Convicted woman beater Chris Brown is back in the studio a couple of days after begging his fans to listen to his music again.

Unlike millions of you, I did not click on the video link to hear what bitch boy had to say to Rihanna or to his fans. I am not one of his fans, and furthermore, who wants to hear a silly bitch whining?

What's clear is that his career is in the toilet and he will never regain the superstar status that he enjoyed before he kicked, punched and bit Rihanna into submission earlier this year.

What his mama didn't teach him about life, he will certainly learn in the coming months.

Chris patting his pocket looking for loose change

MORE pics of this bitch after the break

Only chicks, little kids and butt pirates wear metallic back packs


  • netta0281

    Wow why he got to be a bitch boy???But if the case was reverse and rihanna hit him all this bs wouldnt be going on... Let it go longs as god forgives him and his fans who cares what everyone else say.

  • melinla

    TEAM CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop judging!!!!!!!!!!!

  • netta0281

    Chris brown is still breaded sorry sandra and his career is going be even better..

  • Mika79

    Chris...just keep saying ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME! And everything else will be alright!

    TEAM CHRIST BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!! I've loved him ever since it was illegal to check out someone that young! LOL!

  • Anna

    This statement will say it all. It takes a man to walk away from a argument. I say let's give the kid a chance. I guess it does not matter that it was reported that Rih hit him first.

  • Krysi J

    Keep at it CHRIS....make them MAD AZ HELL about you moving on with your life and career!! YOU DON'T OWE NOBODY SHYT!! YOU DIDN'T EVEN OWE YOUR FANS AN APOLOGY, especially when you already APOLOGIZED to the actual person INVOLVED in the situation...the hell with everybody else and their HATING azz opinions of who you are.

  • Mika79

    OT...they saying MJ died from Drug overdose!

  • Mika79

    Krysi, you are so right about that. He apologized to the one he needed to, he's asked for forgiveness, whether she does or not, and I am sure he has prayed on it. Hell, I won't beat myself up everyday for things that I have done in my past when I was young and dumb. We all go through it, but they make us stronger and better. He'll make it I'm sure...better than before!

  • Daisy

    What GOD has for you is for you CB! God blessed you with the talent and that is ALL you need to remember. Maybe God humbled you NOW to STOP you from doing some worse later on down the road. You can't have a TESTimony w/o a TEST!

    STAY UP C BREEZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mika79


  • starr

    You can’t have a TESTimony w/o a TEST!


    This is some of the best advice i've seen written or heard in a looong time. Its the truth!!



  • LadyJustice

    his career is not over.

  • Daisy


    @Munch in my world I try to apply it to everybody. My sister was in an abusive relationship briefly and I told her ex/baby daddy the same thing.

    I try to live what I preach and it is not always easy but I do my BEST!

  • Krysi J

    You can’t have a TESTimony w/o a TEST!

    thats real right there...

  • pinky2083

    His career is FAR FROM OVER. If anything he'll be even bigger than before. We still don't know what Rih Rih crazy ass did.. I'll be bumpin his music.

  • jazi65

    I don't have a problem forgiving but so far he hasn't shown any remorse (IMO). First, the leakage of the rih pics..Say what ya want but CB and/or his camp was behind that tackiness. Second, the video was as believable as Bey winning an academy award. If he spoke from the heart instead of reading from the prompter I would applaud it..but it just looks like a clean up job so he can get his career back on track..

    I truly hope he has learned from this and gets help for his anger issues (before you stans jump on it, yes rih rih has a problem too but we talking about chris right now)but he shouldn't expect to be back at the top anytime soon..forgiveness takes time.

  • miss_jazmine

    Everyone can say what they want and believe what they want, but no human has the last say so. CB doesn't need forgiveness from any man, as long as God forgives him he'll be alright. And I think he'll do just fine.

    It's annoying how people are steadily judging him but not saying anything about Rihanna's part in the situation. But it doesn't matter, the truth always comes out just as justice always prevails.

