Not that I think Sarah Palin is dumb. I actually think she's very intelligent despite the way the media has portrayed her.

It hasn't escaped our notice that Joe "Gird your loins" Biden is as dumb as a bag of rocks. But, strangely, the media has kept quiet about it. Maybe that's because he's not a female governor from Alaska?

In today's blooper reel, Joe forgets the name of the White House website, and refers to the website address as a number -- as in, "do you know the website number?"

Lol, but what's even funnier is he could be your next president if something happens to the current one.

  • teecee


    SP she is 44, i would expect her memory to be much better than a 65 yr old man, who didnt grow up with computers..... she is just dumb. lol

  • brwnsugga4you

    Lol, but what’s even funnier is he could be your next president if something happens to the current one.
    AND YOURS there you go!

  • Terry .W

    He Irks me sometimes with his clumsy statments, but I think he's intelligent enough to be VP

  • carmelita79

    oh please sarah palin is dumb!! my dad is 73 and he mixes things like that up all the time. i mean didnt mccain say he didnt know how to use a computer? the media portrayed sarah palin based on HER ANSWERS

  • Bird

    Having only read the title my response would be no. I know some mentally retarded people who are smarter than Trailer Park Sarah.

  • Daisy

    Sandra so now its the medias fault that Sarah isnt bright, yeah right. Why is it that the Reps. are always against the VICTIM CARD until it comes to one of their own? They are still blaming the media for Palin's OWN COMMENTS they couldnt make that stuff up if they tried. It all came from the horses mouth although NOT a smart one.

  • Naima

    Joe Biden did not grow up in the internet age, so those kind of mistakes are normal. Nothing dumber than saying you can see Russia from Alaska

  • KAT

    i'd rather have him than "YOU BET'CHA" palin!


    Sarah Palin proved to the entire world that she didn't have a brain and nothing she does will ever change that fact. She is a true racist and tried her best to start a race war right here in our country and nothing by you and your white loving no news media covered it.

    You are a true Brit, come to my country and have nothing but nasty things to say about our Pres./VP and all the others you feel are not worthy of your time. You love the thugs and hip-hop. Could that be because they are on your level?

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Damn straight @ Naima. I can see the Dallas skyline from my home and am planning on running for mayor next election. LOL

    Sarah Palin proved herself an idiot by her own comments - not a miniscule flub like VP Biden's.

    Sandra, like someone else said - he'd be your President too. Though I'm surprised you haven't hightailed it back to London since Obama won.

  • kkizzle

    Lol, but what’s even funnier is he could be your next president if something happens to the current one.

    What's even funnier than that, to me, is that you live here too and spend so much time hatin' on our new President and he's only a month into his new administration. I wonder if you would spend this much time on John McCain had he won... What really gives?

  • speakinmymind

    do bloggers get paid by the number of visits to their site...or for every comment posted...or if people click the ads on the site??

  • keely107

    Lawd, this aint about Obama? Hail I dunno what to say.

  • missamerica

    Joe Biden is far from dumb, not even close. I don't think Sarah Palin is dumb either, she just was above head. Anyone born before 1960 should get a pass when it comes to the internet, its not common knowledge to them.

  • MzTee

    Sarah Palin is dumb and she proved it during the 2008 Presidential election.

    Sandra, I know you don't like Obama, but for the life of me I can't understand how you can defend a stupid, vapid and anti-woman person like Sarah Palin. You truly need to stop drinking Sarah Palin's kool-aid.

    There is a major difference between being stupid (Sarah Palin) and forgetting something (Joe Biden). Joe had a senior moment. There is no excuse for Sarah Palin.