The man charged with beating celebrity trainer Darius Miller into a coma has committed suicide, according to his attorney.

Apollo Holmes, 25, took his own life at his home on Christmas Day because he was despondent over being wrongly accused said his attorney, Bruce Harvey.

At least 10 thugs set upon Miller in the parking of a midtown nightclub as he walked Mayor Shirley Franklin's two daughters to their car on Dec. 26, 2007 (LINK).

Miller had asked the men to stop videotaping the women.

The brutal beating left Miller in a coma that he has yet to recover from. Miller receives round-the-clock care at his mother's home after being discharged from a rehab facility. His complex medical care is paid for partly by donations from friends, celebrity clients and money raised through fundraising events.

Holmes was the only man charged in the beating.

Thanks to loyal readers Malcolm Lee and Tabatha for the tip.

This is what you've been waiting for all year: my BEST of 2008 Awards! It was a difficult decision, but I was able to narrow down the choices and finally arrive at a winner in every category.

I know you won't agree on my choices, but we all agree on the BEST Female of the Year ...

BEST Female of the Year: Rihanna

The girl was doing it all over 2008! She deserves every accolade and honor she received. Next year will be even bigger for our girl! Congrats RiRi!

And HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! Be safe, eat healthy and drink wisely. We'll see you back here on Monday!

:NYE: :party: :NYE:

Album of the Year Award
Jazmine Sullivan - Fearless

Single of the Year Award
T.I. featuring Rihanna - "Live Your Life"

Best Video of the Year Award:
Rihanna - Disturbia

Best Collaboration of the Year Award:
T.I. featuring Rihanna - "Live Your Life"

Best New Artist Award:
Keri Hilson (she pulled it out toward the end of '08)

Best Female Artist R&B Award:
Jazmine Sullivan

Best Female Artist Hip Hop Award:
Keyshia Cole (no one else even came close to KeyCo)

Best Male Artist Award:
Li'l Wayne (even though I despise cockroaches, his impact on the charts was undeniable)

Best Male Artist R&B Award:

Best Male Artist Hip Hop Award:
T.I. (Who else?)

Underrated Artist Of The Year Award:
Solange (Her album was dope)

Best Comeback Artist of the Year Award:
Britney Spears (She shocked everybody with her Circus album)

The Please Go Sit Cho Azz Down Somewhere Award:
BeYAWNsay, Jay Z, Ciara, 50 Cent and Sean Combs (no explanation necessary)

Most Played Out Artist of the Year Award:
Souljah Boy (how happy are we that his 15 minutes are almost up?)

Worst Single Of The Year Award:
Beyonce - "Single Ladies"

Flop of the Year Award:
Brandy - Human (Sorry, Charles)

The Most Fake Bling Award:
Shawn Kingston's fake azz takes the prize

The Most Authentic Bling Award:
(Tie) Lil Wayne & Wyclef Jean (these two were sued over unpaid jewelry so it must be real)

Most All-Around Fake Award:
(It's a tie again) Sean Combs and Usher

Jump Off of the Year Award:
Nikki Nicole (you don't know her, but she's on the come up)

BEST Urban Blog:
Drew Reports

BEST Blogger:
Byron Crawford

And my list would not be complete without the …

Most Overrated of the Year Award:

Barack Hussein Obama

On Monday I made a post about Denver Nuggets stars Carmelo and Kenyon partying without their women at The Velvet Room on Sunday night (LINK).

I told you that Melo and Kenyon were on their best behavior while at the club and the hongry females were kept at bay by security.

But today I received an email from loyal reader and fellow blogger, Style Razzi, who was in attendance that night. She says she saw something different. As evidence, she posted these pics on her blog (LINK).

Well, in defense of Carmelo, I was told that the female in the pics is a professional groupie who makes her rounds of the night spots where the ballers hang out nightly. Furthermore, this particular female was only in the VIP with Melo for less than two minutes.