  • Mika79

    Hey Jazi...your pic is like my shirt I have:

  • attorneymom


  • Mika79

    AHHHHHH! "Mika79 Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. "

    It was just a picture of my MJ shirt!!!!! *goes to the corner crying!*

  • iscream


    You don't know what his mother taught him. & contrary to what you may believe. Mothers only bring their children in the world. You can drum into their heads all you want but if they don't want to hear it they won't. We are all our own person.

    That's all I have to say about this topic.

  • Daisy

    Yeah right him or his camp leaked those pics the guy who did came fwd but some ppl want him to be painted as a monster no matter what. As long as he showed remorse to Robyn Rihanna I'm good. Time will tell if he has truly learned his lesson and that apology was 1st of many IMO. He can sit on the couch with Oprah and cry his heart out and folks would say that wasn't heartfelt so keep doing you CB!

  • netta0281


  • Daisy

    Ice CB said in his apology that his mama taught him better than he acted that night and I believe him. I agree parents can teach right from wrong but kids don't always listen sadly

  • keely107

    Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone....I just hope he was for real about getting help.

  • Krysi J

    I truly hope he has learned from this and gets help for his anger issues (before you stans jump on it, yes rih rih has a problem too but we talking about chris right now)but he shouldn’t expect to be back at the top anytime soon..forgiveness takes time.


    like I said Chris KEEP MAKING THEM MAD, it ain a damn thang they can do about you being RICH, noting they can do about you being TALENTED, and nothing they can do about you being HUMAN....or making MISTAKES....but there is so much you can do to make yourself a BETTER person for it...KEEP HATING haters and CHRIS keep AT IT!! JUST KEEP IT AT!

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. I can't imagine living in the spotlight, especially after one makes a horrific mistake like beating on a public figure like Rihanna. (Boy, I wish I could undue all the mistakes I've made in life.) That said, let's forgive him this time and see what path he takes. He knows he's under a microscope so he'll be a good boy, for now. And plus, I like him 'cause my son looks so much like him. Folks tell him this all the time but my 22 yr old Stanford graduate would never, ever hit a woman. He'd walk away first. Peace.

  • jazi65

    KEEP HATING haters and CHRIS keep AT IT!! JUST KEEP IT AT!

    It humors me that stating your opinion is now define as hate.

  • Krysi J

    It humors me that stating your opinion is now define as hate.

    well I find it humorous that you're statement, like the other FEW speak of forgiveness as if its up to YOU in particular to forgive him before he is officially FORGIVEN. Sorry, but honey if he asked GOD for forgiveness the second he hit Rhianna (back), he was forgiven as of THEN. However carry on, I not trying to get in the way of your GODly duties :shrug:

  • eastpointvet

    r kelly did far worse in the eye of public opinion and still has a career so surely chris brown will still have one as we tend to be a pretty forgiving race. and shay and daisy i said i got yall on the bdays i noticed u said something in the other post lol

  • Daisy

    @PA My mama told me a long time ago NEVER say what your child will or won't do. I bet CBs mother felt the same way before that night in Feb. Also ppl that attend and graduate from Ivy league schools can be abusive as well. Just saying

    @East well our b days are coming up sooner than later so we need to decide what we are going to do and I think Yvonne has a b day next mth as well :dance:

  • jazi65

    GODly duties


    Now you're taking this way beyond my simple opinion of this's just that, my opinion. I see fans of his say they forgive him and I merely stating that I could not at this time. I speak of forgiveness because to many of these celebs think saying they're sorry cleans the slate. What happened bwt those 2 is much bigger than them. Domestic violence is a serious matter and there are alot of young people watching. If he's just going through the motions, shame on him. If he's truly sorry that I wish him the best.

    I never claimed to be his judge jury or's...just my opinion.

  • aqtpie

    Pick and choose!!!

  • Kat

    :clap: @ krysi (#6)

    chris's career is FAR from over. r kelly bounced back, kobe bounced back...even WHITNEY is making a come back! lol! but chris and rihanna both will be fine with their careers.

  • shhhh

    At the end of the day none of us were present when this situation happen so who are any of us to paint a picture of what transpired between these people.

