• pinky2083

    I am not feeling any of those outfits.. especially Sheree's. I expected so much more from her, she acted like her shyt was gonna be hot.. I'll PASS.

    I do like Lisa's though.

  • Daisy

    I am not impressed with either Lisa or Sherees line.

    I will take some clothes by Kara Saun or Kato in a NY min!

  • http://myspace.com/katgirl33 katgirl33

    Lisa'a clothes did look better, didn't they??

    That link hit it on the head Auntie....Shytty by Sheree'......LOL

  • missy

    i agree with you pinky i think that lisa's designs were way better than shree's i mean all the hype she did and she produced lackluster looking clothing (i see sheena from top model)and her outfit was dull as ever so she should be happy that most of the big named designers dropped out because she didn't deserve to be there.

  • mizzdallas


  • miamore73

    Oh now what Dwight has to say is going to be absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Sheree looks like she was just cast as the Wicked Witch from the East Side.

  • mirsmommy



    I was LMAO at Dwight's facial expressions and comments about Lisa's fashion show and clothes!!!!!!!!

    Dwight, "That black dress is too short." and "That's not finished, that's not finished."

    Pure comedy!!!!

  • mirsmommy

    *Off topic* Did anyone hear that Caster Semenya, is now on suicude watch??

  • mirsmommy


  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachizz

    Go Head Boo!!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachizz

    Hell Naw Lisa colthes was full of ruffles... too much going on.. Lisa is very competitive

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    That dress...the shoes...ALL WRONG...someone needs to check her on that ish :coffee:

  • KaraZ

    I keep thinking "Shim by Him"

  • miamore73

    everything sticking out of that dress looks magnified

    her legs
    her calfs

    just DREADFUL

  • miamore73

    Oh I can't believe I didn't mention that big ass bobble head coming out of that collar.

    Who gone check me boo??!!

    Again Dreadfuullll!!!

  • iscream

    miamore73 Says:

    everything sticking out of that dress looks magnified

    her legs
    her calfs

    just DREADFUL

    Her legs look like cow legs. I don't know if it's the shoes giving them that effect but they don't look nice at all. pee ew.

  • http://twitter.com/LaydeeJustice LadyJustice

    yea um....

    everything is ugly. isnt she supposed to have on THE BEST OUTFIT? omg, she needs to go into hiding with those ugly pieces

  • bklynchick

    In Ne Ne's Voice

    "DDDwwight what did u think about Sheree fashion show in New York"

    Dwight "It was dreadful, just dreadful, I mean seriously does she really think that was fashion my god and that awful outfit she had on just a mess"

    Dwight & Ne Ne laugh hysterically

  • ELove

    We bring to you HE-SHE Fashions for the Manly-Female in YOU :lol:


    More like Sh*t by Sheree! She need stop and go sit down!!!! And her dress. Makes her looks older than what she is.

  • pointhimout

    haha for the manly female in you. funny.

    that line is so Value City, and they're gone out of business here in Atlanta. Sheree, that line is wack. I'm sure the crowd was not moved at all, considering being there had to be worse than reading it on the net.

    Why dont she just sign up for Omnitech or something; pick up a trade? It's ok Sheree. Come join the rest of us five figure paupers.

    Song selection as ur theme music: MJ's 'U R NOT ALONE.'

  • PAHairston

    Value City, what a hoot!

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Didn't someone once call her clothing line "Shyt by Sheree"?


  • ontaya brooks

    I see Rainbow and Dots in her future.