By Sandra Rose  | has the actual audio of Barack Hussein Obama, your president, dissing rapper Kanye West by calling him a "jackass." It's not as funny when you hear him say it.

And loyal reader LIZESOUL is angry with me and my readers for clowning Kanye. She writes:

we cant stick together for two min... hating black folk for chiming in instead of defending kanye... the wack ass president called kanye a jackass... did he call that white mf a jackas ..that called his black ass a folks are wack...

  • Charles

    Who giveds a fuck this shit is sooooo boring who cares kanye is a millionaire taylor is a millionaire does it even matter at this point?


  • Daisy


    I hope she wrote, called and emailed the office of Joe Wilson before she emailed you POW :coffee:

  • free

    doesn't sound that bad to me....

  • SunnyPA

    Lizesoul, I'm sure Obama had plenty of choice words for Wilson ... they weren't caught on tape.

  • SunnyPA

    it was inappropriate that this got out but the Lord works in mysterious ways. Both Kanye and the Prez learned a valuable lesson from it that didn't cost them anything.

  • Daisy

    @Sunny we agree 100% on this topic that is all

  • african_dude

    SunnyPA Says:

    Lizesoul, I’m sure Obama had plenty of choice words for Wilson … they weren’t caught on tape.
    bullsh!t...he didnt do jack to joe wilson....obama should have stayed in his lane..when michael jackson died it took him forever to say a word but when a little pale bunny gets an ackward moment here comes robin hood(obama)..whoa..if this aint some uncle tom sh!t..i dont know, smh

  • Black Bauer

    Obama is bitch-made.............

  • Daisy

    It did NOT take him forever to respond to MJ he did it in a PRIVATE manner FIRST and yall knee grows who dyck ride him didnt know such and then he made a public statement.

  • Black Bauer

    Obama is bish-made.

  • Daisy

    That would be PRESIDENT bish made Obama get it right :coffee: :dance:

  • mimimumbi

    Okay, So let me get this straight, You can diss and call Kanye all sorts of names and criticize him and his lady for what he did YET when the President says the same thing and calls him a Jackass suddenly u are against it, MAN i smell a hypocrete in the room. Taylor Swift is getting MAAADDD publicity off of this, sure she was already famous BUT come on, it didnt hurt her, people who were not familiar with her now know who she is, people who never heard of her now are singing her songs....So please, she needs to sit her young self down. I understand the magnitude of this whole thing, KANYE was wrong on all levels BUT should it really have gotten this big???? the media have nothing better to do. I doubt Taylor is worried about this and for those celebs who are yippin and yappin about what Kanye did, they are just adding more hits to his blog, tweets and everything one is getting hurt here, people will forget soon enough, afterall, we all know Kanye is a bit of a jackass. Every celeb speaking out about this is just looking for a shout out and to be quoted on blogs and on radio...They all attentions whores at the end of the day! I am not supporting Kanye but come on, lets talk Healthcare and leave the cooning fool be...That white girl aint suffer one bit!

  • mirsmommy

    Well, IN MY OPINION, Kanye is a jackass. I mean, this wasn't his first jackass move to begin with. He's been a jackass.

  • mirsmommy

    And that's MY OPINION.

  • Black Bauer

    The next time Obama "goes in" on a white person will be the first time. That white cop in Boston is laughin his azz off.

  • Peachizz

    Like Obama said.. "I got alot of other stuff on my plate" and cuttttttt...

  • KaraZ

    african_dude are you now a soothsayer/witch doctor to know what Obama said about Joe Wilson off camera? I wish you would have had a different handle because the straight bullshiat that comes from your fingertips might have people thinking many Africans were as ignorant as you.

    Y'all are making this about race when it's not, Kanye did this to himself by being a jackass. President Obama said the same thing many people, black white and green are saying...

  • chat bout


  • chat bout


  • ELove

    ANY sitting-president of the U.S. should be above this insignificant entertainment stuff to COMMENT PUBLICLY in any way... OH, And CRACK is WHACK !!! :lol:

  • flyqtnva

    The major problem I have with this is Kayne done this sh1t 10 times 1st question is.....ARE ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE KAYNE DID THIS TO WORTHLESS?????? I remember one time he did it to an older lady...nobody said sh1t...#2 is the world in an uproar only because she is blonde eyed ANGLO.. not 2 be spoken to or looked at by a black man?????? I mean I'm not a beyonce fan but I even sat there like WTF! This is getting way out of control 4 no reason....Taylor is in the devils game I have no PITY for her, Kayne, none of them....she was right there in the audience praying to the devil right along with everyone else. Obama please sit down & shut the hell up...when you need to be talking you anit saying NOTHING....thats y HEALTHCARE IS DYING and u worring about Kayne WEST....WTF!..I need a president that anit concerned about POP culture! I need a president that's really trying to make progress, he shouldnt have time to be watch MTV! Obama read a damn book....yo

  • attorneymom

    @Elove, I concur with you 100%. Obama is so quick to throw Black men (remember Rev. Wright, Black fathers, Van Jones) under the bus. The VMAs are not that important.

