Is it my imagination, or does Jeezy's new goatee make him look scrumptious?

    Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Star Young Jeezy continues to give back with his annual toy and clothing giveaway in his homestate. Last night Jeezy handed out toys, bikes, skateboards and Adidas sneakers to underprivileged children in Macon, GA at the Frank Johnson Recreation Center. Tomorrow on Christmas Eve he will personally be going door to do drop off gifts to select kids living in the Bedford Pines Housing projects on Wednesday, December 24th.

    Currently on the road across the country to promote his critically acclaimed third major label release, The Recession, Jeezy has made uplifting underprivileged communities his highest priority. Through ongoing events that include a Back 2 School giveaway for young children in need of clothes and school supplies to organizing early voter registration events to help elect Barack Obama as President and appearances at food drives across the country, Jeezy continues to pave the way through his ongoing community service.

    Source: Tracy Nguyen | IPR + MKTG

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The man convicted of gunning down T.I.'s longtime friend and assistant was sentenced to 66 years in prison today:

Hosea Thomas was sentenced today (December 23) to 66 years in prison for the murder of Philant Johnson, best friend and assistant to Atlanta superstar T.I.

In May 2006, assailants stalked T.I.’s entourage following an after-hours party at the Club Ritz, located in the Roselawn section of Cincinnati, Ohio. (LINK).

Thanks to loyal reader and member Iyonah for the tip!

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Loyal reader LaShowne wrote:

Hi Sandra I was in ATL this week and I hung out at the bowling alley called "300". I think that was the name of it, and Jazzy Pha was there hanging out he was so cool and really nice. Please post on your site. I love ATL!

Loyal reader and member Peachizz wrote:

Hi Sandra,

It's me, Peachiz!!! I was going thru my EMF 2007 pics, and came across this pic with me (black/white polka dots), my good friends Johanne (pink shirt) and Tanya black shirt) and Keith Sweat.

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X Factor winner Alexandra Burke let the cat out of the bag in a recent interview with a fashion mag.

Burke told the Grazia magazine that men are a waste of time and space and she plans to stay single for at least a decade (LINK):

'They’re a waste of time, a waste of space! They’re only going to be good for me when I’m about 30 and thinking about kids. Music is my husband until then,' she tells the fashion magazine.

I guess this means some of the men in England are just as trifling as some of the brothas here in the states.

This all but proves rumors that the strikingly beautiful 20-year-old is a closet lesbun. It was easy to tell by her near orgasmic reaction to Beyonce when she came out onstage during the X Factor Finale.

Although I don't know what she sees in Bey, but to each her own.

Not that I'm in total agreement with Alex about men though. Men are good for some things. There are plenty of times when I couldn't have gotten those heavy boxes up the stairs if it wasn't for an able bodied man.

What a crazy week it's been for Barack Hussein Obama. First, TIME magazine unveils photos of him smoking a joint in college. Then the ultra liberal magazine honors Barack Hussein Obama by naming him man of the year.

And now one of TIME's writers totally disses him by calling Obama a bigot. And the guy isn't even moved into the White House yet.

Unfortunately this TIME magazine writer will likely lose his job for speaking the truth.


[EDITED: Dec. 23, 2008 6:42 PM link fixed]

On the other hand, I like this song by Beyonce/ Sasha Fierce and I'm feeling that other song, "Hello". Loyal reader Iyonah turned me onto to that one (it's on her Myspace page).

Listening to Beyonce sing is like eating a five course meal and still feeling hungry. Her oversinging is annoying and distracting.

Twenty years from now that's what she'll be remembered for: oversinging and writhing around on the stage like she's having seizures.

Rapper Eve was spotted out and about shopping in L.A. with a black man by her side. And not just any black man. The brotha is male model material!

That's significant because Eve hasn't been seen in the company of a black man since producer Stevie J left her high and dry and went back to his baby mama.

Is Eve turning a new page? Are black men back in vogue now that a biracial man is in the White House?