Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti. It's frustrating to see people still trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings and the bodies of dead children laid out on sidewalks. There are roves of dazed, hungry, thirsty Haitians wandering in the streets. People are suffering. The president of Haiti doesn't have anywhere to sleep because his home is destroyed.

What is taking so long for relief to get to the people?

48 hours after the earthquake, the Red Cross still hasn't arrived with much needed medical supplies. Remember that if you think about donating money to the Red Cross.

Click HERE to watch live coverage on CNN in your cubicle.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Shame on the Red Cross. Has anyone heard how much money the Yele fund raised? I read it was in the millions.

  • Daisy

    @MsKay I am not a cheerleader for the red cross but I wldnt bash them just yet either. Is the airport even open yet? Also I saw a red cross worker based n Haiti on CNN he said resorces are on the way as soon as they can get flights in. I heard that american airlines is working on flights for today/tomrrow.

    I :pray: that they get help sooner than later though. CNN was sad last night.

  • Necelove

    Good Morining SR Fam. Hey Ms.Kaylamomma. I've been in earth quakes several times it's a scarey feeling. My heart goes out to these people dearly. I wish it was more I can do. I've donated 5 times yesterday to Yele fund. I feel it's going in the right pot. I'm not giving red cross twawt.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Good morning Daisy, Necelove **waving**

    @ Daisy, yea, I don't believe everything I read but my godmother used to work for the Red Cross here and I've seen the same stories everyone else has heard about (i.e. the donations are going somewhere else unless you specify where you want it to go, once they hit a certain amount of donations then they distribute to other areas).

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Oh, and if I'm not mistaken the same issue arose during Hurricane Katrina and that was here in the US. :sad: I'm not giving up on the Red Cross though.

  • KayCeiSoul got my contribution, and will continue to get as long as I'm able to give.

    I'm going to reserve my opinion about some of these "relief" organizations. But I will say this; it's sad that after I had monthly withdrawals from my check for YEARS to support a specific foundation, a person I knew couldn't even get help from them, ever. I ended up helping the person in need. I could have kept my donation and done better going out on my own missions to help better the world.

  • FloridaChick813

    Def. still praying for the folks in Haiti.. :pray:

  • FloridaChick813

    I work for Chase bank, they are making contributions to Red Cross, and then matching anything their employee's donate.. I just hate that its with Red Cross.. I just made a personal contribution to Yele.Org yesterday, I prefer them to get my money then Red Cross.. But thats just me..

  • Daisy

    All donations going to a 501 non profit foundation will have funds used for overhead expenses among other things including Yele. I am not a cheerleader for the red cross and I know they had issues w/Katrina but the do a lot of good as well like other org. For every they robbed me or mis used funds stories u can find just as many the red cross helped me out stories that's all I am saying. I like to know that my money is being put to good use just like the next person.

  • Mother Jefferson

    Sandra I dont know what news you've been watching but this response was WAAAY faster than Katrina. It hasnt even been 48 hours yet and they have supplies from multiple organizations and countries (even France) arriving. I hope they can save more people :pray:

  • starr

    Sandra...have u been watching the news

    the airport has been damaged, so there are no night time flights. Folks are going to the domincan republican and driving to haiti

    And the redcross isn't hte only organization out there....

  • ladedj1819


  • brownelovely

    I donated to Yele...don't trust Red Cross at this point. I know Wyclef holds it down for Haiti so I can rest easy that the money is going to the right place.

    They are definitely in my prayers. It's sad it took a tragedy like this to make folks realize how bad they really have it in this country. I hope they can rebuild better homes, provide better and more food, and get some jobs over there so people can live a better life.