Many thanks to Gina of What About Our Daughters blog for sending this video link detailing past fundraising efforts by officials at Morris Brown College.

As you know, the only black-run college in the country is in deep debt to the tune of $30 million. The school is without water due to an outstanding $380,000 water bill, and may be forced to close its doors next week.

MBC has never closed its doors in its illustrious 127 year history.

It would be a shame to let the greed of a few college administrators run Morris Brown into the ground after 127 years of educating some of our best and brightest.

In the video, it is noted that MBC graduated more CPAs than any other HBCU. One of the school's graduates is now a billionaire car dealer.

The school needs our support (bloggers, stand up!)

Whatever your opinions are of the school's derelict administration -- we can't turn our backs on the kids who chose this HBCU to further their education.

  • lovezoe

    This school is not accredited, all the money in the world can not change that. These kids need to go to a school where their degree will mean something other than a pretty picture on the wall.

  • dakotab

    The board (whomever) needs to be removed and another organization/person put in place to take over and manage their funds.

    Is it possible to donate money directly to the bill and not administration? I am sure they will make sure they are paid FIRST before anything/anyone else.

  • shunda

    Wow I did not know this school did not have an accredidation. That is very important when looking for a job. I also want to know can money be put just toward the bill.

  • h0tsauce

    THIS IS SAD!!!!

  • eastpointvet

    yeah this is sad where is the alumni to help?

  • Kymystry

    Each board memeber .. administrator .. Each ONE .. needs to be investigated .. Where did the money go ? ? obviously the bills weren't being paid .. where did the tuition money go .. the grant money from the fed gov?? where is the money ? ? ? When they WERE accrediated and the Students were there payiung tuition .. what happened ? ?


    Once again, MBC is in the news with more traumatic news. I totally agree with Kym. Every board member should be investigated. The questions is, how many board members prior to the current ones allowed this to manifest? I don't agree that the alumni's should break out their check books to bail out" those that have negligently mismanaged the funds for paying the bills. How about taking a cut from their paychecks to help pay this astronomically large bill.

  • Daisy

    The AJC ran an article on the almuni in Sat or Sun paper. I read it on line. They are trying to do what they can but it may be to little to late. Maybe Tom Joyner will try and save the school again. The accrediation can be gained back. Look at Clayton Co. the seniors will graduate from a high school w/o accred. they are still going to college.

  • eastpointvet

    i think the alumi should help because without them helping there would be no school. but at the same time the whole board should be ousted

  • missmiami

    This is a damn shame. Not to mention that our youth are so very blinded that they ignore our HBCU's in order to mingle w/the whites at supposedly more integrated/mainstream universities.

  • kalvonel

    Totally agree with MRSJONESK: If Ford and GM CEO(s) can work for a $1 salary in lieu of a bailout, then surley this bad admin at MBC can take a pay cut. It's not like they did their job anyway.

  • shunda

    I don't think it is that the youth ignore HBCU's. I know when I was making my decision about college the HBCU wanted to give me a $500 scholarship. I had a 3.8 coming out of high school. The white school gave me a full ride. The decision was obvious to my mama when the HBCU started talking about a parent loan.

  • H-Town Shan

    This is very sad. Isn't this the same school Tom Joyner wanted to buy a few years ago?

  • Mississippi16

    Everbody linked to this school should help... from the board down to the alumnis.

    A friend of mine worked in HR for a HBCU and she said that they used to get calls DAILY from Bankruptcy Courts/ Foreclosure companies concerning faculty/ staff. We're talking about Deans and Professors.

    They come in every day driving big azz luxury cars and live in big azz houses and broke as a joke. They probably run the school the same way they run their personal lives.

  • ReadTheBlog

    IMO, some schools should close their doors, especially if they are not gearing their students to survive in the real world. Stuff liek 'losing accredidation' is unacceptable! When you lose accredidation, you lose money, when you lose money, you end up with high ass water bills. As far as alumni stepping in, more likely than not, Alumni are usually bitter, and opt to NOT help, based on their shitty experience with the school. Some can't helps because they don't have the fiancial means, BECAUSE of their shitty education.

    I think it all boils down to taking care of those that take care of you... Morehouse and Spelman and Hampton have all remained operating for how long?

    And then there's a question of stealing money... :-)