Photo may have been deleted

A promoter canceled Brian McKnight’s Detroit concert after angry Black women roasted the singer on Facebook for disrespecting his oldest children.

A flyer posted on Facebook showed McKnight was booked to perform in Detroit on June 9. But his former fans flooded the Facebook post and unloaded their outrage on him.

The promoter deleted the post, and hours later, announced that McKnight’s concert was canceled.

Photo may have been deleted

McKnight, 54, angered his fanbase when he publicly disowned his biological children in favor of his Hawaiian wife, Dr. Leilani Mendoza and her biological kids.

He recently called his three oldest children “products of sin.”

When Dr. Mendoza miscarried their first child in 2022, McKnight said it would have been his first baby born out of love.

McKnight previously demanded that his daughter reveal her sexual history under oath in a defamation lawsuit. And he accused his daughter of sleeping with her cousin.

Even worse, McKnight refused to help his son, Niko, who is battling cancer.

McKnight further upset his fans by changing his legal name so his youngest son would be Brian McKnight Jr.

McKnight’s eldest son, also named Brian McKnight Jr., no longer shares the same name as his father.

One person wrote: “I’m quite sure his fans are black women, older black women at that. You have to know your audience. No older black woman wants to see you with another race, let alone looking treating her kids better than your own.”

Another person wrote: “He’s having a concert in one of the blackest cities while being anti-black? He forgot who his audience was.”

A third person wrote: “Ppl need to stop playing with Detroit’s market … we either rock with you or we don’t, this was his just due.”