More proof that Barack Obama and his treasury secretary Tim Geithner are in bed with AIG.

Two weeks ago Barack Obama stood before America and feigned outrage at AIG for doling out millions in bonuses to executives after accepting billions in federal aide. Later it was revealed that Obama and Geithner knew about the AIG bonuses even before blessing AIG with another $30 billion of your tax dollars last month.

Now, according to CNN: One of the people named to Obama’s newly formed Task Force on Tax Reform is a member of the AIG board of directors. We’re not exactly sure if Obama’s task force will accomplish much of anything. But we are sure that more of your tax dollars will disappear into it.


If Barack Obama, aka George Bush II, gets his way, your laptop can be searched for illegally downloaded mp3s or movies the next time you pass through airport security. Even if you don’t have illegally downloaded files on your machine, your hard drive can still be searched anyway. Is this the Change you were hoping for? This government sanctioned invasion of your privacy will add another one or two hours to the already lengthy security lines in airports. So make sure you get to the airport at least 4 hours prior to your departure time.

    The Obama Administration is currently negotiating the ACTA Agreement with several international partners.
    The proposed agreement would empower security officials at airports and other international borders to conduct random… searches of laptops, MP3 players, and cellular phones for illegally downloaded or “ripped” music and movies.


The BBC reports Madonna and her daughter Lourdes are in Malawi where Madonna hopes to adopt a 3-4 year old sister for her adopted son David. “Many people – especially our Malawian friends – say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister,” said Madonna earlier this month. “It’s something I have been considering.” Not to be outdone, the other celebrity serial adopters, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, have announced their intentions to adopt a child from India. The globe-hopping couple already have 3 adopted children in addition to their 3 biologicals.

Queen Latifah celebrated her 39th birthday with family and close friends in L.A. over the weekend. This is a composite photo of Queen Latifah and her longtime companion/trainer Jeanette Jenkins together.
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Actress LisaRaye, rapper Lil Kim and socialite Kim Kardashian

Auntie Viv struck a sexy pose on the red carpet

Actor Omar Epps and his wife Keisha are a true success story. Their marriage has withstood the test of time (and groupies)

Rapper-turned-actress MC Lyte and Queen Latifah go way back. Lyte looks nice but she doesn’t need to lose another pound.

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Jermaine Dupri and his daughter Shaniah

In addition to being a music mogul, rapper and DJ, Jermaine Dupri also dabbles in photography

Comedian Chris Rock with his beautiful family

Usher walked the red carpet without his wife and kids as the rumors grow louder

Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson shows off his daughter Shayla on the red carpet

Terry Crews, his beautiful wife Rebecca and 3 of their kids

Rapper Soulja Boy is so excited to have the #1 ringtone in the country

Music mogul Russell Simmons and his girls Ming Lee and Aoki

Actress KeKe Palmer’s mom must be so proud of her

Actor Tyler James Williams (“Everybody Hates Chris”)

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As you know, rap artist T.I. was sentenced this morning to 366 days in federal prison. But the good news is he won’t be required to report to prison until May 19 at the earliest. According to T.I., prior commitments prevented him from reporting earlier than May 19.

T.I.’s wifey Tiny was with him in the courtroom this morning. Tiny is said to be ecstatic that her man will be at home for at least two more months.

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