According to online reports, Brian Dalyrimple, member of R&B group Soul For Real, is on the run from police with his infant son in tow.

Duluth police said they are looking for a R&B singer in connection with an identity fraud case.

Police told Channel 2’s Manuel Bojorquez that Brian Dalyrimple of the group Soul For Real is involved in a case of identity theft that involves more than 200 victims. Police said Dalyrimple is on the run.

Duluth police have already arrested a woman, Laborah Crawford, in connection with the identity theft case. She is being held in the Gwinnett County Jail.

Police said they are still looking for Dalyrimple, who is allegedly on the run with his 10-month-old son.

Back in the '90s, Dalyrimple was a fresh face on the music scene as part of the R&B group, Soul For Real. The group had a hit song, “Candy Rain.” Police said they are looking for him.

“One of our detectives is working on it, she’s our white-collar crime specialist and she has identified 145 victims within our jurisdiction, several of them businesses, and an additional 115 victims in other jurisdictions, so you’re looking at over 260 victims right now,” said Maj. Don Woodruff with the Duluth Police Department.

The victims, according to police, are now out of more than $1 million collectively as the result of identity theft and financial fraud.

Crawford is in jail on charges related to the crimes. Dalyrimple was also involved, according to police.

“He was the biological father and the child was turned over to the grandmother in custody and then he went to the day care, picked him up and left with him,” said Woodruff.

Police would not say anything more about how they believe the two were able to get the money and personal information of others. Police said the investigation began with a call from across the country.

“There was a victim in California also who contacted us. (They) noticed that a lot of charges had been made here in Duluth on their accounts and what not and we looked further into it,” said Woodruff.

Police said they do not have reason to believe that Dalyrimple’s son is in danger.

Dalyrimple’s mother told Channel 2’s Manuel Bojorquez she wants both her son and grandson to come home safely. [LINK]

  • eastpointvet

    2 many candy coated rain drops

  • Anna

    Why did he take the baby on the run with him?

    Sandra I just read that L. Hill and Marley are expecting baby number 6. I thought she just popped one out. I guess I listened when we should have our white picket fence and 2.5 kids.

  • KaraZ

    Too much fronting in the hood :(

  • iscream

    That article was too long for me to read about some member of a 90's group that didn't stand out enough for me to even remember his name.

    As far as Lauryn Hill goes the last time I saw her was in a photo with Martha Stewart at a book signing. She had all her kids with her and she looked run damn down. No offense to anyone but she looked as if she was a welfare recpt, just sad.

  • Hermosa

    Have you ever loved someone
    so much you thought you'd die?
    Given so much of yourself,
    it seems the only way
    Tell me what you want and I, and I will give it to you
    Cuz you are, my love
    Do you ever dream of candy coated raindrops?
    you're the same my candy rain...


  • 2thick4u

    Damn...this is messed up.

    He need to take the baby back and turn himself in.

    You did the crime now do the time!!!

  • Alana

    Thief! How come he didn't just try to put out a rap album like everyone else?? Could have sold it out the trunk of his car or something. Or he could have used Cash4Gold for money. Anything other than stealing! Damn shame...

  • imajin

    Damn, man, that's one UGLY group. Always have and always will be. I heard they was coming back out with an album. Possible publicity stunt?

  • masonmom

    uh heavy d and SOUL 4 REAL!! that was the shyt back in the 90's along wit the remake of patti labelle song! Madoff has just started a trend now n days. its gettin rough out here people, folks gonna find a way with other peoples money to survive!

  • brwnsugga4you

    d*mn....i loved that song." my you ever dream of"..d*mn...d*mn!!!!

  • ReadTheBlog

    lmao @ Cash4Gold! Awww Schitt!

  • lexdiamonz

    awww man east point vet you took the words out of my mouth man that was the ish heavy D was spitting on that jawn whatever happened to the "overweight lover" !!! that song is in my head now truly this is a case of when keeping it real goes REAL WRONG !! MAN DOWN HOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAA

  • shunda

    LMAO! I loved that song too. I even remember the dance from the video. Your the same my candy rain...

  • Mimi Renee

    how ironic as i read this, candy rain is playing on radio at work.

    hope he returns safely....i know times are rough out here but best believe jail or prison time ain't worth it.

  • T’Mekio

    ..Jesus take the Wheel... SMH..