Republican presidential hopeful John McCain announced his choice for VP this morning. I was just as surprised as you were to learn he picked a woman. I was even more surprised to learn that Sarah Palin is against abortion and everything else we hold sacred.

But with her on the ticket, McCain will probably win the election in a landslide. Being a presidential VP doesn't mean much -- only that she's next in line for the presidency if McCain should suddenly croak while in office.

  • h0tsauce

    I guess McCain is trying to give this elections away!!!


  • Mzsuave

    *tsk* She don't pose no threat.....

  • 2bme

    this is very's a surefire way to win against barack because he didn't pick a female to run with him..mcCain needs the woman vote and he may have gotten it..however, with her being as conservative as she is against what a woman can and cannot do with her may just backfire on him

  • dj_dceezy

    so just cuz she a chick you think she gonna get the scorned Hillary supporters? And win in a landslide? Nah. BUUUUT, you will definitely get alotta hits on the blog today

  • bloggergirlz

    he's trying to get some votes from some of clinton the supporters who are stil pissy about her not being picked as VP.

    this was clearly a strategic move, since clinton wasn’t chosen…

    i said all of this in an earlier post though...

  • MZN

    you have a point 2bme...



    8 IS ENOUGH!!!!



  • mj

    She is no Hillary Clinton. If this pick was to win over Hillary fans then I'm not sure he made the best pick. And the scandol! She had her sisters husband terminated from his job because of a messy divorce and her office is under investigation for it right now. This is who he picked! She just had a baby in April with Downs Sydrome and she went back to work after only 3 days! COME ON NOW! And next she wants to be VP. Clearly we know what is important to her and it is not her new born Downs Sydrome baby. I think this seals the deal for Obama to win. Please Obama supporters - please VOTE..

  • mizzdallas

    I kinda knew this was gonna happen, but if the Hillary supporters see through this then he wont win, I still wish obama chose Hillary as the vp. John Mccain is a joke for real!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    I seriously doubt this is will guarantee a landslide victory for McCain.

    And being a woman who is Pro-Life may backfire as well. Women don't want to be told what to do with their bodies by the government.

    And McCain's whole argument about the lack of experience that Obama has is kinda looking like BS right now. This woman is in her first term of governer and her previous experience includes being mayor of a city (umm, town) of 6000 people.

    If something happens to McCain, I am not trusting her to run the country. I am good with Biden doing so, should something happen to Obama.

  • bloggergirlz

    @ The Divine Ms. K Says: ...i'm so tired of them using that wack a$$ line

    ...And McCain’s whole argument about the lack of experience


    This choice is extremely transparent. Interestingly enough, she is new to the scene and virtually inexperienced. Exactly what the conservatives have been using against Senator Obama. If he had a chosen a woman with the vast experience as Hillary Clinton, I would have thought this race would be more competitive. Thanks McCain for giving us an edge. She cannot go against Joe Biden.


    Oh, and he would have been better off choosing Condoleeza Rice with all of her experience on the international front.

  • starr

    We see right thru this ish. dis wouldn't happen if people would pay more attention to the issues, and what they are saying. To me, he picked her for female vote. Thats it. I've never heard of her until i saw on my homepage. he know those conservative whyte women are gonna eat it up. Its very transparent.

  • HunE916

    [In detective’s voice from Menace II Society]-
    “You know you done f*cked up, don't you? You know it, don't you? You know you done f*cked up.”

    This was a dumb move that I’m glad he made!

    For every Hillary supporter he THINKS he won with this choice, he will loose plus some in conservative males who do not think a woman can do the job.

  • SlimA

    This is all a part of McCain's strategy to win oval office; however, I pray that it backfires.

  • shintrell

    McCain's main argument was that Obama is not experienced, but he picks a very unexperienced vice president nominee from Alaska? I don't think this was a wise decision.

  • Kymystry

    ^5 to HunE ... man we got some SHARP bloggers up in this peice ...

    The conservative White men HATED Hillary ... saying she's is hormnal and all that b.s.

    Unless this broad had a sex change .. don't she have the same hormones ? ? and at 44 she is still bleeding .. can still get preggers .. OR is peri-meonopausal ... lawd

    NO WE McCAIN'T !!!(i made that up) :-)

  • MzScorpo

    I see where McCain was trying to go with this, but indeed she is no Hilary Clinton...please believe. Gov. Sarah Palin needs to be at home taking care of her 3-4 month old baby...yes baby, and her 4 other kids. Not saying there's anything wrong with a mom out doing her thing, but dang you are still breast feeding...........LOL

  • Coop

    I think this was a last minute move that was made after the great reaction to the speach last night.

  • DivineBrown

    She looks like a replacement for Judge Marilyn Milian on the People's Court!

    *buh dum pum...buh dum pum pum* I get hype when that music come on... waitin on somebody to eff up

    She be bakin cookies for the Welcome Wagon in the neighborhood and shiet!

  • sdsthomas

    Check this out! McCain is against mandating insurance companies to cover Birth Control, against Abortions, trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade, but insurance Companies cover Viagra. Ain't this some chit.

  • purepisces

    Well, I think it was a smart decision, and one that had to be made if he has any chance of winning. Not gonna change my vote, but still a smart move.

  • Sharonda

    "So..part of the plan..." and yes it was a plan at the last minute.If you ask me, the republicans won't stand a chance.

  • purepisces

    He COULD have picked a BETTER woman, though.

  • Mzsuave

    LOL, dying at Kym's McCaint!!! NO (in da hell) WE McCAINT!!!

