Prince Williams/FilmMagic

Rapper Sexyy Red sparked outrage on social media by twerking on stage at a country music concert in St. Louis.

The Trump-loving rapper turned up at country music superstar Zach Bryan’s sold-out concert in her hometown, St. Louis, on Saturday, May 4.

The “Rich Baby Daddy” rapper took to X/Twitter to thank Bryan for the invite. Bryan had previously hyped up her appearance by referring to St. Louis as the “HOME OF @sexyyred” in a social media post.

During her appearance, Sexyy Red entertained the crowd with her signature twerking and flowing red weave.

Not everyone was pleased to see a Black woman take center stage at a county music concert.

One X/Twitter user compared the raunchy rapper to country music rookie Beyonce.
One fan tweeted:

“So lemme get this straight, they don’t want Beyoncé coming over to country music, but this is okay?? I don’t know if she can see this or if she even cares, but they were making a mockery of her! the way they just had her on that stage “entertaining” them, I can’t be the only one who sees this!!”