    Oh how beautiful the world will be when people learn to start minding their own business and not get in other's private affairs.

    I was with out with some friends last night and I overheard a group at the table near by talking about Steve McNair's death. There was a guy who sat and told the whole story of what happen to Steve McNair. I mean this fool went on and on just talking away like his a** was there. I was so annoyed by it and it was at that very moment that I offcially had to put myself in check. What made it even worst, the guy didn't even have the basic facts together which could've easily been know from watching the news.

    It just amazes me how people can say things about people that they have NEVER met and think they know that person like a book. Very sad.

  • kwallace577

    still looks like radio...esp in pic 2.

  • rochele08


  • Krysi J

    I never claimed to be his judge jury or’s…just my opinion.


    you know what I DON'T get? How can a person say that they believe in GOD, trully mean that, if they dont even attempt to support his word? Why is it the whole reason for our being, A GOD, can forgive so easily....and we mere little people of the earth, who more than often are not even worthy of his love can not??

    just a thought.

  • Daisy

    Kwall I forgot yall called him

  • NichelleWalker/


    Firstly, don't blame Chris for Pictures Rhianna had no business taking in the first place. Anytime you take pic's or make a tape you better be prepared for leakage, anything can happen, your camera can get stolen. Your best friend who maybe you pissed off can take them and post them it can be a number of things that can go wrong. Rihanna is older than Chris so she knew better than to bust her coon wide open in the first place. That is not Chris Brown fault that her pic's got leaked all over the net.
    Hell I still believe Kim K released her own sex tape, so I for one am glad they leaked it shows she not the innocent girl everybody thought she was. She posted up all over America with another woman husbands and if anybody who had some common sense would know. It's not a good look to be places with a married man.

    And Sandra and everybody else who got something to say "who died and made you God?" Jesus Christ was the only pure sole who walked the earth and died on the cross for our sins. So Sandra have you ever done anything wrong, or had to tell a person sorry???? I'm pretty for sure well all have and it's no different than getting judge by people who say being Gay is wrong... I for one say of you like it I love it.. However there are groups of people who line up and protest and say gays will bust hell wide open,,,

    My point here is never do to others what you don't want done to you. I wish Chris never said anything the only person he needed to seek forgiveness from was God and Rihanna and his mother other than that he didn't owe us a danm thing. And if you say you won't forgive than you WILL never make it into heaven. God tells us not to harden our hearts, I say he should have left it alone but he did what he felt was best for him.

    Everybody on this mf blog has done something wrong and we all have done something we are to ashamed to admit to. So before you start stepping up on the soap box look in your own closet, and check out your history, I really wish I was born back in the say where people prayed for you. People let you know "God hasn't brought you this far to leave you"

    I remember when my grandmother made us sing this song daily, she told us that we better thank God we had a praying grandmother. She told us girls that we will be women and should always act as a lady. She told us the road that we will travel into our adult hood would get bumpy and unsure, that the devil will make us feel everything we've ever done was a waste. But to hold on to our faith, morals, values and remember that God is not through with you so be patient.

    "I don't feel no waste time, I come to far from where I started it from, Nobody told me that road would be easy, I don't believe he brought this far to leave me." --No waste time---

    So Chris don't let the devil make you feel like your a waste, hold on to your faith, your struggles and your belief's. God is not through with you yet, the battle is not yours its the lords. Remember nothing in life happens to you without a reason. God is testing you so don't fail he will never put more on you than you can bare.

