For those who still think Usher's baby mama Tameka Foster is this misunderstood, innocent woman who is being persecuted by the blogs, here is evidence that she is not so innocent and she brings most of the drama on herself.

As I told you yesterday, Trampeka went to the trouble of locating a blogger all the way in Canada who said something about her that she didn't like. So Trampeka called the journalist's phone and left a profane message.

Apparently, the Tramp didn't care who heard it so Kemi put the audio on YouTube for all to hear. Beware if you're a blogger who writes unsavory things about the Tramp because she will call your crib from a blocked number.

Thanks to Kemi of, for the video link!

  • missmiami

    lol @ call your crib from a blocked #. people still do that?

  • mizzdallas

    I dont know rather to laugh or smdh but I think I will just laugh!

  • yvonne79

    Morning y'all!!!

  • blu_mango

    The msg seems kinda choppy. Or is it just me?

  • KaraZ

    LMAO! This makes up for getting my hair wet when I was out running. Tameka sounds so unpolished, WTF would Usher marry this old overused expired pu$$y hoodrat?

  • Liyah74

    More proof that the skank is crazy and seriously needs to get some help. I really hope Usher try to get full custody. She is truly not wrap too tight.

  • Anna

    KaraZ Says:

    LMAO! This makes up for getting my hair wet when I was out running. Tameka sounds so unpolished, WTF would Usher marry this old overused expired pu$$y hoodrat?
    I thought Chuckie was using your name.

  • LovelyLady

    "WTF would Usher marry this old overused expired pu$$y hoodrat?"
    :rofl: :wtf: Karaz dont be having me damn near spitting out my orange juice. That was some funny ish

  • KaraZ


    whatever do you mean? lol!

  • shannon04

    Tameka didn't handle the situation the right way. She should know by now that people are going to say what they want and she has to learn to just say whatever to all of it. She should not have called and left the message that's just something else to be used against her.
    For whatever reason(s) that usher chose to marry her, he did just that and for a long time he defended her when everybody was talking bad about the both of them. It dosen't matter why he married her or why they divorced but it happened. The sooner people stop giving them "spotlight" and talking about any of it, it will just be old news. Tameka and usher both act out like little kids, and will stay riding that continued "15" as long as you keep giving it to them.

  • shannon04

    you should have put this under who cares, cause both of them are drama queens. :-)

  • LilMissRed

    so was that her?? I mean that person sounds so different from the 'polished' Tameka last week on Ryans show.. Whoever the person on the phone was DEF sounds like they have issues

  • RachelRachel

    This is Exactly what Usher gets. Why would a hard working somewhat intelligent man marry a unintelligent gold digging woman? He didn't even test her mind. But you can betcha he tested her you-know-what and got TOOK! Big Dummy!

  • MissGauzzz


    :cosign: Yeah i was wondering the same thing! that didn't sound like the Tameka on Ryan's show...this chick's diction and everything is straight horrible! :sick:

  • talkingwithtami

    That sounds nothing like her,if thats her I'm crazy then. I'm sorry I've chatted with her quite a few times, her voice is deeper than that. I would know, just saw her a few weeks ago.

  • 2thick4u

    This is crazy :( !!! Toronto police don't play...she treading a thin line if this shit is true :( !!!

    But other than that...LMAO!!!

  • eastpointvet

    yeah surely didnt sound like she did last week on ryan but i guess she wasnt mad on ryan either its like that youtube video of that reporter talking all proper then something flys by and he turns straight hood lol

  • Charles

    Hemeka is so scandalous and trifling and irelevant im not surprised by this

  • wiggy2272003

    Speaking of her interview with Ryan Cameron I saw it another site I didn't watch it because well I don't care but apparently the summary of it was how the bloggers have really hurt her but she's fully moved on(those were her words but folks commented how she actually sounded hearbroken)Also these comments were highlighted

    “He married me, he only married only one women, me!!!”

    “I didnt run off and just leave my kids how people try to say, I would never do that people, I love my family my kids come first”. – Tameka Foster

    Apparently she addressed the Chili comparision.

    I think if you truly moved on from a relationship and you don't care what people say about you, you wouldn't be bragging that you got him to put a ring on it and doing interviews, and tweeting about it all day long. Although she might possible deserve whats she's getting as a woman, wife and mother I can't help but sympathize with her. Her husband dogged her out in front of the world and she is now a single mom of five boys I just wish she would act like she's got some sense-fall back, stop tweeting,interviewing, calling/emailing bloggers and concentrate on raising her sons. Since Usher obviously has an oedipus complex she must be somewhat of a strong woman like his mom.