  • Peachiz

    I still see Barack and Michelle in the White House.

  • msmika31

    This was definitely a chess move on McCain's part, however, if he thinks the American people are not smart enough to see through his plot, then he really is old and senile. He needs better advisors. You can't pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute and not make a hit with it.

  • ReadTheBlog

    She's on her first leg as govenor (not even senator) - she's LESS qualified than Obama! I'm certain McCain is gonna keel over soon, and if he does, I can't imagine a 1st round govenor being swooshed into the seat.

    McCain thinks he's slick...he's scooping all of Hillarys supporters up. But personally I think he's blown his chances - I'm a woman, but I can't see the US being led by a woman, Hillary or otherwise.

    I say he just passed Obama the crown! BOy this year in politics has been so interesting. It's like a 'my dad is better than your dad' argument. I can't wait until November...I'm having an election watch partY!

  • teecee

    McCain is trying to get the woman's vote, but she stands for nothing the average woman stand for ? all she and the regular woman has in common is that they are married and got babies. she is no threat. they choose a nobody not even a popular woman to contend with a popular man. i dont think she can fill auditoriums around the country, or get the women out to vote when she doesnt stand for anything most women agree with or stand behind.

  • missdisrection

    McCain will win in a "land slide?" Whatever; I think that is over stating.

  • Crys

    mccain is a senile old man and if that cunt of a wife (his words not mine) of his has any sense...she need to be watching that vp like a hawk. man...surely she hasn't been thoroughly vetted...there will be a sex tape surfacing of hers shortly, just watch and see. you heard it here first folks

  • LovelyLady

    Yall crazy I don't think I need to even comment. Yall about summed everything up.

  • tigris

    Man 2bme I agree with you saying that it was very strategic in the gathering the woman vote! I mean she represents the age gap he needs to appeal to youth voters as well as to women. When I woke up and saw his pick I said to myself that was a great chess move!!! Plus remember the whole compaign add McCain made yesterday saying that it was Obama's day and I knew he had something up his It was too easy and too good to be true and Sandra I felt the same way as you did about the land slide of him becoming the next president. It was purely a wooooow factor for this becoming more and more interesting everyday.

  • Tasha

    I'm not surprised that McCain pulled this "stunt" and I'm not surprised that Governor Palin knowingly agreed to be "used". This is nothing more than strategy which is the bottom line to campaign success.

    I had an idea a while ago that he may do that. There was talk about him approaching Hillary Clinton actually b/c she had so many votes in the primary and probably wanted to stick it to Obama. McCain is doing this to reel in the Hillary supporters who don't like Obama. He figures a woman is a woman...but these women are completely different. They disagree on many top issues and Palin complained that Hillary is a whiner a few months back.

    True Democrats stick with the party b/c they are w/ that party b/c they don't agree with the other party's viewpoints overall. True party supporters don't jump ship when they don't get their way. Thats life one gets their way all of the time. You have to roll with the punches and stick it out.

  • blkdiamonn

    I think that this is going to backfire in McCains face. If its one thing that rich, white, male republicans that run this country hate more than a black man...that's a white woman, and that's the truth. White males are more chauvenistic than racist, and view white women as inferior...keep in mind, it was because of them that women were oppressed for so long.

    This is an interesting twist to this years presidential campaign, and nonetheless a historic time in our history no matter what happens!!

    Oh,, and I just love how McCain totally trumped Obamas histroy making acceptance sppech by announcing his pick first thing this morning, and getting all of the media attention...brilliant! I must say the Rep are really bringing their A! Obama needs to realize he playing against the big dogs now...he already beat Clinton and those same ole' "good boy" tactics are not gone work! He's gone have to start getting his hands dirty!!

  • blkdiamonn

    BTW...If you look up Palins bio on Wikipedia it is very interesting. It says she is like 44 yrs old, with 5 kids, was runner up for Miss Alaska, admitted to smoking weed, did a spread in Vogue magazine, her husband works in the oil industry for BP, she against abortion (even rape cases), against same-sex marriage, and has a son with downs syndrome. I don't know what to make of all of this but, one thing for sure...she has the oil connection being from Alaska, that is going to eventually lead to more drilling if they win...which inevitably lead to more oil dependence and less alternative fuel and we can't afford 4 more years of $4.00 and up gas!!!

  • dblaq

    McCain is going to use her like Puppet, like Limbaugh said "We got the babe on our team". This chick is governor of Alaska? how many people live there? 2 years of experience before being a mayor of a city that has about 3 people. She wants to be in charge of this country????? We all the ish going on in Iran, Iraq, North Korea. You gots to be kidding me. The Republicans are desperate because that was a desperate attempt. Aint no way in hell!!!!!

  • bigqdawg

    I think it was a great move by Sen. McCain. To all of the people questioning her experience, please keep in mind that she still has more executive experience than Barack Obama or Joe Biden (or Hillary Clinton for that matter). This is just what Sen. McCain needed to shore up his base-a solid pro-life, pro-second amendment, anti-big government conservative. And if she happens to excite die-hard Hillary Clinton supporters, that's fine too.

  • mj

    I wonder if she calls him Daddy

  • istandbehindtheIam

    McCain's move won't work....Obama is destined to Jeremiah 29:11 if you don't believe me.

  • Charles

    My comments are awaiting moderation, interesting........

  • candi21

    Sarah Palin has a baby 4 months old AND her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. He picked the worst person for the job, not to mention she is against women rights to choose and she does NOT care for black people and her underage daughters baby daddy is a redneck ...