It was like a scene straight out of the classic book Lord of the Flies. But instead of British schoolboys descending into savagery and killing each other on a bucolic deserted island, we have Chicago area schoolboys beating 16-year old honor roll student Derrion Albert to death in the South Side Roseland neighborhood last Thursday (9/24).

What's equally as disturbing as watching children turn on children in this video is watching the savagery unfold through the eyes of the nig-norant videographer who reacts gleefully to the senseless violence as if he's watching a video game come to life.

The video shows Derrion in the mix of a street brawl that erupted between dozens of his fellow Christian Fenger Academy High School students as school let out around 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Derrion can be seen at the 45 sec. mark swinging wildly at a teen. As he does so, another teen wearing a red jacket over the same high school uniform as Derrion's, comes up behind him and strikes him over the head with a 2x4 board.

Derrion crumpled to the ground in the parking lot adjacent to a community center in the 300 block of West 111th Street. As he struggled to get to his feet, a younger boy, wearing a dark shirt and Chicago Bulls shorts, dropped him again with a vicious punch to the jaw.

Derrion tries to rise again and stumbles a few yards to a street corner where the young savages realize he's easy prey and set upon him with their fists, feet and boards.

Several youth workers, and a passerby who abandoned his truck in the street, helped drag the mortally wounded boy into the nearby Agape Community Center. Police arrived on the scene seconds later and remained with them until an ambulance arrived.

According to the coroner, Derrion died from massive bleeding in the brain caused by blunt force trauma to the head. Four students in all were injured in the melee.

Monique Bond, Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman, tried to distance Fenger Academy from the violence that claimed the life of one of its students.

According to the Sun-Times, Bond said the school district was told there is possibly a conflict between two gang "factions," but "it has nothing to do with the school."

But clearly the video shows otherwise as most of the participants in the brawl, including the assailants, wore Fenger Academy school uniforms.

Chicago police were questioning several "persons of interest" Sunday night in connection with the fatal beating.

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  • LovelyLady

    I knew you would have this story posted. Thanks!!! I heard about this on the radio on my way to work.

  • LovelyLady

    OMG this is soooo sad these mofos need to be convicted and tried as adults. No human should be beat like that. They acting like animals,

  • lovezoe

    My heart breaks for the family of this young, promising male. We need to come together as a community and stop this. Parents: your children are not above getting their ass whipped. If we stopped thinking that our children could do no wrong, we would not have a bunch of thugs carrying on like this. Last week the local PD was looking for a 16 year accused of RAPING a 70 year old lady, the news went door to door asking if anyone has seen him, and low and behold they came across this lady, it was his mom and she took his behind right to the jail. THIS is what we need to do. If your child has guns, drugs, out of control, call the cops.

  • ldorisca

    JESUS!!!! I pray that pours out his blessing on the family of this young man. I am speachless.

  • Anna

    Too bad it's not like it use to be when we sent our kids to school to get an education. I can't imagine what his mother is going through. My payers to the family.

  • Daisy

    Will the killings in Chi town ever stop. I know these parents have to be tired of burying their kids. Not all of them are involved in gangs some are just innocent by standers. I did not even watch the video I can't even watch violence on TV

    God Bless the family and that community.

    My heart breaks at the thought of how many lost young black males we have these days. I try to do my part and save as many as I can here in the A.

  • shannon04

    This is so sad to see these children carry on this way and beat this young man to death like they did. They don't have any respect for themselves and others I can see why Oprah did not open her school here. Why? These children wouldn't appreciate it and when they carry on this way why would you want to do anything for them?? It's a bad thing to say cause you do have good kids that want a better life and a way out. Sometimes the good have to suffer with the bad.

  • Shauny

    I wasn't even going to post today BUT since you posted this lets clear a few things up.

    1. The young man was NOT mixed in with these thug azz kids fighting, he was pulled into the fight and was said to be trying to defending himself after he started being jumped.

    2. The media has repeatedly said he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and NOT in a gang

    3. The Monique broad IS lying because half of those ignorant fools on that tape came from that school so the "gang infractions" are Fengers problem.

