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Rosita is canceled.

Sesame Place in Philadelphia responded to a $25 million lawsuit by removing all traces of Rosita from the park.

Sesame Place came under attack last month when viral videos showed the Rosita character apparently ignoring Black children at the Sesame Street-inspired theme park.

Viral videos seemed to show the furry 5-year-old Mexican character walking past Black and brown children while stopping to engage with white kids.

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Sesame Place

The Rosita character no longer appears in the theme's park's daily parade. But Rosita's picture is still on the website.

Sesame Place workers told a reporter the characters are instructed to remain on the floats and to avoid interacting with any children.

The move comes after a Black family filed a $25 million lawsuit against Sesame Place.

"None of the character's walk the street in the parade any more, and any meet and greets for her have been called off," an employee said, according to

"That is all because of the allegations, they don't want anyone potentially making the same claims. Essentially, Rosita has been cancelled and I don't think she'll be back any time soon."

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Saucy Santana survived a cancel culture attempt on his struggling career after Twitter sleuths uncovered snarky tweets he wrote about Beyonce's eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

In one tweet, the 28-year-old openly gay rapper called the 10-year-old "nappy-headed".

Santana responded to his critics in a series of angry tweets.

Santana went viral while performing at a Gay Pride event in Dallas on June 18, after he told the audience that women need gay men.

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Santana told the crowd that women get their sense of style, fashion, and personality from gay men - and without the gays, they would be nothing.

via Rhymes with Snitch -- Santana told the crowd that gays run the world because when them b-words need their hair done, they calls the gays, when they need a stylist, they call the gays, when they need their make-up done, they call the gays and when they need advice about their dogass baby daddies they call the gays.

Santana capped off his rant calling gays the blueprint.

Watch the videos below.

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Saucy Santana is furious at the BeyHive's threats over his snarky comments about Beyonce and Jay Z's eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Santana, born Justin Harris, made the mistake of not deleting his old tweets after he rose to fame as an androgynous rapper in 2019.

The 28-year-old Love & Hip-Hop: Miami star recently signed a record deal with RCA Records. His future looked bright as the beneficiary of Hollywood's efforts to push LGBT+ artists to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

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Then someone uncovered those old tweets of Santana calling Blue Ivy "nappy-headed" and saying he was prettier than Beyonce.

He also compared Blue Ivy to North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, saying North West - with her light skin and long hair - was the clear winner in the looks department.

Santana quickly deleted his old tweets, but it was too late.

The BeyHive swarmed all over Santana's timeline, calling him all types of "ugly" and comparing him to oddly shaped objects and animals.

It was brutal.

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So far, Santana has refused to apologize for his disgusting tweets about an adorable child.

Instead of staying silent - like Beyonce often does - Santana took to Twitter to call the BeyHive "Fake woke ass b*tches!!!!"

Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

"People don't care about old tweets," he wrote on Friday, June 10. "The internet have this weird thing with power! Thinking they have the power to cancel someone... NEWS FLASH! You don't! Y'all think y'all have someone by the balls about situations you don't give a damn about."

"Stop all that cap! Tryna ruin ppl Careers cuz you at home miserable and broke," he added. "I was miserable and broke, too, making childish, hateful tweets in 2014. I'm 28 years old. A grown-ass adult. A completely different mindset on life from when I was 20. But, yall knew dat."

But the BeyHive reminded Santana that he was old enough to know better.

Some Twitter users noticed the stark difference between the way the "wokes" cancel homophobic rappers like DaBaby, while seemingly avoiding Santana's controversy. None of Santana's bookings have been canceled.

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Update: Will Smith tells Page Six: "I accept and respect the Academy's decision," after the Academy announced he is banned from the Oscar's for the next 10 years.

The disgraced actor can't attend the Oscars in person or virtually and he will not be nominated for an Academy award for the next decade.

The harsh decision was announced on Friday, April 8, after the Academy's Board of Governors met via Zoom to decide his fate for slapping comedian Chris Rock on March 27.

ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Smith, 53, walked onstage and slapped Rock, 57, after the comedian joked about the actor's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith's hair loss during the 2022 Oscars ceremony at the Dolby Theater.

The 54-member Board, including Whoopi Goldberg and Steven Spielberg, decided to let Smith keep his Oscar.

The meeting was pushed up to Friday, from April 18, after Smith resigned from the Academy last week.

Participants stated the Zoom meeting was "contentious" until they finally settled on banning the "King Richard" Oscar winner for the next 10 years.

According to a statement, the Academy "decided, for a period of 10 years from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith shall not be permitted to attend any Academy events or programs, in person or virtually, including but not limited to the Academy Awards."

The statement continued:

"We want to express our deep gratitude to Mr. Rock for maintaining his composure under extraordinary circumstances. We also want to thank our hosts, nominees, presenters and winners for their poise and grace during our telecast. This action we are taking today in response to Will Smith’s behavior is a step toward a larger goal of protecting the safety of our performers and guests, and restoring trust in the Academy."

