Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Dave Chappelle is being cancelled again for simply posing for a selfie with Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.).

Chapelle survived the last attempt to cancel him for cracking jokes about transgender people during his comedy shows.

The stand-up comedian was visiting the Capitol in Washington, DC when Boebert and Luna passed by and asked him to pose for a selfie.

“May we get a selfie with you? I know you’re trying to leave,” Boebert is heard asking in a video posted to Twitter/X.

Thinking they were fans of his, Chappelle posed with the ladies for a selfie. There is no indication that he knew they were conservative lawmakers.

Boebert then posted the image on Twitter/X with the caption, “just three people who understand there’s only two genders.”

Outrage ensued and Twitter/X users lashed out at Chappelle for simply posing in a photo with people he thought were fans.

A headline on Yahoo! News reads: “Dave Chappelle Torpedos His Career Again By Posing With Lauren Boebert.”

Chappelle mentioned the selfie with Boebert at his Washington D.C. show. He claimed she tricked him.

Chappelle has good reason to be upset. Now his career is being canceled for something he didn’t do.