Lol, I can't stop laughing! Barack Hussein Obama's infamous teleprompter has its own blog. Click here to view it.

Everyone knows Barack doesn't go anywhere without his teleprompter. Click the video above to see Obama's mumbling incompetence when his teleprompter goes out.

Watch as Obama blames his public speaking disaster on lack of sleep and pretends to be interrupted by an audience member that no one else hears.

Here's Barack's teleprompter's response to his boss demanding another block of airtime from all the TV networks:

    I don't think I'm breaking any confidences here by saying that things are a bit tense around here. Ever since the White House announced that Big Boy was going to do another prime time presser next week, people have been waiting for the backlash. Sure, we could've done it during the day, but then we wouldn't get any attention. We couldn't do it on Thursday night, because that would cut into our watching the NCAA tourney. So instead we cut into "American Idol." If you ask me that sucks ...

    What really blows is that there are some folks in this place who are pushing for Barack to go out there alone. Sans me. With no wing screens.

Some blogs are speculating that Barack's teleprompter blog is run by a White House staffer.