According to The Sun, Board members were "bitterly divided" over whether to repossess Smith's Best Actor trophy.

However, they ultimately decided it would be hypocritical to snatch his trophy while past winners like Harvey Weinstein still had theirs.

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Rapper Kanye West has dropped out of the 2022 Coachella music festival.

Kanye is the second bold name rapper to lose a Coachella spot to cancel culture.

Rapper Travis Scott was pulled as a headliner after 10 fans died and hundreds more were injured at his Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas in November.

Sources connected to Kanye, also known as Ye, tell TMZ he didn't give a reason for pulling out of the 2-weekend-long event in Indio, CA -- which starts next weekend.

Travis Scott was supposed to join Ye onstage - as his special guest - but that is now out of the question, according to TMZ.

Coachella organizers were not averse to Travis joining Ye onstage, but Travis is still canceled as far as Coachella is concerned. Not even a petition signed by thousands of fans can save Travis.

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Ye, pictured with rapper Future, fell out of favor with Hollywood's elites after his unhinged social media posts attacking ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her current boyfriend, Pete Davidson. He also lashed out at TV host Trevor Noah and blogger Perez Hilton.

Hollywood insiders whisper that Ye's social media manager, Jason Lee, allegedly wrote those posts.

TMZ broke the story, Ye's racist attack on Noah got him suspended from Instagram for 24 hours last month - and he hasn't posted on Instagram since.

Ye's cancellation leaves Coachella with headliners Billie Eilish, Harry Styles and Swedish House Mafia - all white artists.

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Kanye West doesn't know it yet, but he is a victim of cancel culture.

Kanye's performance was yanked from this year's Grammy Awards due to "concerning online behavior."

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Kanye is no stranger to concerning behavior — on or offline. But this year is different because he is no longer protected by the Kardashian Konsortium.

A judge gave Kim Kardashian her freedom recently.


The Grammy's banning Kanye is just the latest sign that Hollywood no longer values the troubled rap producer.

Another clear sign occurred last week when Instagram suspended Kanye for 24 hours after he called South African comedian Trevor Noah a racial slur.


"You may not feel sorry for Kim because she's rich and famous," Noah said on Tuesday's "Daily Show" segment. "But what she's going through is terrifying to watch and shines a spotlight on what so many women go through when they choose to leave."

Noah is the host of next month's Grammy Awards. Kanye's banishment sparked speculation that Noah pulled strings to get his performance axed.

However, the Recording Academy, which produces the Grammys insisted Noah had nothing to do with Kanye getting the boot.

"Trevor never asked the Grammys to ban Kanye from performing," a source told CNN. "He was not offended by Kanye's Instagram post and Trevor responded on Instagram. The notion that Trevor or his team asked the Grammys to ban Kanye is ridiculous."

Kanye is up for 5 Grammy Awards this year, including album of the year. But he may not be in the building to accept, if he wins.

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There's more bad news for disgraced rapper Travis Scott in the wake of his Astroworld tragedy that left 10 people dead in November.

According to WWD, Dior announced it has shelved the line it was developing with Scott's Cactus Jack brand in the wake of the Astroworld tragedy.

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"Out of respect for everyone affected by the tragic events at Astroworld, Dior has decided to postpone indefinitely the launch of products from the Cactus Jack collaboration originally intended to be included in its summer 2022 collection."

Best Image / BACKGRID

It was initially reported by WWD that the line had been "canceled," but Scott's team allegedly begged the fashion house to update the statement to reflect the "indefinite postponement" status.

The new clothing line would have been called Cactus Jack Dior, named after Scott's record label, Cactus Jack Records.

@TheHapaBlonde / BACKGRID

Other corporations that dropped Scott like a hot potato include Nike, Anheuser-Busch and McDonalds. Music festivals that canceled Scott include Coachella 2022 and the Day N Vegas Fest.


Chris Noth has been dropped from CBS' "The Equalizer" amid sex assault allegations, according to a statement from CBS and Universal Television on Monday.

"Chris Noth will no longer film additional episodes of The Equalizer, effective immediately," the statement read.

He will appear in one more episode of the show that has completed production, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Noth played William Bishop, a former CIA handler and long-time friend to lead character Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) in The Equalizer.
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The decision comes after two anonymous women told THR they were assaulted by the 67-year-old actor in 2004 and 2015.

Noth vigorously denied the allegations in a statement to THR:

"The accusations against me made by individuals I met years, even decades, ago are categorically false... The encounters were consensual. It's difficult not to question the timing of these stories coming out. I don't know for certain why they are surfacing now, but I do know this: I did not assault these women."