    Memo to Pres. Obama: You are not going to get racist white people to love you because you took up for the little white girl.

    Forgive your sperm donor and stop bashing black men whenever your get a chance. Ooops, my bag, you did help Professor Gates out even though his azz was wrong. I know Kanye did not graduate from an Ivy league school, but can you please give him an invite to the White House. SMDH

    Sidebar: Taylor Swift needs to thank Kanye and Obama for her royalties because her record sales have just increased.

  • attorneymom

    @flyqtnva writes, "…#2 is the world in an uproar only because she is blonde eyed ANGLO.. not 2 be spoken to or looked at by a black man??????",
    You better preach!!! That is what this is all about. Had that been Lil Kim or Kerry Hilton none of this would be happening to Kanye.

    Sidebar: I stood up and told a group of white men at my company: #1 Don't ask me to make copies of contracts because I am not a paralegal or a legal secretary. I am an Attorney. See my secretary if you need copies. #2 Don't send me any disrespectful emails. #3 Follow the contract routing sheet process or their contracts will not be drafted. Well, my azz got written up, I was told that I have to attend anger management classes and I have to apologize to the white men. Let's just say I am handling my business as I type. The world will soon find out what we Black professional (especially Black attorneys) go through in Corporate America. In their books, "Niggas ain't suppose to have sh**."

  • flyqtnva


  • flyqtnva


  • flyqtnva

    damn thats messed up....u cant win for losing....but that how they look @ a bunch of damn go-fors....we need more celebs 2 be like ALI....but they all worried about their money....back in the day our stars acually stood for something...these niggas now trying to sell u something every 5 damn minutes...GTFOH...their not even celebs anymore to me...their PITCH MEN!

  • attorneymom

    When I met Ali, I honored him for his stand during the Civil Rights Movment. He said to me, "Still a nigga."

    I know he was playing, but he said three times to me.

    I have learned that no matter how articulate, rich, educated or intelligent a Black person is, you are still a "nigga" in some people's book. Just like some white people, some Martha Vineyards Black aristocrats feel the same way about us educated Blacks who were not born into certain social economic class. I am basically too burb for the ghetto, but too ghetto for the burb. Selah.

  • PAHairston

    Hello All, we realize Kanye acted like an ass night but hell, what did he have in his hand all night? The man was drunk, clear and simple. This doesn't excuse his stupid behavior but come on people, Swift is a blonde, blue-eyed 19 year old COUNTRY SINGER and here we are at the VMAs, basically a ROCK and HIP/HIP venue, and this young white thang walks away with the prize. Come on people, white America is trying to tell us something, that they are STILL in charge and always will be but, the REVOLUTION SHALL NOT BE TELEVISED. Call me crazy. Peace.

  • LovelyLady

    People are in an up roar over the Prez calling Kanye a jack azz :shrug: are you serious? Didnt you feel like what he did he was being a jack azz? Is it because he called Kanye a jack azz that makes everyone look at this like OMG?

    If he would've said Kanye acted stupidly, would that have been better. So I guess the Prez isnt suppose to curse? He's suppose to have higher standards than everyone else? We can curse but he can't?

    Then some take it even furthur and say....he takes shots at black men any time he can or Uncle Tom. lol. Are we for real? When have you ever really known the Pres to not anaswer a question when asked by the media. Is he not suppose to answer a question when asked, and i do beileve this was a question that was asked off the record or off air or something.

    Geesh people.

  • flyqtnva

    WHAT i'M SAYING IS OF ALL THE THINGS GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY....THIS IS WHAT HE RESPONDS about a....NO COMMENT NIGGA....this is the president of the free world responding to some pop culture none sense. He not fighting that hard for healthcare, and anit sh!t changed since he been in office....except an $11 increase in your check... im saying he was just in bed with Kayne & Jayz...I'm saying he IN EVERYTHING EXCEPT WHAT HE SHOULD BE IN...hate it or love it