I LOVE me some Fresh who runs roughshod all over Miami rapper Trina on her blog Crunktastical.net. My post title is a take off on one of Fresh's many original, yet comical euphemisms: "why won't you let ______ be great?"

Here's what Fresh wrote about Trina today:

My how times have changed. New wig, new look, new attitude! Girl, you so editorial.

Probably not but Katrina Laverne is still trying to make us all believers. Of what, I am not sure of but she isn’t going to give up until she is at the same star status as a certain spicy creole goddess who shall remain nameless. Good luck with that.

Trina opens up about her relationship with Denver Nuggets star Kenyon Martin, her collard green funk image, and the direction of her upcoming album with Blue magazine editor Lenox Magee. Get your daily dose of the ‘glamorest’ life [HER WORDS, NOT MINE] by following her at TWITTER.COM/TRINAROCKSTARR.


  • Shauny

    Did Kenyon get his divorce yet? Just asking. Her and A. Keys has some stories to share I'm sure.

    Wait...didn't Wayne also VERY publicly go with Trina within that last 5 years? So London, Trina, and Nivea all were (I'm sure at some point) flucking the troll around the same time. Ladies get it together.

  • iscream

    @ Shauny don't forget the girl who had the baby by him early this year.

    @ topic I lubs Trina of the yesterday. Her first album is still a classic to me. She fell off big time since then.

  • kcicero

    I just want to know when a real female MC is going to step up to the plate...

    I'm not going to touch on the dating someone while married issue that's almost as hot a button as Sandra's who single ladies bit...

  • Shauny

    I think that it will be hard for any female right now. I think that we (well I know I did) enjoyed Lyte, Salt & Pepper and Queen Latifah etc. but I don't think that the younger people of this generation will like just the lyrical skills of a talented female MC. Now it's talking about who you're doing, how/how many and and what car you're driving that he bought, how you stole her man and put it on him and how you can pop the gat...blah blah blah. I think the era of a female emcee is dead.

  • kwallace577

    I just want to know when a real female MC is going to step up to the plate…
    all of the real ones are retired/caught up now.

    dana a.k.a kang latifah is an actress and a jazz singer. lana (mc lyte) is just chilling. kim jones (lil kim) turned into some weird looking asian woman on us. inga(fox boogie) is deaf and in trouble all the time from spitting on folks, beating them with cell phones, etc.

    they are all gone.

  • kwallace577

    me and shauny said the same thing....

  • Kymystry

    Cause she's a Black woman who dosen't know her PLACE

  • flyqtnva

    I bet Trina wish she could take it all back when she meeting people's parents....lol.....does anyone think they will last??? As far as rap a femail IDK I want LBOOGIE

  • kwallace577

    dear katrina taylor,

    i am gonna need for you to take off that mushroom wig RAT now. toute de suite. expeditiously.

    also i am curious to know if the lighting in that pic got you with that "lil kim syndrome"??? you know...how you go from a caramel colored sista to a noticeably lighter hue. finally, stop messing with your face. what happened to your old nose? i liked it.

    please don't be mad at me.

    your sister in Christ,


  • mizzdallas

    Female rappers are a thing of the past, Kym& Shauny yall said what I was thinking!!!

  • Dhoward1913

    @ kwallace.....all of your post on this topic are hella funny. Please stop. I just started laughing in front of my students. Stop!!!

  • Dhoward1913

    Weird looking asian woman.....Still laughing......

  • kwallace577

    @dhoward...i'm sowweee. but SHE DID.

    just like when i say mike jackson turned into an middle aged white woman. one album he was a nice normal looking black boy (off the wall) and then two albums later (bad) it was like WTF???

    it is the truth.

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    Nikki Minaj is teh next generation of female rappers, i also think lil mama is talented she just got get a lil older.
    no comment on trina,at least she landed a baller albeit married

  • kcicero

    I have to have faith that there is some L Boogie's, some Queens, some Lyte's and all the other greats out there just waiting to get their shine on. I'll be patiently waiting and praying...

    kwalll CRAZY!!! LOL!!!

  • Krysi J

    Bytch Please...!!!

    *walks off*

  • kwallace577

    to all of the lauryn hill fans i hate to tell yall but lauryn is gone. she let that man run her bonkers.

    AND i sincerly believe now, that she really WAS guilty of stealing those folks songs and not giving them credit on that critcally acclaimed album. the reason she never came out with anything ELSE was because she knew lightning was not gonna strike twice, and she would be exposed as a fraud.

    don't get me wrong...miseducation is forever in my rotation...but that girl KNOW she did not write nunna that material.