Noth was also dropped as a client of A3 Artists Agency. And an ad he filmed for Peleton — after his character Mr. Big was killed off in HBO Max's Sex and the City sequel "And Just Like That" — was also removed from all of the fitness company's social media platforms.

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Travis Scott was turned down when he begged Coachella to let him perform for free. Festival organizers told Scott's team that the troubled rapper was dropped from the 2022 lineup. The festival and the city of Indio offered to pay a "kill fee" of 25% for dropping the rapper, according to Variety.

The cancellation is the latest fallout stemming from Scott's Astroworld catastrophe in Houston, where 10 people died during a stampede in November.

Sources tell that Scott's longtime agent, Cara Lewis, pleaded with the festival organizers to let Scott perform for free.

The insider said Lewis is desperate to keep the gig, which would have marked Scott's first return to the stage since the Astroworld tragedy.

In a last-ditch effort to salvage what's left of his career, Scott, 30, sat down with Charlamagne the god for an exclusive interview last week.

The interview angered families of the victims who say he didn't show any remorse.

Scott was arrested twice in the past for inciting his fans to storm the stage.

In one video, Scott directed a fan to jump from a balcony that was at least 15 feet above the floor.

Another fan who jumped from a 3rd story balcony broke both legs and injured his spine.

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DaBaby clapped back at "cry babies" during his first performance since his headline-grabbing homophobic outburst at the Rolling Loud music festival last month.

The 29-year-old rapper was humbled after NY radio station Hot 97 allowed him to perform at its Summer Jam festival at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday, August 22.

A plethora of summer music festivals canceled the outspoken rapper's bookings after he uttered anti-HIV and anti-LGBT+ insults at Rolling Loud.

Before DaBaby took to the stage, a pre-recorded video was shown in which he thanked Hot 97 for letting him "to share my gift, share my blessing with y'all out here live on this stage amongst all the chaos and all the backlash."

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

"They accepted my sincerity and all my apologies when I said I never, ever meant to offend anybody or say anything to make anybody feel any type of way live on that stage a few weeks ago.

"Hot 97 was also willing to stick they neck out on the line, willing to go against all odds with everything going on out here in the world, and still allow me to come out here on this stage and utilize they platform to help the world move forward."

After DaBaby hit the stage, he took the opportunity to apologize once again to the LGBT+ community:

"I never in my life meant to offend anybody, you know, and I apologize... that ain't even how I rock.

"But check this out, other than the people that was truly offended, I feel like the rest of y'all motherf**kers are being cry babies."

His remarks neatly segued into "Cry Baby" - his hit collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion.

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Mike Richards is out as the new "Jeopardy!" host after sexist comments he made on an old podcast resurfaced on the Internet.

Richards succeeded legendary Alex Trebek who hosted the quiz game show for 37 seasons until his death in 2020.

Richards, who is also executive producer of the show, won a Daytime Emmy as Executive Producer of The Price is Right in 2016.

Taping of "Jeopardy!" has been halted and previous guest hosts will be brought back to tape new shows.

He apologized profusely for the sexist jokes he made seven years ago. However, he stepped down on Friday after the backlash grew on social media.

Richards quit the show a day after The Anti-Defamation League demanded an investigation into past statements he made on an old podcast series.

In a statement, Richards said the backlash had created "too much of a distraction for our fans and not the right move for the show."

According to, in the podcast, Richards had asked his female assistant and his female co-host if they had taken nude photos. In another episode, he called his co-host a "booth ho*."

"We support Mike's decision to step down as host," Sony Pictures TV said in a statement.

"We were surprised this week to learn of Mike's 2013/2014 podcast and the offensive language he used in the past. We have spoken with him about our concerns and our expectations moving forward."

Fans of Jeopardy! complained that their choices for host were overlooked for Richards.

Fan favorites for host included LeVar Burton, Katie Couric and Laura Coates.

FilmMagic/FilmMagic for HBO

Saweetie commented on homophobia in rap after fellow rapper DaBaby was "canceled" for uttering anti-ghey and anti-HIV comments at Rolling Loud festival in Miami.

Saweetie insists people should "respect each other" as all humans are the same regardless of gender identity or sexual preference.

Getty Images via Victoria Ford

The curvaceous rapper (pictured far right) says all people are "equal" and calls for more to be done to stop the spread of hate toward LGBT+ people.

Speaking about her LGBTQ fans, Saweetie tells PEOPLE:

"I think that it's important that we all respect each other. We all bleed the same. We're all human beings. I was raised in a household that believes in respecting everyone, no matter who they are, no matter what they do, because at the end of the day, we're all equal.

"We all need to call out what we're uncomfortable with. We need to call out what we stand for and for what we believe is right."

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for McDonald's

The rapper's growing popularity landed her a corporate sponsorship and her own Saweetie Meal from McDonald's.

Saweetie's comments come after DaBaby deleted his apology that his publicist wrote to the LGBT+ community on his Instagram page.