I'm told she was asked to leave the VIP after she violated Melo's personal space by touching him in the 2nd pic. In the third pic, you can clearly see Melo's strong reaction to her touching his face. She was out of line -- and out of there!

As I've said many times in the past, the chicks in Atlanta are unlike chicks you will find anywhere else. The level of desperation here is critical due to the lack of available straight men.

Wealthy men like Carmelo are easy targets of predators like the chick in the photos. But I think Melo handled himself very well, don't you?

Photos by ATL PICS

By the way, Melo's wifey lovely LaLa Vazquez and his baby Kiyan attended the Denver-Hawks game on Monday night.

Photo of La La: Wireimage/Getty

Click here if you can't view the video

Sorry y'all, I didn't watch the KC finale last night (I'm allergic to ghetto) so I can't give you the low down, although I seriously doubt that Frankie has a five-year-old. These damn reality show producers will do anything for ratings.

Anyways, grabbed this clip from the show. I know it isn't much but that's all they got. DW used to record entire episodes. I wish they would get back to doing that.

The last time I laughed this hard was when Beyonce slid down some steps on her face during a concert in Florida last year.

Like Bey, Weezy jumped right up without missing a beat. And also like Bey, he knew the video of him busting his azz would be up on YouTube that same night. This is too fun-nee!

Barack Hussein Obama's camp has already refused to allow babies, toddlers or old ladies with umbrellas to attend his inauguration ceremonies in D.C. on Jan. 20.

Damon Weaver, 10, a reporter for KEC TV news in Palm Beach, Florida was disappointed to learn his media credential application was denied.

With about $8,000 in donations, Damon, his K.E. Cunningham/Canal Point Elementary School teacher Brian Zimmerman, a student cameraman and two parents will travel to D.C. Jan. 18 to prepare for a KEC-TV special inauguration broadcast.

Zimmerman said Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings of Miramar has agreed to give Damon three of the 197 tickets he was allotted, which will put the group in front of the Capitol for the ceremony. (LINK)

But the fifth grader will not be allowed to cover the inauguration up close and personal.

And, before you say, "everybody can't get a credential" -- this kid is not just anybody.

He became a national sensation and a YouTube favorite after landing a coveted interview with Obama's sidekick Sen. Joe Biden during the presidential campaign.

At the end of the interview, Weaver quipped: "Senator Biden is now my homeboy."

It was a very Louis Vuitton Christmas at the Harris mansion! I'm told T.I. gifted Tiny with two Louis Vuitton bags, including that $2,400 Cruise 2009 number she's wearing in the above photo.

She also received a diamond encrusted watch, a diamond heart pendant and other goodies from T.I.

In fact, all the ladies in T.I.'s life received Louis Vuitton bags for Christmas this year! And T.I. gifted his male relatives & associates with LV cuff links and LV ties.

It's hard to believe Louis Vuitton corporate office is at odds with T.I. over his use of their brand in his songs and videos.

Sadly, T.I.'s older sister Precious wasn't included in the Yuletide celebration.

Word is T.I. fired Precious on Thanksgiving Day and relieved her of her duties as nanny to his and Tiny's baby son, Major. They say Precious misses the baby terribly.

Allegedly, Precious was also told to stay away from T.I.'s home on Christmas Day. So the family ate Christmas dinner without her for the first time in years.

[hidepost]According to close friends, Precious is not in good health and had to be hospitalized recently due to a severe asthma attack triggered by stress.

I'm also hearing that T.I's decision to dismiss his sister (and her son -- T.I.'s nephew) from his employ, involved Precious' knowledge of a certain jump off whose name I won't divulge right now.

One can only sit idly by for so long as rumors run wild and relationships are destroyed in the balance.[/hidepost]

Since we're on the subject of T.I. and Tiny, I'll address the rumors concerning the incident at Straits on Sunday night. As you know, the occasion was Rocko Da Don's star-studded birthday party.

They say Tiny arrived at the party that evening without T.I. and was seated in the private VIP dining room along with Rocko, Monica and their close family and friends.

