According to the NY Daily News, woman beater Chris Brown's court date has been pushed back to give the LAPD investigators more time to gather evidence and build a stronger case against him.

Word is that Rihanna's photo evidence leak last week has pushed the investigation into a different direction. The LAPD is looking rather sloppy for apparently losing control of this case. It is reported that one of their own sold the evidence photo to an online entertainment outlet for $62,500.

Brown was arrested and charge with the brutal attack on Rihanna after they left Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party in the early morning hours of Feb. 8. Rihanna suffered minor bruising and cuts on her face and rumored bit marks on her arms.

She has been in seclusion for the past three weeks. But recently, photos were taken of her riding in the back of an SUV with bodyguards reportedly hired by her former beau, Jay Z.

Brown is currently free on bail.

  • Kee


    Sandra you slay me "But recently, photos were taken of her riding in the back of an SUV with bodyguards reportedly hired by her former beau, Jay Z."

  • mizzdallas

    Of course the LAPD is sloppy, we still dont know who shot my baby-daddy Pac....

    Back to topic:
    I dont want to hear or see anymore reports on this unless Ri-Ri & Chris are giving an exclusive interview where I can hear actual fact stories...

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    Sandra cut it OUT!

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    Ummm this story is old news and Kee we don't do that 1st stuff round these parts. Please refrain...thanks :-P

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    whoaaa I had to come out of lurking for this one..Kee you have been warned..don't come up here with that juvenile mess..the fam will CRUCIFY you...back to lurking..oh yeah i'm over Chris and Rhianna

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    noooooo...not the "1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc." foolywangness!!

    anyhoo, on topic...i'm with mizzdallas - until we get the exclusive straight from the horses' mouths, i'm totally over this story!

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    ok the family has warned you...... :)=

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    slow news day today

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    @Kee I don't mind the 1st, 2nd or 3rd I think its funny but people on this site will put you 6th under for doing so. I dare you to keep it up though just to annoy

    Welcome to the Fam!

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    SMH...yall cold on deez fools.

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    12th! :-)

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  • melinla

    He's gonna claim self-defense

  • T’Mekio

    I'm so sick of hearing about these two.. NOBODY knows what happened in that car but those two FOOLS..

    ..If they remember..

  • kitty4shigady

    Wow you are calling him a woman beater now? we satill don't know what happen. so what about yo girls monica man? he just got out of jail for beating up a groupie punching her in the face ect I have never once heard you refer to him as a woman beater. wow

  • milly

    I wonder if Chris is still doing that movie or has he been dropped from that too

  • katgirl33

    Just heard on the news that she's not pressing charges (yet), and they need her to pursue the case....and the news said she's in Mexico....