The post read:

"I want to apologize to the LGBTQ+ community for the hurtful and triggering comments I made. Again, I apologize for my misinformed comments about HIV/AIDS and I knew education on this is important. Love to all. God bless."

The rapper was widely criticized for his original comments about HIV and AIDS. He has lost millions in endorsements and summer festival bookings.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

DaBaby said on stage:

"If you didn't show up today with HIV, AIDS, or any of them deadly sexually-transmitted diseases, that'll make you die in two to three weeks, then put your cell phone lighter up...

"Fellas, if you ain't sucking d**k in the parking lot, put your cell phone lighter up."

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

50 Cent is confident the world will forget DaBaby's homophobic rant in Miami, and welcome him back with open arms.

DaBaby, real name Jonathan Kirk, was "canceled" after uttering anti-HIV and anti-LGBT+ comments during his set at Rolling Loud music festival last month.

The 29-year-old was dropped by a plethora of summer music festivals including Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Parklife, Day N Vegas, ACL Fest, iHeartRadio Music Festival, and Can't Wait Live concert, among others.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

READ ALSO: DaBaby Deletes Apology to LGBT+ Community From Instagram Page
The pint-sized rapper further angered LGBT+ groups by deleting his publicist's apology to the LGBT+ community from his Instagram page.

But rapper 50 Cent doesn't believe DaBaby's homophobic rant is enough to cancel his rap career.

In an interview with E!'s Nightly Pop, Fiddy said DaBaby just doesn't realize he's a rap superstar who should watch what he says.

The 46-year-old rap veteran said DaBaby could benefit from media training.

"He just transitioned from being in that pool that everyone's in, as a rap artist. They didn't notify him that he's turning into a superstar. There's nobody that tells you, 'now you're being held to these standards that are mainstream standards that you can't say things, you can't do these different things.'

"He's just two years into his career, there's no artist development, no A&R... and he's definitely had no media training."

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More music festivals have dropped DaBaby after he again refused to meet with LGBT+ and HIV/AIDS groups to develop a comprehensive anti-stigma campaign.

The 29-year-old rapper sparked outrage by uttering anti-HIV, anti-ghey comments at Rolling Loud in Miami.

On Friday, Aug. 6, it was announced singer Ne-Yo will replace DaBaby in the lineup at the Can't Wait Live concert in Philadelphia next week.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Multiple LGBT+ and HIV/AIDS organizations have contacted the rapper's reps to schedule a day they can meet to "educate" him about homosexuality and HIV/AIDS.

GLAAD published an open letter to DaBaby on its website:

"We heard your inaccurate and harmful comments at Rolling Loud and have read your Instagram apology. However, at a time when HIV continues to disproportionately impact Black Americans and queer and transgender people of color, a dialogue is critical. We must address the miseducation about HIV, expressed in your comments, and the impact it has on various communities.

"You can be a powerful and influential voice, especially across your home base in the South, where the Black community's needs are notoriously under-represented across every public spectrum. We encourage you to share this information with your fans and followers, and become an agent of truth and change."

Kevin Winter/Gtty Images

However, DaBaby has reportedly declined to meet with the groups.

DaBaby has lost lucrative gigs at Lollapalooza music festival, Governors Ball, Parklife, Day N Vegas, ACL Fest, and the iHeartRadio Music Festival, among others.

LGBT+ groups fear DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, sabotaged their efforts to raise HIV awareness and increase LGBT+ visibility in the Black community.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Earlier this month, it was reported that rapper DaBaby did not respond to requests from LGBT+ groups to help create an HIV awareness and anti-stigma campaign targeting Black males.

DaBaby was "canceled" after uttering anti-HIV and anti-LGBT+ comments during his set at Rolling Loud music festival in Miami last month.

In addition to the PSA campaign, the "Suge" rapper was asked by music festival organizers to record a video of his "sincere and heartfelt" apology to the LGBT+ community.

According to industry insiders, DaBaby agreed to record a video in which he planned to confess that he was "touched" by a male family acquaintance as a child.

That incident reportedly fueled his longstanding hostility and resentment toward homosexuals as an adult.

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As reported by Billboard, a publicist for DaBaby reached out to seven fall festival promoters and assured them that the video was forthcoming.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

The apology video was to be played before he hit the stage at Lollapalooza. However, DaBaby missed the deadline to submit the video to Lollapalooza organizers for their approval.

He was dropped from the lineup and his slot was given to another rapper with feminine tendencies, Young Thug.

DaBaby has since lost lucrative gigs at other music festivals including Governors Ball, Parklife, Day N Vegas, ACL Fest, and the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

To control the significant damage to his rap career, DaBaby's publicist wrote a heartfelt apology to the LGBT+ community and shared it on the rapper's Instagram.

But the third party apology was too little, too late.