If you're planning to fly anytime soon, keep a close eye on your bags. The recession and double digit unemployment has sparked a rise in airport thefts of passenger luggage.

Over the weekend, actress LisaRaye was a victim of airport thieves at JFK who lifted her Louis Vuitton bag and absconded with it while she wasn't looking. LisaRaye accused airline employees of pilfering her bag after the airline told her the bag was never scanned.

The distraught former First Lady of Turks & Caicos Islands took to her Twitter page to beg her "Twitt Fam" for help in retrieving her belongings.

...I need my WHOLE Twitt Family to HELP me put it out there I will pay WHOEVER comes up with my bag..Delta employee, police, family, WHOEVER. i hope like hell they find my bag. I hv family keepsakes n there i travel with. So help me bring awareness to it. Thanks

...Listen..I don't care about the bag..what's inside! Return THAT stuff please!

LisRaye even offered a reward for the return of her bag:

Yes, i will pay WHOEVER comes up with the bag..Delta employee,TSU employee, fan, police, family, WHOEVER. They can leave it & i'll get it!

In response to the widespread thievery at the nation's busiest airport, officials at Atlanta Hartsfield announced they are targeting luggage thieves and watching the situation involving airline employees closely.

Airport security said "they believe new technology and equipment has cut the chances of thievery during security screening of checked luggage."

But airlines depend on outside contractors to load and sort luggage making it hard to pinpoint where the thefts are occurring.

Meanwhile, LisaRaye, who will be in town for the BET Hip Hop Awards this weekend, is heartbroken over the loss of personal items that were near and dear to her. "it was pics of my father & I when i was little, a spiritual candle i use 2 pray, [and] my favorite sleep shirt i've had since college..." she tweeted.

  • MrsHawthorne77

    Okay...a bag full of personal sentimental items...can anyone say "carry on"??????

  • iscream

    Pay them with what? The lent at the bottom of the bag.

  • SunnyPA


    I never leave valuables in my luggage. The thief probably just wanted the LV bag (not the contents).

    I always neatly pack and tie down my clothing in my bags. Yet, every time I reach my destination, my stuff is balled up and thrown around. Sometimes, I find a form note that states "your luggage was searched because it looked suspect".

    I swear ... my luggage was shanked one time. My daughter said it was my fault for not tipping the guy who takes the luggage from your car to check.


  • KaraZ

    spiritual candle... really *side eye*

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    Man I just passed through that airport to and from the Bahamas this passed weekend and I am glad that I had busted as luggage that wasn't worth stealing :) !!!

    A couple shot glasses got busted but nothing major.

    This will make me tell my man that fancy luggage ain't the way to go :( !!!

    Also...she should have had all that in a carry on...anything personal, keep close to your heart!!!

  • Divinebrown

    I have an intense dislike for theives. They just tried to take 500 dollars out of one of my accounts on a shopping spree at WAL MART OF ALL PLACES.

    Broke azzes!!!

  • http://myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    wow..walmart..talk about low rent but walmart is an easy target for theives so that's why they tried it..i have been lucky during my travels, but then again i keep my jewelry and other valuables on me..people need to think..airport thievery is not unheard of so common sense should have prevailed here w/LisaRaye...Send the crap ahead get it insured..i mean use your brain!

  • versatile

    Seriously, JFK is the worst....if you have to go through that airport please just bring a carry on. They will steal anything!!!!

  • Kat

    i wish i had the bag so that she could pay me to get it back. i could use a few extra dollars! :lol: