Troubled producer Kanye West has come under fire by the man who holds the highest office in the land after his bizarre antics on Sunday's VMA broadcast. During preparation for a MSNBC interview yesterday, Barack Obama could be heard over a live feed calling Kanye a "jackass."

An ABC News co-anchor tweeted the presidential diss, which was in turn retweeted by millions on the social, micro-blogging network last night.

By this morning it was damn near impossible to get on Kanye's blog to see his response to the supreme insult, if he had any.

Many wonder how Kanye, who is extremely sensitive to criticism, will handle being called a jackass by the president of the United States.

Meanwhile Kanye apologized for a third time on Jay Leno last night for ruining Taylor Swift's big night at the VMAs. But will Obama apologize to Kanye at a White House beer summit? Not likely.

Maybe now Kanye will see that his inappropriate behavior will no longer be tolerated. And hopefully he'll just go away and hide somewhere with his manly looking beard Amber Rose.

  • Krysi J

    Aw Kanye...guess Chris won't be the only man with cancelled tour dates this year......I wonder what you'll have to say now that the shoe is on the other foot!

    And you thought people were gunning for Chris cuz he hit Rhianna...poor silly boy....thats like saying they only hated on Mike Vick after his family kill some dogs..........don't you know where da fukk we at???

    Now they got you right where they want you.

  • jazi65

    I'm sure there's a vacancy at the Betty Ford Clinic..

  • iyonah

    Wow ... is it really this serious over a VMA!? I can't believe this ish ... yes kanye was wrong, but far worse has been done in life. Obama has some nerve, making a comment< I need him to fine tune the so called "healthcare reform"

  • eastpointvet

    thats funny but he did seem pretty sincere on jay leno last night ill say that

  • Daisy

    SMH and LOL@ppl taking shots at the Pres over his comment like that is what the entire interivew was about when clearly off record means the INTERVIEWER asked a question before or after the interview took place and he could have said no comment or jackazz but either way the question asked of him would have been answered.

    TEAM KANYE! This to shall pass just stay strong and get any help you may need.

    I still cant believe this is breaking news???????? :eek:

  • iyonah

    No shot Daisy -- cause I know that was for me. The Pres needs to be more careful, he is held to a different standard. At least I expect more ...

  • iyonah

    No shot Daisy -- cause I know that was for me. The Pres needs to be more careful, he is held to a different standard. At least I expect more ...

  • Krysi J

    That Daisy and her president....SMH....LMAO!

  • SunnyPA

    what goes around, comes around ... Kanye now knows how Taylor Swift felt.

    Oh well.

  • Daisy

    Krysi please believe I go in on Mr O when I disgaree with him but he gets blamed for saying something not saying something he can't win for losing at this point he answered a question that was asked of him and his asnswer was OFF the record so he thought.

    Iyonah he would have given you more had he known it was going to be on record lol

  • attorneymom

    The President is on tv again.

    Anyways, the VMAs are not that deep. Give me a break. The little white girl needs to thank Mr. West because I sure did not know who her behind was before Sunday.

    "Look some the prettiest people do the ugliest things." Notwithstanding, Jay Leno's interview shed light on Kanye's state of mind. Kanye needs a moment to regroup. He lost his mom to something senseless as plastic surgery, which was something she clearly did not need. Fall back, Kanye. You really need to.

  • vipatlstyle

    Who cares ... Everyone let's give Kanye a hug! There is no excuse for what he did, nevertheless he did. It's really not that deep.. Probably ADD or something. For Obama it takes a jackass to know one. Remember when you point your figure in blame there are 3 more pointing at you. We our a product of our enviorment, remember that. So when Kanye stepped on stage, you did as well. If America fails you have as well failed. People get the picture!

  • katgirl33

    Well, Mr. President just said what most people are saying about this.....LOL

    That comment came from a man, with kids who were old enough to understand what Kanye did, b/c that was some KIDDIE AZZ stuff he pulled....straight from the playground! Just so that man happens to be the President of the United States....

    Mental note to Kanye: It's say something about the persona you portray when the Leader of the Free World calls you a donkey's booty....LMAO You got some work to do G!

