More pictures of rapper Yung Joc on the road -- this time he's in Italy and has the exclusive pics for us! I love this photo of Yung Joc sitting seaside in his bathrobe (and nothing else) while sipping a nice chiante and logging onto on his MacBook! Don't these photos make you feel like you're on the road with Joc?

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You all remember the last Psychic Friends Network fraud perpetrated by a hustler who called herself Cleo and pretended to be Jamaican while mimicking the worst Jamaican accent ever?

Well, the FAKE Psychic Friends Network is back in business and ready to dupe gullible people out of their money.

This time they are using celebrity spokeswoman Vivica A. Fox to steal people's money. Anybody who believes in psychics deserves to be parted from their money. By law the PFN has to place the text "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY" in their commercials, but it's in such tiny text you almost don't see it.

If psychics were real they could predict the Lottery daily. Oh, and they would have predicted that Cleo would be arrested and the PFN would be taken off the air by the feds years ago. But they didn't did they?

I agree with everyone who say Jennifer Hudson's rendition of the National Anthem last night gave them chills. I watched her sing live (I never watch the Super Bowl pre-game events) and Jennifer Hudson killed it!

I wonder if Jen's voice was pre-recorded like Whitney Houston's?

Aren't you happy that Jen decided to skip the inauguration circus and save her impressive pipes for the Super Bowl instead?

Miss Sandra,

I read your blog often. I would like to know why celebrities choose to date other celebrities? I don't understand why they won't take the time out to meet a 'round the way girl such as myself. I work everyday; I have a degree, my own car and house, just like Ne-Yo said. They make these songs talking about us, but instead go get something already known to the industry. I'm not ugly by far either, but I guess I'm not at the right place at the right time. If you get a minute, you can check me out at two places: or


Comments Off on If Obama Can Smoke Pot and Still Be Elected President, Why Can’t Phelps Keep His Medals?

We've all seen the famous picture of Barack Obama smoking weed back in his college days. Obama himself admitted indulging in weed and other recreational drugs. But he was elected president anyway.

Now comes word that Obama's youngest brother was arrested for marijuana possession in Kenya over the weekend. [LINK] I'm surprised the Kenyans didn't sweep the arrest under the rug to protect you-know-who.

George Obama was taken into custody on Saturday (1/31) and charged with possession of an illegal substance -- cannabis and resisting arrest. He is currently being held at the Huruma police post in the capital of Nairobi. The Obama brothers share the same father.

But the really big news is that Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps may be stripped of his gold medals and banned from future participation in Olympic sports for smoking pot (or crack) during two days of wild partying last November.

A damning photo of Phelps sucking hard on a bong pipe is flying around the Internets. There is talk of the Olympic Committee convening an emergency meeting to deal with the damaging ramifications of said photo.

Olympic officials previously announced rules prohibiting athletes from using illegal drugs, and promised to ban athletes if caught. No exceptions.

Naturally Phelps' reps went into panic mode when a tabloid notified them about the photo. The reps supposedly offered the tabloid "extraordinary incentives" not to publish the pic. But obviously those "incentives" didn't contain enough zeros at the end.

In addition to possible banishment from the Olympic games, Phelps' lucrative multi-million dollar endorsement contracts might also be at risk.

One party-goer told the News of the World: "He was out of control from the moment he got there.

"If he continues to party like that I’d be amazed if he ever won any more medals again." [LINK]

Phelps recently partied with rappers Young Jeezy and Young Joc in Park City, Utah while attending the Sundance Film Festival. Phelps had counted Jeezy among his favorite rappers.