  • kwallace577

    and if lboogie comes with the hotness in say 2012 with some material that is not any controversy over WHO wrote it.. i will apologize.

    but i doubt that will happen cause last we saw of her... she was preggers with baby numa five, talk outta the side of her head, and looked like she had run away and joined the circus. cause that makeup made her look like a dayum circus clown....

  • flyqtnva

    NO MISCONCEPTIONS ON LIBOOGIE...IT WAS THE MUSIC SHE DIDNT WRITE NOT THE WORDS....SHE WROTE THE WORDS...THE PEOPLE THAT SUED HER DID IT BECAUSE THEY WROTE THE MUSIC....she coulda done that whole album acapela as far as I'm concerned because its the WORDS she says that are most important....

  • flyqtnva

    after she was sued....wyclef said she could always write ryhmes but she could not write music....so I believe to this DAY...those words were hers....and she just claimed it all...but he put her on blast and said how did she make the beats?

  • kcicero

    KWALL u ARE in rare form today! I am really going to ask my mom to do prayer warfare for dear Lauren, God Bless her soul.

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    Cosign with wallace lboog is long gone... sad........

  • kwallace577

    Hill, her management, and her record label were sued in 1998 by New Ark, claiming that they either co-wrote or co-produced 13 of 14 tracks on the album.
    so some of those words...maybe were not even hers. i don't think the world will ever really know. and like i said i think she is destined to be a one album wonder. i could be wrong....

  • Charles




    ANd no im not attacking anyone in this thrread or websit eor a reader so please dont e-mail sandra boo hooing this is lyrics from her song, KILLING YOU HOS

  • Shauny

    lol Damn Charles, has it gotten so bad that now you have to clarify what you say?

  • Krysi J


    I know she ain so no shyt like that bout RAN THRU AZZ PUzzy....and watch dis EX-ROLEX stripper get married before Daisy do.

  • Charles


    yes!!! people for whatever reason think im talking to/about them

  • flyqtnva

    Can somebody post those nasty lyrics to NAN when she talking bout sleeping with 5-6 best friends.....GROSS....ALL TRUE....

  • kwallace577

    where krysi j at? she KNOW lyrics is her gig.

    i got more than the 5-6 best friends part.

    i tried to clean it up best i could....sorry if i make somebody eyes burn....

    You don't know nann h&^ uh-uh
    Don' been the places I been
    Who can spend the grands that I spend
    f&^% bout 5 or 6 best friends
    And you don't know nann h&^ uh-uh
    That's off the chain like me
    That'll floss the thang like me
    lil awful thang like me
    You don't know nann h&^ uh-uh
    That sell more a^% than me
    You know nann h&^
    That'll make you come like me
    nucca you don't know nann h&^ uh-uh
    That don' tried all types of sh^%$
    Who quick to deep throat the di&^
    And let another bish straight lick the cl&^%

  • Krysi J

    HEEEEEeeeeeeeY @ Kwall

    *hands in the air*

    you ain never heard a bytch rap in third person....Im tom bout in the club tom bout "And you'n know na'an hO, uh-uh thats off da chain like SHE, and you'n know na'an hO, dat sell mo puzzy dan SHE"....LMAO, and Im telling the GOD HEAVEN TRUTH! I loved dat song, but that was Trina's lyrics all on her own.


    You'n know nann nigga (uh-uh)
    That dress fresher than meeeEEEE
    and you'n know na'an nigga, DAT Wear MO' POlo shyt den me BYTCH!
    You'n know na'an nigga (uh-uh)
    YOu'n know na'an niggah (uh-uh)
    NO! No! NO!

  • kwallace577

    krysi you a God honest fool. holllering.

    we was tambout lost female lyrical greats earlier and i forgot all about mrs. ginuwine. cause sole was a BAD heffa before she found the Lord. i remember going to a concert and that chick CAME with it. only out for a short time but "who dat" came up when i was searching for the "nann nukka" lyrics...

  • Kat

    not feeling that wig......

  • Krysi J

    cause sole was a BAD heffa before she found the Lord.

    oh YES she was hunny! Remember when her and Ginuwine did that cute lil video together...."It ain nunna yo friendz business, ain nunna yo friendz business"....awwww BLACK LOVE.

  • Krysi J

    cause sole was a BAD heffa before she found the Lord.

    oh YES she was hunny! Remember when her and Ginuwine did that cute lil video together….”It ain nunna yo friendz business, ain nunna yo friendz business”…aw, BLACK LOVE when its right, its beautiful.