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    @ L'il Miss Red. Did you see what happened to the interview with Ryan? She had them removed! That's because I was the only one with the good comments on there.@Shannon04, I don't have time to be a drama queen. Just too busy. Music is my love, I blog for a p/t living and work as a Pharmacist just like Sandra is a nurse, celeb photog and professional blogger. Unfortunately I don't know Tameka's voice and that is why the Editors of 5 top hip-hop magazines who's intvd her and her soon to be ex Usher heard it. I make enuff $$$ and could have given this to Carl Bellvemyer at Inside Edition or Carolyn Fenton at TMZ but I'm not selling it to give her "extra PR". If she is a Stylist, she should really think about future clients. Over at World Star Hip-Hop, some are saying the audio is doctored. Doctored? No I just played it 3 times consecutively. Tameka is a FOOL! She needs to apologize to me and put those Ryan Cameron videos back up so everyone can see what she said about bloggers. @Miss Gauz, If it wasn't her, she or her lawyers would call me by now if someone was impersonating her. Just like Oprah who talks to white ppl polished and black ppl ghettoish. @talkingwithTami, pls ask her if she called my home with that message. @2thick 4u, Toronto Police called it "suspicious phone harrasement and stalking" and recommended I change my #. For her? NO WAY! Stalking calling all hours of nite and looking my name up as well as leaving a harrasement msg. You don't even wanna hear what Tiny's camp had to say. I'll just tell you the good part. "Kemi, you are better than that."

  • LovelyLady

    @ East lol what video is that

  • wiggy2272003

    @ eastpointvet I LOVE THAT VIDEO! I seriously watch it all the time. That same reporter has a few other similar videos on youtube, tho none are as funny as that
    "we're here in blahbla County...
    What the Fcuk? sshitt flying all in my mouth. shiat I need to get the hell up outta this country mothafcuker

  • yvonne79

    @Wiggy and East:
    I die laughing everytime I see it. " I hate this hick town"
    Wiggy-who is that cutie in your Avatar? Look at those cheeks!!!

  • whatdoesitmatter


  • Harlem BG

    I love Kemi! She is the Sandra Rose of Canada! Trampeka is wack. Usher went and got his self tied up with this slut!!!!!

  • LovelyLady

    @ Wiggy

    I just see the video and laughed my azz off. Thats was some of the funniest ish ever,

  • talkingwithtami

    @Kemi Girl I'm not getting in your business, I just know that she doesn't sound like that and I talk to people daily.I wouldn't call her for that, lol Did you ever think it could have been someone else playing on your phone,Im just saying because your way up in Canada how do you know she is stalking you, you have no proof of that. Yes you do have a voice recorded message, but I'm just telling you, that don't sound like her at all,it could have been somebody playing a game with you. I hope things work out for you.



  • wiggy2272003

    yvonne, check his other videos on you tube he has one where he's like We went to the mayors home to get her opinion, no one was home. Then the camera cuts off and he's like " The biatch waddnt home", there's another one where he curses out a dog that keeps barking while he's talking. Funny.

    Thanks, thats my youngest daughter. All my kids got those bigazz jaws from me/ my grandaddy. She is three and took that picture of herself. I am glad you mentioned because I didn't think my gravatar change took I still see one love.

  • attorneymom

    Leave Tameka Raymond alone!!! Stop kicking a woman while she is down. How about helping her get up??

  • attorneymom

    **cricket**@ #20

    What is your point? So Tameka allegedly called your azz. So what. Is she suppose to be your friend when your attacking her on your blog?

    Blank stare.

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    @talking with Tami...that is what shocked us the most. By now I should have heard from her lawyer or he would have sent out a statement to the media but what I said in those Ryan Cameron videos she removed proves she made that call. I called her soon to be ex, life is not worth liking yourself over Usher, stand on your own. Canadians don't know and care about her, so it won't be any of my kid fans here but the biggest thing of all is when Rogers Home phone said it's a cell # blocked out of Atlanta on a US network. I think they said Sprint or PCS or something....So many industry ppl emailing me today stating she is a "certified nut, desperado, scam artist, shoplifter etc?" C'mon, her ppl should be speaking out in the name of damage PR. I files a police report and Toronto police don't mess with any balloon boy kinda stunts. I even volunteer with Crimestoppers so what you see in me is what you get.

