I had a chat with Keyshia Cole earlier this year, and I guess enough time has passed for me to say that KeyCo was not playing when she said she was done with J-Breezy and she wished him well.

I don’t know what he did to make her so mad (at the time), but Keyshia said in no uncertain terms that their relationship was over.

The crazy thing is only two weeks prior to that phone call, I spoke with both Keyshia AND Jeezy and at the time, she professed her undying love for the Snowman (click here to read about that).

Apparently, young ladies today can turn their love lives on and off like tap water.


    You are too funny Sandra!

  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachiz

    Well I guess Enough was Enough!!!!


    A women scorned. he is in the industry now and there are groupies everywhere!!

    It doesnt take long for some women to wake up and smell the coffee. hint hint (kim porter)

  • licia

    i like her dress. i don’t like the thing she has on under it. it doesn’t seem to go with the dress at all IMO.

  • tmarie

    He probably trying to be a player like all the rest. On another note, she looks like Hoopz in that picture. I had to look twice. She’s pretty!

  • bloggergirlz

    she should’ve left his cone head a$$ alone…i think it’s easier to walk away from a person when u have an extremely busy lifestyle…outta sight, outta mind…

  • mizzdallas

    Keke been working out! I need to get my work-out on. But back to the subject at hand, who cares if there NOT together I didnt see her with Jeezy anyway she need to do her and put her personal life on a back burner for now.

  • http://mrswindycity.blogspot.com Windycitychick

    young ladies today can turn their love lives on and off like tap water.

    I don’t know if this was to be sarcastic but I was speaking on this subject this morning. Times have changed so drastically with relationships and men. Sometimes you do have to be like a faucet and face reality. More than not we can only rely on ourselves to get things done and support ourselves. My girlfriends and myself are focusing on getting what we want and our dreams. We may have guys around but they are surely not the focus like Ms Cole is certainly doing

    A Lot (did’t say all) men are so intent on finding “something better” when in reality, whats in front of them is the best…. but they’re a lil special ;-)

    fool me once… shame on you
    fool me twice…. shame on me

  • browni007

    People jump too soon and people dont know when to to jump. keke you know the deal girl…
    Kim couldnt take a hint if you spelled it out for her.

  • cinnamonkisses97

    The dress is tight .

  • goat76

    She needs a regular nigga like me………I would appreciate her love for me………..I feel the same about Halle Berry too……..First come, First serve………

  • ReadTheBlog

    Keyshia looks a little like Hoopz in the face in that photo…

  • Sharonda

    Lol, after she proposed to him I wouldn’t blame him.Anyways, I’m glad she did because she’s young and has a lot ahead of her.Someone tell Kim Porter she needs her healing plan!

  • toosexy

    I have always seen keyshia as the type of female to mean what she says. I watched her show a lot and she just seems like that type of unwavered person. So she probably did not just turn off the love she had for him but decided to let him go. I like keyshia and I know the next album going to be extra fire.

  • fabeaulosity

    Keyshia, looks cute!

  • prynsexxx

    I heard Fantasia and Dro were done……is this true?

    I’m digging her hair and make-up.

  • pointhimout

    good for her. she stopped being an option to the dude. now that’s she’s done reading “he’s just not that into you” cover to cover, maybe she’ll pass it on to another sister or 2; book night.

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    Keyshia has been looking reeeeal good lately. Success is the best revenge….

  • goat76

    Jeezy couldn’t keep her knees from knocking(KnockKneed stance she got going on)…..she’s lookin for that “I ride horses for living stance”……..

  • shay1

    I like the dress – she looks nice….

  • toosexy


    I just heard on the radio this morning that at a concert she just did in washington that when she song that free yourself song she made several references to her ex-relationship, like , “I had to call that nigga up and free myself” so I don’t know but I had been heard that they were threw, they said few weeks ago in a club she announced she was single while partying.

  • ckarinwhite

    Just like her song says “I’ve changed my mind!”….”I don’t love you no more.”

  • Krysi J

    Good Job Keyshia….like someone said up top, success is the best revenge on a nicca that has taken you for granted and did you wrong.

    “young ladies today can turn their love lives on and off like tap water.”

    I have to agree with Windycity, its true, black women are not necessarily playing the victim with these low life cheating azZ niccas who can’t decide between a good woman and a good f**k now a days. Kick his azZ to the curb, and keep it moving no matter how much it hurts…somebody with some damn RESPECT for YOU and himself will come along before you know it. The devil knows that a womans weakness is love, it was apart of how we were fearfully and wonderfully made, therefore he uses these men to keep a hold on our hearts even when we know they are no good, and when something better comes along we find ourselves confused about moving on….BUT NO MORE! After all this down low shit, and HIV, and everything else these black men have kept from us in the past we are begining to realize that not only is the nicca NO GOOD, but he ain WORTH THE TROUBLE anymore.

  • karaz

    Umm she didn’t want to get caught up with his future court cases.

