you must be riding to.. to know that I was featured.. THANKS!!!

  • SnootyPooty1

    @pyt_504 .. Waves back

  • oshikoyah

    Oh yeah, ^five to sugarandkisses!!! LOVED what you said!

  • pyt_504

    OH HELLLLLLLLLL Its 3pm.... See ya'll on Monday family!!! Time to hit i10 West!!!!!!!!

    Bye Snooty, Mocha, Carmen, 2bme,Destiny,tdl,Msamour,intensemocha and the rest of ya'll have a safe and blessed weekend... And ummm Everyone on this site knows its all love.. so to the newbies.. get ya drawz out ya booty and chill out!!!!

  • Destiny

    I don't have to be riding to know that you were featured.. I just read the blog when she's not blogging about BS.. I'm not even mad tho.. lol.. you, on the other hand, are taking this "blog beef" maddd personal.. when sensible people like myself are here laughing at this ish lolol .. have a great day PYT_504!!

  • 2bme

    lata PYT shake em off sis!

  • SnootyPooty1

    @pyt_504 ... Have a wonderful weekend besafe!!!!!
    Talk with you on monday lady!

  • karaz

    pyt killed me with her linebacker references... I'm still LMAO.

    Sandra I hope you feel better after this damn childish rant, because it doesn't make any damn sense why you late this (as you put it) ugly ass ingrate (well not exactly in those words but you get the gist) get under your skin.

  • Seattle Slim

    My lawd...

    Who says that when you're grown you have to ignore disrespect all the time though? If someone came up and slapped you or made a negative comment about you would you ignore it? I just don't believe anyone should take people's shit. If they dish it, give it back. Anything else is being bullied. I know not all battles are meant to be fought or even worth it but why did she even address sandra in the first place?

  • andriceb are too old to be this simple.SMH!

    Your behavior is similiar to an example of me sitting up arguing or bad mouthing an eighth grader! You should be beyond all of this mess.

    Wiser and experienced woman shoud serve as an example to those that lack home training and self respect.

  • Paris Hilton’s Valtrex

    Sandra please put your pic up for comparison. I have a picture of you (not the one with your fresh from the salon 'do a different one) and you look much like a linebacker!

  • mj

    Dang Sanrda, I've never read her blog but I don't like her either after reading your words.. LOL ...

  • Paris Hilton’s Valtrex

    Talking about you can slap a lacefront and some makeup on...please! You need some Sherwin Williams paint and an industrial grade black trash bag!

    Or you can get the Linda Tripp special from a board certified surgeon.

  • mj

    Ok Sanrda, I take back what i wrote in the other post about folks emailing you to register.. If they are hating like this chick - I understand why you won't allow them in...


    I absolutely think you are the bomb blogger Sandra! I visit that other site sometimes, but it is not as interesting and I AM NOT registered to leave comments. Sandra Rose...MAJAH!!! Angel....MINAH!!!! She shouldn't have spoken about you at all. She started it, so you finish it MA!

  • mj

    Dang Paris Hilton's Valtrex!

    "Talking about you can slap a lacefront and some makeup on…please! You need some Sherwin Williams paint and an industrial grade black trash bag"

    That wasn't very nice

  • Paris Hilton’s Valtrex

    mj Says:

    That wasn’t very nice


    But it's Ok for Sandra to rag on another person's appearance?

  • pointhimout

    DEAD @#1, not hot but warm. stop it I say. well sandra, i say just take it to her and whoop her ass. i'll broadcast the fight on my blogs or either one.


    kind of hope ehs powyllom your gnitah ass lol

  • brenden

    Um I don't think shes an ugly woman. In fact I think if it weren't for the beef you'd be posting her picture talking about how shes an accurate depiction of full figured dark skin sistas and how we need more sistas like her in front of the But for the popups I like conc loop. I like the political commentary, and respect the Black history throwbacks. It's never about the Rosa Parks's and others whose stories we're already familiar with....It's about Black folks in history that I've never heard of and I appreciate the stories. When I read them I feel like I'm learning something new. I like your blog because it's You're mean and sarcastic,,,and I always get a nice chuckle out of that. I've learned just not to comment to you directly on anything thats in dissagreement with what youve posted. For when I've done so you attacked me personally as if I were attacking you vs just dissagreeing with what you said. I've never seen any other blogger do that, and since I don't argue online I just leave you Anyways if yall do decide to duke it out,,,, my money is on ol girl. However I wish you both luck.

  • Seattle Slim

    Yup defending yourself is a lack of experience and home training! Yup!

  • milly

    In my best Saphyri voice "you mad huh" lol

    Dont let them get to you Sandra..just keep doing what you do, except for the occasional haterate you tend to sip on.

  • sheirry

    SANDRA IS THIS REALLY YOUR PICTURE http://i213.photobucket.c...andraroseisahater/sr1.jpg


  • sheirry


    sorry this is the link i'm talking about

  • Nix

    I hope that you ladies don't bring this beef to a conference who's mission is to unify the black bloggers. Come on now, we're grown.

  • 2bme

    ^^I doubt it would get that far it's not worth the negative press for either site..wouldn't give the perez hilton's and fakeouts the time of day to report on it

  • candycane

    goat76 Says:

    @ Dizz Mos def. not the brown…..98 freaknik was the last time I really drank liquor let alone some brown(alchol poisoning) If I do drank it’s clear(vodka) or beer…….I’m a full-time weedhead…..


