I wasn't too keen on posting deceased wood. But one of my loyal readers requested Tupac Shakur, the world's greatest rapper who lived by the gun and died by the gun. Tupac Shakur is today's Morning Wood by request.

Don't click the link if you're easily offended


    That is a FINE motherf*cker right there!!!
    Thanks Sandra :)

  • prynsexxx

    However sexy swagger, I'm not feeling the "deadwood" today Sandra. Thanks but no thanks.

    RIP Pac

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  • cinnamonkisses97


  • prynsexxx

    Why is one pic, his piercing is on the other side?

    Was the pic taken in a mirror? I hope?

  • Poetry777

    Tupac didn't live by the gun Sandra. Do your homework. Thanks for the photos though....


    I'm sorry, but Pac did not do it for me. RIP

    **Whispering in Snooty's ear, I'm still waitin on LaDainian & Braylon..."

  • mizzdallas

    If Pac came from the dead he can get it. I still love him NOW he is and ALWAYS be the Best Rapper Dead or Alive!!!

  • cupcakes

    Thats my baby daddy!!! LOL!! LOVE ME SOME TUPAC!!

    SEXY AS HELL!! Even though, I dont like men with dirty nails!!

    RIP TUPAC! Your classics always playing in my CD player!

  • kay

    These new thugs could take a lesson from the throw backs! Thats one sexy mmmm Hmmmmm

  • SlimA

    Pure Sexy. Best Rapper to walk on the face of the earth, there will never be another. RIP TUPAC! Only God can judge you.

  • Nikki

    Thanks Ms. Sandra, but Terrell Carter would be very nice morning wood :)

  • Kymystry

    Ummm .. I didn't look at the pic ... something about drooling over a Corpse just ain't gettin for me ...

    How about Some Wood with a Pulse ... thanks .. smooches

  • brwnsugga4you

    could never get passed the earing in the nose...but, RIP Tupac.

  • Nikki

    @ Kymystry

    U know what to say!!! :)

    Terrell Carter, Terrell Carter!!

  • Kymystry

    Hey brwnsugga !!! tell snooty and the rest I said HEY !!!

  • iscream

    Man I remember I had the biggest crush on Tupac (pre east/west coast beef) My walls were lined with Tupac posters.

    Do teenagers still hang posters on their walls? Do you guys (25 & older) remember when rap magazines were popular and your favorite artist would get a center.

    For the good times....

  • Ilovepink1981

    Im not feeling the nose ring.. and it's weird that in one picture its on the left and in another picture its on the right. Can we have Braylon Edwards please

  • pinky2083

    Thanks Sandra!! Great post! I loooove me some Tupac and am still sad to this day about him being gone. He was one sexy dude for real! :)

  • BayArea

    All that sexiness, talent, freakiness WASTED. Big ups to everyone that got some, before it was gone :)

    My request: Omar "Sexy Chocolate" Epps. Thanks in advance ;)

  • brwnsugga4you

    Kymystry Says:

    Hey brwnsugga !!! tell snooty and the rest I said HEY !!!

    ~~~~kym, you can't get into the room until after wk??~~~

  • teecee

    lol@dead wood.
    he didnt live by the gun until he was grown. and much of that was group go along. he took ballet and was a back up dancer, next time in in the hood gettin a hair cut, im ask and original thug, big tiny who he is afraid of. lol

  • browni007

    the tattoos and dead wood killed it.
    RIP Tupac.

  • Kymystry

    @brwnsugga ... nope ... IT has the site BLOCKED like a mug.... sniff .. sniff :-(

  • iyonah

    Good Morning all!

    Thanks for the post Sandra ... I needed this :)

  • Kymystry

    Mornin iyonah !

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    God, I wish he were still here.....

  • candycane

    I'm happy and sad at the same time. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tupac! When I saw he was morning wood, I immediately thougt of the second pic, with him in the shower. There's another picture similar to that that I like too.


    Rest In Peace young ni&&a, there's a heavan for a G

  • flewis

    Whoever emailed Sandra about this one! Thank You I love me some Tupac RIP!


    Sandra, Braylon Edwards please boo, boo :)

  • bloggergirlz

    this is pure "swexiness" right here...when he was alive his swag or sexiness couldn't be denied...

    i miss pac and his music is classic...

  • Vegas Dice


    Excuse me, while I get get in those bubbles!!

    Baby.. HERE I COME.

  • http://www.myspace.com/msmeka2cute Mz_Magnificent1

    Tupac was yummy...just delicious!!! Damn,damn,damn why do the good have to die sooooo young??? Loved me some 'Pac...I got an eternal crush on that man.

  • http://myspace.com/mullatos SnootyPooty1

    @MOCHAMOMMY... Girl I am feeling you on both of them...

  • http://myspace.com/mullatos SnootyPooty1

    @Kym... Good Morning...

    Tupac never did it for me !!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/naturalsexyass Naturally_Sexy

    I love him...

  • Kymystry

    @ Snooty ... Morning !! .. he never did it for me either ... he too dang lil ... look like he could hoola hoop a cheerio ...

  • katgirl33

    Good MORNING!

    You did good today Sandra....That was one fine thug brotha!

    Gone but never forgotten.

  • bklynchick

    Love me sum Tupac!!

    "I ain't killer but don't push me revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getiing (you know what it is)"

  • Dizz




    THANKYOU SANDRA, I haven't even read the post, I just saw Tupac and started blushing.. had to thankyou first now, I'm going to look at this morning wood, on this sexy mofo here..

  • http://myspace.com/mullatos SnootyPooty1

    @KYM.. you are a fool. But he was little...

  • purepisces

    I never really cared for him...not attractive to me either. I liked "Toss it Up" and the remix to "California Love." That was it.

  • MzDetermined

    Sandra, Good looking on the Tupac pics. I love Tupac as if he was still alive, his music will never die.

  • candi got gushy

    I aint mad at cha !! He was a beautiful man and so intelligent. He is/was most black people equivalent to Elvis,no matter how much "he didnt do it for me" statements are made, He is the greatest rapper of all time and was a handsome revolutionary.Everyone goes through stages in life(thug life==??) and he was evolving and no-one knows what kind of 35 year old man he woulda been. RIP

  • http://FreshFromTheStreetz.blogspot.com Zuley

    You already know that was my husband. A REAL man thank you soooooo much Sandra!

  • Fatkat

    Pac was the first that I remember with a tat on his stomach. Now toooo many people are rocking the stomach tat and its not a good look ( RICK ROSS).

  • tintin

    nice, thank you sandra and the person who requested his pics. pac was definitely one of the best looking men i've ever seen in my life.

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Not my cup of tea either...rip though

  • ckarinwhite

    sniff...sniff...I will always love you, PAC!...RIP..

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    I remember when he died, my daughter's father started crying...listening to his cd's all night long ouring out liquor..knowing if ac ever met him he'd probably call him a bytch,lol. I didn't pour out any liquor but I miss his swagger..very intelligent brotha that got caught up with some very real unforseen b.s

  • hellava10

    Nice pics and great music. Since we're on the thug love wood...can we get some Ice Cube?

  • http://myspace.com/sfh50millionpounds mj


    Morning wood, I can't see it.. Sorry.