    I am a survivor of domestic abuse, I don't call myself a victim like Rihanna is not one. A victim is a person held against there own will, they have no choice but to do as there attacker is forcing them to do, Anytime a woman sits with a abusive man she is not a victim she has a choice to leave and she choosing not to..If you feel like your a victim wake the hell up and get have a choice don't let it be said to late...

    and Sandra sorry for the book ya'll you were dead azz wrong for calling the baby crossed eyed smh @u

    sorry for the misspelled words

  • Krysi J

    However there are groups of people who line up and protest and say gays will bust hell wide open,,,

    what does the Bible say? All men and Women who send and do not repent before judgement will bust hell wide open. Someone who is saved know that in the Bible it doesn't say a damn thing about you can marry the same sex and go to Heaven. No it does not! It spoke of a wife for Adam, and a husband for Eve, so how the hell does anyone expect GOD will react upon judgement if you deliberatly ignored those orders...........shyt it goes for everybody, and there are other commandments we must abid by as I said before in that Terell post. Keep letting your friends and all dem false prophets water shyt down and make you think GOD will settle for less if you abide by the laws written by man, you abide by the polices that keep you employed....oh but you can't live by the instructions GOD left for you and you still consider yourself saved?? How, you would be in jail if you broke the law right, or fired by your boss for not abiding by company policy...whats the difference. Yes he forgives, but he also knows your heart....and all that crap about GOD just wants you to be happy, yes to a certain extent Im sure, it would be too easy for a person to be saved and still remain a sinner, murderers and all?....hell we'd all go to heaven!! So who goes to hell?? You can't do both and a lot of people are going to find out the hard way. I have nothing against people who are gay, or whatever....shyt I hope I don't get caught in my mess either, but please oh please do not carry on about being saved and what not if you are still active in the devil's community. Cut it out...that goes for me az well, which is why I do not play with GOD. All these excuses.....SMH.....just don't by into it and die without taking a big azz risk.

  • Krysi J



    I had to laugh at my MF self!!

    yall know what I meant.

  • NichelleWalker/

    @Krysi J

    I didn't say I was saved I used that as a example of pointing the finger when you don't want people to do it to you...

  • Daisy

    I say God loves the sinner yet hates the sin I choose to focus on Gods love I have no problem with gays n general or the ones who attend my church I believe u can be gay and saved.

  • trynabeme

    @ the risk of getting baaaaaaaaannnnnnnned....for you to "not be a fan"....supporter ...or whatever you'd like to call it you give him quite a bit of shine on this site....and they say, "There's no such thing as bad publicity" (beatdown aside)

    If it were my site (& I know it ain't) and I had such ill feelings for the young tike, I wouldn't reference him @ all....the opposite of love/like isn't hate/dislike, it's indifference....(BEYONCE TOO....however we know that's a different sit-cha-ation)

  • Krysi J

    gay and saved

    but not actively gay is saved right?........meaning they are fighting there demons off just like we would.

  • masonmom

    c breezy will have no problem gettin another girlfriend and his money is still long enuff for him to keep up wit that lambo he sportin! TEAM C BREEZY!! he can still dance his azz off.

  • Krysi J

    happiness.............doesn't mean taking pleasure in your sin and thinking GOD will accept it. Happiness is more than likely the peace GOD will give you once you realize you should live your life for HIM not your guilty pleasures.....there is a difference.....GOD is all the happiness you will need, he will provide the rest if you live by his word. Put your BEST foot forward and you will be rewarded....half way doing shyt will cause you to come up shaWT, im telling ya now. However, I understand that we are not to judge, Im just telling ya our judgement does NOT compare to GOD's so just don't fall for it....when u are being evaluated by the GOD himself, you will be judge by your OWN actions you can't walk up to GOD and say: "Well the preacher in my church said I could sin/ be actively gay (for example) and be saved"

    what the hell..........and GOD will say what....?? Well done.....?? I wouldn't bet my after life on that.

  • masonmom

    krysi what u goin on a tangent about? u preachin up in here or what. go head Rev Run!

  • Daisy

    I am a pro choice pro gay Christian I don't have a heaven or hell to put anybody in. I know the word and what it says but I also believe what I believe.

  • iscream

    I didn't know being gay was a sin :shrug:


    When I don't agree with you Krysi you are fun-ny. "I wouldn't bet my after life on that."


  • masonmom

    heaven i need a hug!

  • Krysi J

    I know the word and what it says but I also believe what I believe.

    Well damn....hey well...thats the best thing about freedom of comes with responsibility. I'm so glad Im responsible for my OWN soul and nobody else's. Good debate though.