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    Attorney mom, I don't ever wanna be Tameka's friend now but you don't seem to get it. I WAS THE ONLY BLOGGER WRITING GOOD THINGS ABOUT HER FOR YEARS!!!! THIS IS WHAT I WROTE ON THE YOUTUBE VID OF HER AND RYAN last week b4 she removed them. This is because of what the NY Post wrote about her. I took her back. SO UNGRATEFUL!! @Harlem BG, thanks for the love. They've even called me the "female Perez of Canada" I'm Kemi and just do music...LOL!

    "Ryan Cameron is one hell of a professional. Ryan it's Kemi@hiphossipdotcom. I'm back home in Canada. Tameka is a great chic as far as I am concerned. Fock Wendy Williams! They need to let this girl breathe. She is independent! She will be OK. Love Usher, Love Jonetta Patton but we in the media are the ones elevating these publicity stunts.? I feel for Tameka's 7 kids. Just intvd Tiny the other day from here in Canada and it's all about the kids. Im posting this on celebritysinglemomfotinfo too."

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    Sandra pls delete 33

  • attorneymom

    @Kemi, Tameka is obviously hurting. Some of it may be karma. But either way, can we all just fall back for a minute from checking her azz or destroying the little self esteem she has left? What would Jesus do?

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    Thanks Sandra, now the new 33 is OK. Comments on this vid are saying that Usher's ppl are behind it to sell records but if that's true, Tameka's ppl should reach out to me. My offc is 647-344-5390. This audio was NOT edited and still remains on the phone raw as hell. The cops did not want to hear the computer one transferred. They wanted my phone. Toronto Police Reports are Public info. Y'all have a nice day! Be back home later to watch BET and Monica. Thank God I did not sell this to Radar, Carolyn Fenton at TMZ or Carl at Inside Edition, now everyone will call me some $$$ digger. Don't need the money...I'm not giving her any more PR.

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    Attorney mom, I feel for her. She can reach my offc or my cell ....MY CELL that all the stars have at 416-576-6035 to talk and I will take the videos down. It takes a lot before I can put my # out there. I am well connected in the media and music industry. Like Gyant said on his blog, "I have known Kemi for a long time and she is credible" What you see is what you get. We have all have life headaches.

  • talkingwithtami

    @kemi but make a police report out for what? Someone cussing on your phone? lol. I would never make a report out on something like that lmao. Let a bish key up my car, or knock at my door, then thats when i would get the police involved lol. I don't know girl I'm laughing. Yall do it way different up there. lol

  • pointhimout

    im with tami..what's the purpose of a police report? um, the number was blocked so you can't prove from that alone it was tameka foster raymond, usher's wife. it could be the assistant or anyone else. folks say it's her? what? seriously? all nonsense if it is her. i just want it to stop. im so tired of her being wrapped up in foolishness. most of us get up and drag our asses to jobs we dont like. it seems this one, if all these stories are true, just rolls outta bed with the help of HELP and stirs up drama.

    i wanna say it's not her this time. im gonna start thinking positive thoughts so it eventually gets her way. enough is enough.

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    You make a police report when you are a Journalist and News Reporter when a Celebrity's wife in the middle of a divorce calls YOUR HOUSE on a SATURDAY and utters a profanity. A profanity in Canada can be viewed as a future threat. Many Journalists have been killed around the world for that, even in America. That is how Journalism works. I am NOT a "blogger" I am a Professional blogger. Most of us Journos have blogs at TV stations and newspapers we work at. Now that's the difference.

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    It's 2.22pm Eastern, Tameka's ppl would have called me. They have all the numbers on this forum. Others feel that Usher's ppl did it, the more Tameka's ppl should reach out for damage PR. I practice PR and Journalism together among other things and so many instant Publicists don't know their job.

  • talkingwithtami

    LOL, But your in "CANADA" do you really think she is going to come after you way up there? I'm sure she has better things to do than come fight you over a blog post, come on now lol. Professional Blogger or just blogger, I think your taking it way to serious, Ok I'm done with this I have a headache. lol


    Tameka needs to sit her ass down and raise her kids cause she got a lot of them to take care of....Hoepfully Tameka knows better than to step up in the @talkingwithtami
    CANADA is not that far. Meka probably jump in her Concorde and head on up here.

  • attorneymom

    Why does Tameka's camp need to reach out to you? Blank stare. This whole thing is ridiculous. I am done with this paricular post. Next.