Rapper Shawty Lo, who everyone knows has been beefing with T.I. for a minute, entered the room with his wife and was seated right next to Tiny.

You've all seen the pictures from the party and you saw how big that table was. Tiny could have easily been seated anywhere else in the room besides right next to T.I.'s arch enemy.

Rest assured that neither Monica nor Rocko had anything to do with the seating arrangements that night.

Anyway, within the hour, word went out to T.I. who arrived not long thereafter and firmly requested that Tiny rise up and leave with him -- which she dutifully did.

They say the informant may have been T.I.'s paid spy who reports back to him with detailed information on every move Tiny makes in his absence. The spy has no visible means of support, yet lives a well-maintained lifestyle.

I'm happy to report that Tiny and T.I. have worked things out, and the royal couple will ring in the New Year tonight at a party in Miami, Florida.

I also hear that T.I. is expected to attend this Saturday's rally for Morris Brown College. As you know, MBC is in deep financial debt and may be forced to close its doors next week.

Hopefully other so-called "ballers" in the community will step up as well to help save this historic institution.

According to online reports, embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will name a black man to fill Barack Hussein Obama's empty Senate seat.

In a brilliant chess move, Blagojevich is expected to name former Illinois attorney general (Democrat) Roland Burris to Obama's seat -- and by doing so, Blago challenges the Democrats to unseat one of their own.

Congressional Democrats are already lining up to challenge the appointment by Blago, who is under fire for allegedly trying to sell Obama's senate seat.

Republicans are also objecting to the appointment. The head of the state GOP issued a statement saying, in part:

"Once again, Blagojevich Democrats have failed the people of Illinois by refusing to strip Rod Blagojevich of his senate appointment power and blocking a vote of the people."

Personally, I think it's a smart move on Blago's part. By naming the 71-year-old Burris to the Senate seat, he shakes up Obama's power play by not appointing Obama's choice for the seat.

Blago also puts the Dems in the unenviable position of challenging the appointment of a black man to the seat.

Comments Off on Reader Photos of the Day

Loyal reader Tenia wrote:

Hi Miss Sandra,

How are you doing? Hope all is well, anyways last August when I was leaving Park West night club in downtown Miami, I ran across Angela and her sister Vanessa. Angela came off a little rude at first, but she was willing to take the pic with me. Bow Wow and T-Pain was also in the building, so I figure she went to go meet up with Bow Wow. (Please don't ask me how I know all of the details lmfao). Can you post my pic up for me pretty please? Thanks!

Merry Christmas, and have a safe New Year.



Loyal reader Hester wrote:

Good Morning,

My name is Hester Beal, and I am a local freelance photographer in Warner Robins,GA. I was at shooting at the Jeezy toy drive in Macon, Ga. I got a picture with him. I would like to put it on your site.

I also have pics from the TI Takeover with Grand Hustle Fam.

Let me know if you are interested.

Hester B.
Social Eye Candi Photography

Loyal reader Shannon wrote:

Hi Sandra,
Just wanted to send you this photo of me and Gerald Levert. RIP. This was taken in Birmingham, Alabama at one of our City Stage Events that he performed at. I got a chance to meet him backstage, get a photo and an autograph.


Loyal reader Jewel wrote:

Hello Sandra, I just wanted to share this pic of me and my godmother Frankie. We took this pic at her Condo before shipping her to L.A. to meet up with KC.

Man Down, Code 10


If you have a photo of yourself with your favorite celeb that you would like to share with our readers, send it to sandra @ (without the spaces). There is a one (1) photo limit per submission

2009 is just around the corner and it's that time again to pick the VERY BEST of 2008.

Last year I got a lot of flack for my choice for Best Female Artist of the Year. So this year I'm going to let you vote for your choice for Best Female Artist of the Year.

I will post your winner plus the winners in all categories tomorrow.

Once again, thanks to all my readers for a great year! would be nothing without YOU!