As you know, R&B singer Usher partied the night away at the Velvet Room in Tucker this past Sunday. caught up with Ush yesterday in Washington D.C. where he traveled to speak before the House Education and Labor Committee about his charity foundation and his efforts to promote volunteerism in America.

Anyway, TMZ asked Usher how Tameka was doing after suffering a cardiac arrest during liposuction surgery in Brazil 3 weeks ago. His response was, "she's doing very well."

The paparazzi should have asked him why he left Brazil last Monday -- two days before an exhausted looking Tameka flew home by herself. Who does that? If my mom suffered a heart attack, I would never allow her to fly home alone. But that's just me I guess.

I'm just happy to hear that Tameka is doing OK. And maybe now she will get some help for her Body Image Disturbance issues.

Click to watch the video.

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  • LovelyLady

    Well did she get that tummy tuck....

  • iscream

    Is that the way they worded the question. I can't see him answering if it was asked like that.

    & didn't he leave one day b4 her, not 2.

    Thought we already said he had other engagements that he left to be by her side. She was fine.. So he went back to work.

    Looking for something when there is none. Thought you had people in her camp. Shouldn't you ask them these questions.

  • bklynchick

    Ush looks nice in that suit. Any pics of the second baby?

  • Bird

    That was nice of him to answer the question. I guess the support people have been showing Tomeka in this tough time has softened him up a little.

  • Daisy

    LOL@lovely If she didn't im sure she will later on down the road.

  • eastpointvet

    glad she ok

  • Terry .W

    "And maybe now she will get some help for her Body Image Disturbance issues" - LMAO - sandra you crazy as hell -so is that a certified condition now?

  • Sandra Rose

    Terry .W Says:

    “And maybe now she will get some help for her Body Image Disturbance issues” - LMAO - sandra you crazy as hell -so is that a certified condition now?


    It always has been recognized as a mental condition.

  • Lemondrop

    "If MY MOM suffered a heart attack..." Tameka = Usher, am I the only one who see's it?

  • intown51

    Sandra, sandra, sandra.... (I thought you fired me, but I forgot I cleared all my cookies).

    Why you wanna play up him going out like that? If I was a star I would probably hate my "fans" in this day and age of rampant speculation.

    On a related note, I guess 30 is a good age to get one's first three piece suit huh? Jos A Bank here I come with my stimulus money!!

  • MissGauzzz

    Naw I caught that too and it's funny as hell! Sandra girl you need to stop!!!!! LOL!!

  • Sandra Rose

    Lemondrop Says:

    “If MY MOM suffered a heart attack…” Tameka = Usher, am I the only one who see’s it?


    There was no play on words or hidden meaning. I used my mom as an example since she lives with me and she's elderly and she travels to Jamaica. If I received a call that she suffered a heart attack in Jamaica, I would not fly over there and then leave and let her fly back alone like Usher did to Tameka. I think Tameka needed all the support she could get after such a harrowing experience. As a nurse I am mortified that he allowed her to travel alone after what she's been through.

  • Lemondrop

    I know Sandra and I hesitated but I couldnt help myself. I know what you meant, but um well...

  • lexdiamonz

    big ups to your jamaican moms can she make pattie

  • Bird

    We don't know that Tameka travelled alone. As a matter of fact I'm willing to bet she didn't. Usher was there with her for over a week. It's not so big a deal that he left a day before she did.

  • babysoft15

    Sandra, why does she have to have "Body Image Disturbance" issues? She wanted a flat stomach and enjoys looking her best; what's wrong with that? It's funny how you feel she needs to get help, but I remember when those photos taken by Derek were on your site, you weren't stating she needs to be happy with the way her body looks, you were insulting her! What that woman chooses to do with HER own body is HER own doesn't mean she has problem! If she walked around looking a hot'd be kicking her back in for that!