  • wiggy2272003

    yeah lovelylady, save it on your favorites and when you're in a bad mood watch it. Helps errytime

  • talkingwithtami lmao!!!!

  • Byrde01

    I agree with blu_mango. It sounds like something was said between her introduction of herself and "f**k you". It seems cropped and pieced together. Hmmmm...

  • LilMissRed

    @Kemi #20.. hey all Im saying is the recorded call doesnt sound like the chick we all here in ATL heard on the radio last week.. hey it could very well be her.. then again maybe not. She may not get her PR involved because she just MIGHT have other pressing matters to deal with..(i.e. a divorce, ummm getting herself as well as her children 'ready for change' who knows) I can only imagine how many ppl 'pose' as Tameka..I mean really it aint that hard to act 'crazy'

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    I love all of you and Sandra for posting this. I am reading almost 6 other blogs that posted this and some say Usher is behind this to give Tameka really bad PR. Attorney mom, that is why her ppl have to do damage control and reach out to me. As far as I am concerned, Tameka Foster called my house because I called her "soon to be ex." She owes me an apology...PERIOD! T.Dot said it BEST. Do you guys really think Canada is far away? NYC is 30 mins on Air Canada ATL is an hour 15 mins. She cannot come to Toronto as she is the butt of jokes in the Toronto media. Tameka should be HUMBLE and save face to apologize and stop harrasing Journalist, Bloggers etc. If My colleagues and ATL Press Club friends Amanda Davis, Monica Kaufman and Brenda Wood reported Tameka as a soon to be ex, will she call Monica at ome and say "Fuck you?"

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    I need to send this to Monica Pearson. Rodney Ho and Sonia Murray heard it. I'm looking for all feedback who called me. It is VERY insulting. A child checked the messages.

  • iscream

    @ Kemi don't forget to call EBT, VH1, Fox News (they ran with the lie that Kanye was dead).

    @lilmissred comment 48 I agree 100%.

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    @iscream...LOL! I'm done with this foolishness. I need to call Larry King. I put some of my PR clients on that show. See fanadadotca. I gotta call Rosy and book Tameka on there. Enjoy your night everyone. Sandra has the energy. I cannot handle comments on my blog.

  • attorneymom

    @Kemi, I know I said I was done with the post but I finally was able to listen to the recording. Are you serious? All she said was that she read what you wrote about her and f*** you. Blank stare.

    I went to your blog and saw that you look like you know Jesus. That is, you look like a church women with your modest apparel. So I am not going to put you on my "Sit Your Azz Down" list this time. Don't use another lame call from a celeb to generate blog hits. And how you gonna have a blog without a comment section?? Blank stare.

    Anyways, back up off Tameka Foster-Raymond.

  • attorneymom

    @Sandra, I am surprised at you for posting something like this. This is just as bad as the ballon hoax. SMDH

  • LilMissRed

    @AttorneyMom.. LOL girl ur a mess I concur I concur! sit'cho............ LOL

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    @attorney mom, I don't allow comments simply because of ppl like you. It's an editorial blog and you don't see anything unusual to get a call from a "soon to be ex" wife of a major music celebrity? Avril Lavigne didn't call me when I called her soon to be ex husband caught kissing a chic and she's here in Napanee, Canada. I know exactly who you are. Are you the same lawyer that called World Star Hip-Hop yesterday to harrass them to take Tameka's fish net wrinkled stomach picture down on their video portal? Trust me all the pictures I use on my blog are mostly copyrighted and PURCHASED! The YouTube version will be online forever! Maybe you need to go around the web and see who else has posted it and read the comments over there. Tameka is an IDIOT! A real one. Speak to your client about decorum. You have my #. It's somewhere on this thread. Once again, I thank Sandra, Gyant, News North Carolina, The HHC U.K and others that posted this video. Remember, The Toronto Police have it well documented! Next time she acts a fool, I will direct the mainstream media to her audio for record purposes. I have picked up the police report and ready to PDF it. It's coming....Have a nice day..

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada

    This hit thing on the blog some people talk about. Who checks hits on the blog. Gadgets are there but look on my right column, I have partners and advertisers plus sponsors. I only check my lovely live feed to see where ppl are coming from. Attorneys would go learn about why we even blog and what we gain from it and how much? 2.2 million page views is not important to me even if Beyonce died today! Get real.

  • Kemi at HipHossip Canada