This Twitter situation is getting out of hand! First, there's a fake Sandra Rose Twitter, then a fake Amber Rose Twitter pops up, and now Knaye West has a fake Twitter masquerading as him with over a million dumb asses following. Not that I put myself on the same level as a narcissist like Kanye, but I'm just sayin.

From Kanye's blog:

“I don’t have a f**king Twitter… why would I use Twitter??? I only blog 5 per cent of what I’m up to in the first place. I’m actually slow delivering content because I’m too busy actually busy being creative most of the time and if I’m not and I’m just laying on a beach I wouldn’t tell the world. Everything that Twitter offers I need less of. “The people at twitter know I don’t have a f**king Twitter so for them to allow someone to pose as me and accumulate over a million names is irresponsible and deceitful to there (sic) faithful users. Repeat… the heads of Twitter knew I didn’t have a Twitter and they have to know which accounts have high activity on them. “It’s a f**king farce and it makes me question what other so called celebrity Twitters are actually real or fake. Hey Twitter, take the so called Kanye West Twitter down now.”


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  • LadyJustice

    i knew he didnt have a twitter.

    sandra where u been?

  • ReadTheBlog

    COrrect me if I'm wrong but didn't you say that you follow people on twitter? Can you do that without having an account on twitter?

  • spongebobfan

    damn kayne where u been sandra lol

  • KayCeiSoul

    Twankah...Twankah...little I wonduhh...WHERE YOU BEEN CEEPHIE!???? (Courtesy of Ceephus and Reesie - In Living Color)

    Sandra Rose - you got us gooood! I don't even want to know where you been, but please confirm that you ain't fall down. My heart just can't take it. ;-)

  • Daisy

    Sandra been about her business

    I love that dress!

  • h0tsauce

    I don't understand Twitter..I'm mad I actually took the time to create a Twitter account and realized that people who are active on Twitter actually have no life.

  • Peachizz

    Yeah Sandra,
    Where u been? at(In what his name from ATL Housewives voice, ya know Nene's flamin friend)

  • melinla

    KayCeiSoul Says:

    Twankah…Twankah…little starahh…how I wonduhh…WHERE YOU BEEN CEEPHIE!???? (Courtesy of Ceephus and Reesie - In Living Color)


  • KayCeiSoul

    People know they want to be somebody real bad! Fake accounts on Twitter...Facebook...MySpace...a bunch of tomfoolery! Do these people get paid to front as stars in these places? Why don't they just go into the business of Hip Hop?

    And Kanye ought to be mad. He works hard to be different.

  • spongebobfan

    any one knows amber rose nationality? i love her she a nobody(just phucking kayne for s!hits and giggles) but she look better than half the girls out today CI CI shanti brandy xtina teirra etc...

  • ReadTheBlog

    HOT, some people with Twitter accounts have lives - those are the ones that aren't logged on all day every day.

    Plinky is going to be the next big thing...

  • ReadTheBlog

    She's mexican and something...

  • ELove

    Does it take that much EFFORT to smile...
    Her neck is getting a STR8 Work-out!!! LOL

  • eastpointvet

    congrats to chrisette michelle for a number 1 album on billboard

  • melinla

    Why is the name spelled wrong in the title of the post???? Is this Auntie's ghost writer???

  • spongebobfan

    yeah its not auntie yall... i call BS lol

  • Krysi J

    OH SANDRA YOU'RE aliVE...!!

    we were worried SICK!

    NOW...where da hELL you been at??

    *side Eyez Sandra*

    You was in Fulton County weren't you....Freddy had to bond you out didn't he??? SMH...."all dis calamity in the world"

  • Kymystry

    KayCeiSoul Says:

    Twankah…Twankah…little starahh…how I wonduhh…WHERE YOU BEEN CEEPHIE!???? (Courtesy of Ceephus and Reesie - In Living Color


    them is My Peeps .... holla !!

    and lil majic ... lol .. lol

  • spongebobfan

    slow week on billboard if the top album sold 80 some thousand wow... congrats still though

  • KayCeiSoul

    eastpointvet Says:

    congrats to chrisette michelle for a number 1 album on billboard
    All day long! Anything else would be uncivilized! The girls cd is just awesome to me!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Some artist should be glad that someone is paying them enough attention to them to want to 'pretend' to be them.

  • melinla

    spongebob it still a recession - I thought twice b4 i bought my chrisette CD, but I figure I would support. Reports show consumer spending is down for the second straight month leading people to believe the stimulus isn't working...

  • LadyJustice

    Its too many fake twitter accounts out there. it doesnt make any sense. who would put the time and effort into that?

    per necole's site she confirmed that darealamberrose was amer rose's real twitter.

  • LadyJustice

    of course the stimulus isnt working, i barely notice it in my check. wish he would have given us a lump sum. my stimulus money is all going to bills. lol

  • Shauny

    Sandra always spells Kanye's name that way.

  • Sandra Rose

    Thanks to everyone who was worried, but I had to handle some personal business. :)

  • Dhoward1913

    Is Kanye relative enough that someone would pretend to be him? I think that he is an arrogant bastard. Can you tell that I am not a fan. However, the girlfriend is cute!

  • iscream

    Welcome back Sandra.

    I see this nicca grammer is still out of order!

    SMH. If you are going to release a statement for all to read.... GET A PROOF READER.

  • pointhimout

    and tweeting and twittering takes the fun away from stalkers, or does it make it easier? either way, i dont have the patience or time. why would i want people to know my every move, especially if i'm high profile?

  • Daisy

    @Dhoward I am a Kanye fan lightweight stan and yes he is relative enough cause obviously somebody was already posing as Kanye speaks his mind right, wrong or indifferent and I LUVS it. He aint worried about being PC he may act like a bitch at times but most ppl do at some point in time about one thing or another.

  • lovezoe

    Is that Amber's real head, it looks mighty strange.

  • LadyJustice


  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Spongebob, I agree, this Amber is a real beauty and she looks great in this red number. What nationality is she? Whatever she is, she puts most so-called "Hollywood Movie Stars" to shame.

  • KaraZ

    so is not you? Someone has some real time on their hands

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Sadnra always goes out her way to spell that man's name incorrectly.

  • attorneymom

    Who cares?? Leave Kanye West alone!!!!!!