  • dj_dceezy

    uh time for a Keyshia Morning Glory… Yuuuup

  • prynsexxx

    @21 LOL

    I think we were listening to the same “radio show”. What was the 3rd number of the cash call? LOL

    #3 said:

    It doesnt take long for some women to wake up and smell the coffee. hint hint (kim porter)

    Kim is already 3 babies (Justin, Jesse and Delilah), another baby and babymama (Chance & Sarah), a jump-off (Cassie) and a tell-all book (Karrine “Supahead” Stephens) in, what more does she have to see or do to wake up, have the steaming hot coffee forced fed to her all while spilling it on her lap to wake up?

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    RIGHT?!! Aint she a stunna? and when keco first came out tho she wasn’t so classy or glam. but maturity has done her well.

    Sandra says:
    Apparently, young ladies today can turn their love lives on and off like tap water.
    Miesha says:
    YUP! a girl might think the lil dude is aight then he goes and steps on your toe baby toe too many times and just a lil too hard…the smart ones aint havin it i said!

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com



    Krysi J

    Ditto to your both!

  • Mzsuave

    Didn’t know Keycole was knock-kneed…awww

  • MistaO

    SOME of yall sound real silly, laying down those old tired lines and painting ALL BLACK MEN with the same brush. Shiddd, there are just as many scandelous sisters out here flipping and flopping and spreading dieases too. So let’s not keep running down that same road.

    And on Keyshia, hell who knows why they split?!? We can only speculate, it could have been he told her about her mamma and sister and they stank behavior and HE might not of wanted to put up with it long term and gave her an ultimatum, shoot, you never really know why two folks split…

  • toosexy


    I hate to say it but you telling the truth as i have gotten older and stuff, I really see the dirt of women, I thru mutual friends have witnessed just as freaky , lying, and outright nasty females, I knew they existed but dog, it’s like I be teaching my young boys as much as my daughter about these trashy females. Even when i start blogging i see how desperate and disrepectful a lot of woman are , screw anybody married or not. females are just as nasty.

  • Sharonda

    ^ Uhhhhh, I don’t even really deal with females.But you know, I be in my class and females be talking.And then their actions really show in the bathroom.Just nasty.

  • missdisrection

    Sandra you are a trip and a half! I swear I think you say things just to spark comments :-) KeyKey may very well still love Jeezy but that doesn’t mean she wants to be in a relationship with him. I have a couple of exes that I still have love for but know that relationship wise it would never work. Unlike some who know a relationship will never work but will stay in it to not be alone. And Sandra, two weeks is nothing; heck no! Relationships can up and down from day to day so it is very understandable and not crazy that two weeks prior they were luvvy duvvy; not at all.

  • Krysi J

    Uhhhhhh, silly no……..not after the United States lay down those statistics honey, unfortunately BLACK MEN carry the torch in HIV infections, and for that reason we are right behind them in that category!! Like it or not its a FACT sweetie. Black Women who chose to be with someone who is honest instead allowing a trifling BLACK MAN to dog her out are not silly, infact I would say that have have WISED up! Speak for yourself as a black man, for now the majority of your fellow brothers are the reason that the black community have so many devestating numbers in prisions, down low HIV contraction, fatherless children, and decrease in black marriages…sorry. However, Black women like myself continue on and are blessed despite it all, so please don’t take offense to the way we feel about you. I guess thats why black men tend to wife a white woman when they become successful…cuz we simply don’t have time for that sh** anymore!

  • MzTee

    Didn’t Jeezy say some crazy stuff about her in an interview he gave not long ago? I think he said she asked him to marry her and had bought a ring and he said that he wasn’t ready for all of that. She probably thought they had a solid relationship and read all of that mess and said fcuk him and broke the hell out.

    Who knows about these celeb hook-ups anyway if they’re real or just for publicity.

  • MistaO


    Up, and you stoopid enough to take statistics released by the government (on Black people no less) as gospel?!?! Come on now, I don’t mean to call you stoopid, but on the real, you know dang well any positive statistic put out concerning Blacks you typically have to ADD numbers to it (as they never, ever want to have the world or Black people really know any thing positive about us or our condition), and if the result is a negative you typically have to heavily SUBTRACT from the result, as they love to skew results to show us being worse off than actuality.

    Shid, I mean come on “they” say that Black people have been 12% of the population since the dang 1800’s!!! Now do you believe that one too?!?

    And another thing, for every man out here who done gave HIV or all these other dieases there is a female who laid up and copped her legs open to him. Quit with all the victimhood and recognize that most of these are two party deals where both idiots are #1 screwing with no protection and #2 screwing any and everybody down the track. So at the end of the day, peoples own poor choices, lack of morality, and whorish behavior leads to 95% of those being infected… Hate on BM all you want, and remain a bitter and lonely broad, cause that’s what you will be if you keep painting all BM with that same brush…