    Alright, alright potheads in da houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  • candi got gushy

    Damn !!! They are getting on Sandra hard over there.I bet over half those bloggers want registration over here. I like both blogs, I agree with a poster above, CL has some nice features( black history,new music, ect,,) I dunno maybe Sandra mad because Kanye dont have her on his blogroll too, he loves CL !!! I like this site because Sandra hates lipstick alley as much as i do.hahaha

  • Music999

    LOL, Sandra why you always fighting with some damn body?
    First it was Gyant, now Angel. Who is next Necole B.? Please don't start no beef with Fresh, cause I stan for C&D.

  • tintin

    It's just funny how beef exists between bloggers. First hip hop and now this, what is the world coming to? sorry but I feel this is all juvenile and as two adults running very good website, the beefing is not needed, both of you should support one another. If you don't like her fine, but to post a full story about your feelings towards her, is plain childish in my opinion. Still luv your site though

  • lexdiamonz

    bomboclatt this is why i like this bish sandra rose cuz she will cut a ho and patch them up afterwards girl you gots to be a Leo we don't take no mess LMFAO yeah that girl look mad rough though and somebody said she like 20 something rasclatt!!!

  • London Marie

    Eff Concreteloop! The only person over there with any sense is Tiana. She is quite a looker, but chooses to stay behind the scenes and do her fashion posts and they are always pretty darn good. Brian is a wack music editor, or whatever the hell he calls himself. Yeah, I'm sure Angel is making mad money off the site...BUT she's a total ass kicker. I'm not going to knock her hustle. I do visit that site to see the photos, but her commentary is always a bunch of ass kissing. That's why I love C&D site because they don't take celebs too serious. And Sandrarose you are a trip, talking about her appearance! The girl can't help how she looks, but she does try. [LOL] I will say that much.

  • London Marie

    Overall, I thought your post was funny. I love blogger beef! Whoooo. Yall got me up here on a weekend, reading this ish. tsk tsk..

  • London Marie

    @ Music 999.

    yesssss I so stan for C&D. It's sickening. So i hope they never get into it :( I'll be a sad puppy lol.

  • Zuley

    YESSSSSSS! Finally Sandra you talk about that bytch Angel who looks like Biggie and Raspucha from Norbit's love child. I can't stand that fat hungry bytch either. Nor that disgusting looking queen Brian with his dusty ass dreads thinking he is a socialite Paris Hilton of ATL. Queen please! YBF and SandraRose are my only blogs I comment and visit daily. Because they know how to give the stories/gossip and make me laugh at their smart comments at the same time. Angel and Concreteloop I stopped going there I hate their shit all she does is dyckride every celebrity to get her site shouted out. Thats not news to me for all that the bytch should just sign up to be on 106 & Park as Terrance J. co-host cause thats all he does 24/7 is nutsack celebrities. Oh I'm sooo threw Sandra I'm glad you called that Raspucha from Norbit lookin girl out..point her out.. point her out!

  • Jazz

    Wow Auntie Sandra I go away for a while and come back and find this lol...

  • Elizabeth

    Gosh Sandra...she sure did you wrong..LOL

  • licia

    although i don't agree with how you responded sandra, but angel got what she deserved. if she had something to say to you she could have done so in a way that didn't involve the readers of her site . she knew what she was doing by posting this on her site and allowing the readers to attack you.

  • Bird

    I'm sorry to see bloggers having animosity toward one another and making it public in their blogs. I don't read the other one so I wouldn't have heard about it had you not mentioned it. In the grand scheme of things internet beef has to be the most trivial thing in the universe.

  • ggouch

    I have to admit as MUCH as I clown and joke and ruffle a few feathers on this blogg...I felt some kind of way reading Sandra's comments: ********Angel looks a hot mess even with her lacefront wig and makeup on.Normally an unfortunate looking creature like herself would have a nice personality to fall back on, but she doesn’t even have that.******************************* ONLY Because I have never read a post where Sandra has had to get emotional on that level....on the other hand I want to ask: Why can't we simply motivate, mentor, encourage the victories and pray for each other. Can we find a way to salute other black women doing their the most cliche' way "Can we ALL JUST GET ALONG",,,

    Please Sandra don't get arrested next week at the conferences.

  • free

    wolf tickets!!!

  • mimi08

    Oh snap, let me git the vaseline and my sneaks. I got your back Sandra gurl.


    Dang Sandra!! She got you twisted I can tell, but I see you let her have it.. take that! take that!...

  • brwnsugga4you

    Sandra says: I may look a hot mess, but I clean up nicely if I throw on a tight lacefront wig and a little makeup. Angel looks a hot mess even with her lacefront wig and makeup on.

    i couldn't read all these comments...this is going to be at 200+ like the shhhh...can't say her name post.

    anywho...sandra she's totally not worth it. don't get into a situation at the conference. they didn't mention her name last week on the national news station. whatever you are doing on here is working for you. i commend you for standing your ground and i know you want to beat a b*tch down....i feel you. but, it's not worth you going to jail for some dumb sh*t. keep killing her how you are killing her...readerships, sponsorhips, advertsiements....and money in the d*mn bank...can you say cha ching...(but, take some pics at the conference for

  • Topnotch

    man this is sooo petty and childish!!! when i went to the other blog and read what the other chick had to say it wasnt what i expected..she didnt even mention sandra's name! but for sandra to be as old as she is and put the girl's pic up was very childish...but yo did yall read those comments? lmao! somebody put a link to sandra's pic and all i could say was wow.. never knew what sandra looked like until friday..
    and that explains ALOT of things.....

  • justice