If you thought things couldn't get any crazier for the woman who turned herself into a walking incubator for 8 implanted embryos -- think again.

According to her publicist, death threats caused Nadya Suleman and her 14 artificially inseminated kids to move out of the house they shared with her parents and into a rented home last week.

No word on if the death threats are from California residents who will be forced to foot the bill to feed and clothe Nadya's 14 kids until they turn 18.

"Because of the death threats to Nadya and her family, as well as the death threats to me and my agency, we were in a secure location last week,” Killeen says on Thursday’s Dr. Phil show. “When the risk was determined, it was no longer a high threat, we were able to leave that location." [LINK]

  • Krysi J

    DEAR GOD! That picture is HIDEOUS??!!

  • Terry .W

    Her Stomach should be looking like a long ass dress by now...and Tameka thought she had problems..Shk!

  • Imalover

    LOL @ Terry W. "Her Stomach should be looking like a long ass dress by now..." PRICELESS!

  • kcicero

    Terry .W Says:

    Her Stomach should be looking like a long ass dress by now…and Tameka thought she had problems..Shk!

    This is the type of commentary that I come to SR for, LMAO!!!
    Anyway I knew that would be the case. People are really polarized about this case but they do not have a right to take someone's life.

    The problem in California is mostly from people living way above their means. I used to watch the flipping shows and gawk at how much money they were making and thinking this is going to all fall down. And look what happened.

  • flyqtnva

    I think the problem is everyone wants to be rich and its a damn shame that she living off of WELFARE! and people are going to donate money to her, then she gonna get a house..clothes..cars..you name it..she gonna get it. And she will still be collecting foodstamps, TANF, and MEDICAID.

  • http://happynappyhead.blogspot.com Seattle Slim

    DEAD @ long azz dress. I would kill whoever did that to my body.

  • flyqtnva

    This lady is mentally ill..someone needs to seriously check her out. FOR REAL!

  • kalvonel

    I don't live in CA so i could care less, but trust those kids will give her enough grief soon. Maybe "Brangelina" could adopt a few.

  • kcicero

    I agree fly that is the problem...I'm telling you I wanted to get into flipping after watching those shows I'm like dude your charging 300000 dollars for a two bedroom house in California...the square footage was horrible?!!! Why were the prices so darn high to begin with. I don't fell sorry for a lot of those people there, they did it to themselves. Of course this is not representative of everyone in foreclosure but California home prices were absolutely ridiculous.

    As for the foodstamps she's collecting for her three mentally disabled children which are automatic. The 8 children also automatically receive SSI and Foodstamps because they were born premature...end of story. It is no different from any other multiple births born early.

  • shunda

    Let me find out mentally handicapped people get food stamps. I am sure my kids can act a fool for a day lol

  • KaraZ

    How could she have more kids, when she collects disability checks for 3 of the existing ones and one of them was already autistic?!

    Well maybe now her case will finally introduce some legistlation for fertility treatments

  • ckarinwhite


  • kcicero

    Shunda you crazy! lol. Yeah my birth mother is Schizophrenic Bi-Polar and she gets money every month, my niece had a premature baby born at about 5 months 1 pound and that automatically qualified her for SSI and Welfare,etc. You better not do that to them babies, girl you crazy....:-P

  • teecee


  • shunda

    Lol. I was just kidding. But, when I go to the grocery store I do get pissed that people get free food. I do not need the well they aren't working lecture from anyone because in Ohio they have to work at least 30 hours a week.

  • Kymystry

    ain't nobody threating her flickted azz ... it's just a P.R. stunt for some Publicity and she got it ... looney azz chick

  • starr

    I be the donation money is gonna go to her tummy tuck

    this woman really makes me sick

  • Richie Domino

    I hate to say it but that pic spoiled my appetite. Pregnant women are usually beautiful.

  • http://www.hiphossip.com Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    Read what my client is saying about all this on her blog at firstoctupletsdotcom. It's been a busy month Sandra!!

  • shunda

    That is because no sane woman has 8 kids at one time

  • DivaMama

    That looks SO painful - I would not be grinning in a picture with my stomack hanging like that holding 8 children. OUCH!!!

  • DivaMama


  • Mspeng

    Ok...so I just had a baby in January...and that was just one...and I never even really got that big, but I was the most uncomfortable thing walking around so looking at that pic just makes me cringe. She's claiming she only had 6 implanted and 2 eggs split. I say, they should make it downright illegal for anybody to have so many embryos implanted because to have even 6...when she already had 6
    , she clearly wanted attention. Probably watched Jon & Kate +8 and realized that she could get some publicity...so sad.

  • browni007

    @ Kym you hit that shyt right on the head
    beyatch is straight delusion and thought it was a threat.

  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachizz

    Octopussy LOL
    "her 14 artificially inseminated kids" LOL

  • Ilovepink1981

    from my understanding it's illegal to implant the 6 that she did have put in. The doctor will end up losinghis license AND she will end up getting a show on Discovery, especially if all 8 survive. People weren't as mad in the beginning until they found out she already had 6 and had no husband.

  • Anna

    We all knew this woman was Krazy, she just keeps it validated like a parking meter. She just keeps feeding and feeding the media and will not let her time expire. I don't believe she had death threats but knew her mom wanted her out and made up a story for a new place to stay. I am not sure why our system allows anyone to continue having kids and we have to foot the bill. Does one not have to take a psych check before IVF? I had to go through some things with my doc and sign a form when I wanted to get fixed(tubes tied). It is hard to raise kids without the other gender in the household. The only thing that I can say is I hope good ppl out of work volunteer their time to help her with all these kids. I will not be donating one dollar for her baby bailout fund. SMH because I can't comprehend her thinking. If one wants to have a child, you can, if one wants to adopt a child they want to know everything including the color of your underwear. How did a single mom stay so far under the radar?