    He was an honor roll student who didn't get in trouble and was killed by thug boys for no reason other than they could. I hope they find ALL their azzes and charge them as adults with first degree murder. Makes no sense, it's a damn shame.

  • vipatlstyle

    Man Sandra my brother and sister are 17. I can only imagine something like this happening at their school. This kids need to pay and big time!



    It is soo sad.I am a former Christian Fenger High School graduate myself(Class of 1998) and that school has been bad ever since I went there. It was just like that move lean on me. The Roseland community in Chicago is ravished by drugs, teen pregnancy, gangs and the kids just have no respect. This just goes back to the fact that these kids have no male role models/ figures in the household. our male role models can only do so much, these young men no help and there are almost no men stepping up to the plate.

  • Daisy

    @Shannon I am sure there are plenty of kids in chi town who would appreciate the chance to attend a SAFE school regardless if Oprah opened it or not. Stop lumping ALL kids together. Not all kids in the inner city are involved in gangs and like going to school with metal dectors. Oprah did a show on a school in DC that was down the street from the white house that was old and falling apart who was showing AC360 around the school TWO AFRICAN AMERICAN males who had been doing everything they could to get the board of education to come in and fix their school.

  • missmiami


  • mirsmommy

    Wow. This is so sad. RIP to the dearly departed, and I pray for this kid's family.

    And this is supposed to be our future. We are in deep ish.

  • attorneymom

    Kool Moe Dee: "I never ever ran from the Ku Klux Klan
    and I shouldn't have to run from a black man."

    I am done. I am tired of this shit. Thanks for the video. I was waiting for them to release the video from the church survelliance cameras before I updated my post on Character Corner.

    In additon, why did it take 20+ minutes for the ambulance to come to the church??

  • shannon04

    @ Daisy...Im not lumping ALL kids together. I said that there are kids that want better, but when you have those that carry on this way, why would anyone want to do anything for any of them? Which means that the good ones do have to suffer because of the bad ones. I never said that all kids were involved in gangs. The bad behavior speaks louder and nobody wants to help when you see this type of stuff.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Jesus - those kids were like animals. I am praying the family can come to grips with this. I can't imagine what it's like for people to see their child actually being killed.

    Trust me, when the little bastards are caught - someone's mama is gonna cry about how her baby never had a chance and he's a good boy and all this other ish. God help if that were my brother or something and I found out who the kids were before the cops. I am not a proponent of black-on-black crime, but they'd be safer in a jail cell before I had to catch up with them.

    What the hell goes through a kid's head where they feel like it's ok to hit someone with a 2x4. Damn depraved punks. I'm so mad...gotta get off this post now.

  • KayCeiSoul

    Amen to The Divine Ms. K!

    I don't even want to see the video. This really hurts because I have 13 and 15 year old sons. I'm in tears right now. God bless and keep him and his family.

  • BayArea

    Why? Why? Why? Praying hard for my 3 yr old baby girl right now!

  • ELove

    Crack Babies R Us ...
    And Fenger HAS ALWAYS had these types of problems (ALWAYS)

    And Roseland is a Very Dangerous-n-Criminal area, ALL KINDS of criminal acts happen there ON THE REGULAR that don't even get coverage (SAD but Oh So TRUE...)

  • miamore73

    I just can't imagine the pain his family must be going through after something like this. The idea of "life" is just amazing to me. You really don't have any guarantees when you walk out the door in the morning. His mother sent him to school to get an education which he was trying to do and he didn't make it home. I couldn't imagine one of my babies not coming home.

  • missy

    I saw this on another site and my first thought was why is nobody stopping this and this is the last moments of this child's life and i'm here watching his demise(it brought tears to my eyes) but the problem is these children don't have any respect for the adults and problems like this is happening all around the world.I just feel for this family because they will have this gruesome video to replay of how their loved one was taken away from them.I hope all these little boys get caught and put under the jail because they don't care for another persons life.

  • Anna

    ELove Says:

    Crack Babies R Us …
    That's exactely what it is and even if the mamas did not get caught up with crack the moms were very young teen mothers, who didn't have a clue on how to raise a baby, yet alone a male child.