  • buttercup24

    I'm sorry I thought being president was just a job, did he stop being human at some point. All he said was Kanye was a jackass which he was. I don't understand the big deal.

    I like Kanye but I'm glad he is getting called out on his immature bull crap finally.

  • katgirl33

    Come on now, it is what it is!

    Serena's catching it for cussing out that lady at the US Open(Hell to the naw on that one....South Central came OUT the other night....LOLOLOLOL) ain't no way around the heat....

    A donkey's booty wouldn't even do what Kanye did......LOL It's hard to overlook adults when they do blatantly stupid things.....

    I bet he's looking at CB a little differently right now....both being scrutinized for their actions, looking at negative stains on their blossoming careers...

  • Krysi J

    Kanye probably made it up in his mind before he even reached the VMA location to do some stupid shyt......I doubt it had anything to do with his mother....I do believe it had a lot to do with him being im sure after he sobbered up and realized what he did (by watching it all over every tv channel known to man) he regretted it and thought "if mama had been here, I probably wouldn;t have done that to a 17 year old".....that doesn't mean he wouldn't have done it at all (cuz he has in the past).................but I ain feeling that mother's death excuse. Usually death makes a human being humble....I've never seen someone become more arrogant........maybe its just Kanye being himself now that his mother is not around to stop him.

  • katgirl33

    iyonah Says:

    Wow … is it really this serious over a VMA!? I can’t believe this ish …

    I believe this is the third time Kanye den snapped at the VMAs....let me rephrase....

    This is the third time Kanye den got his azz on TV and acted like a Donkey's booty....

    1. At the Hurricane Katrina telethon, got on live TV and said Bush don't care about black people (ok, we overlooked that and supported him, b/c it seems that he was right)
    2. (was that the VMA, or the Grammys?) When he snapped about not getting the best new artist award.
    3. This mess

    ...I feel like I missed one.....

    Oh yeah, when he beat up the paparazzi fella in the airport for.....OMG...taking his picture.

    It shows you that some of us don't know how to act, get money, then don't care about learning how to act.....I ain't even gon mention what his Momma would say....she probably been rolling over a lot this year.....

  • pointhimout

    so barack took a small break from phucking up the country more to comment on something so irrelevant? and for the record, when you're POTUS, there's no such thing as off the record--hence the tweet.

    TEAM KANYE. assholes must stick together, so why are you all turning your back on our most famous member? his dudes are paid and he never ceases to amaze us.

  • pointhimout

    ***his dues....

  • katgirl33

    I just read a little about Ms Lady on Wikipedia......she is a country singer (not new) and writer, one of her songs is the most downloaded in country music history.

    As with CB and Ri Ri, Kanye ain't do nothing but hurt himself, and this girl's career is about to blow up!

    CB n Kanye.....two dumb asses sitting a tree.....

  • katgirl33

    pointhimout Says:

    so why are you all turning your back on our most famous member?

    We ain't turning out backs....LOL We just doing what your name says......

    When you're a man in the spotlight, CONTINUING to do things to bring heat to yourself, people are going to.....

    point him out


    I really hope he sees the lesson in all this......sit your azz down and make some good music! LOL

  • miamore73

    I know I'm only one person and one household and I"m not running around bumping music like that anyway but I'm banning Kanye fromt he miamore73 house!! It's not just about what he did to Taylor Swift he's just an ass in general. How many times does someone get to pull this type of disrespectful ridiculousness before we say that's enough. I applaud the radio station that's pulled him from they're play list. I wish more would do the same thing.

  • kwallace577

    i think i am so ticked not just b/c mtv and other award shows KEEP on inviting him back when he is an obvious troublemaker (lol)...i am also mad cause some folk are like oh it was just a little country yt girl...i didn't know who she was anyway...etc.

    to those folks i say they better broaden their horizons and stop taking country music and the genre for granted. it is a big money making venture and ALOT of folks listen to it. it's a way bigger music community than the hip-hop/rap/r & b communities combined. which is why taylor won the vma in the FIRST is an award voted for...BY the public.

  • attorneymom

    Jesus walk with Kanye.

  • miamore73

    My 16 year old was actually listening to Taylor Swift the day before the VMA's. I had to do a double take. She said "What I like this song?!"