Old school legends SWV hosted a party and performed at ESSO nightclub on Saturday (Jan. 22) and they look great!

On Saturday, I was in the Louis Vuitton store in Lenox mall trying to find a new bag to swap out for one of my backpacks. Normally, I would have my friend with me and she makes my decisions for me. But since she wasn’t with me, it took a lot longer (about an hour and 20 minutes) for me to make up my mind.

In walks Shawty Lo’s baby mama, E’Creia, who has a daughter with the rapper. After introducing herself, E’Creia proceeded to help me pick out a bag and a pair of shades. It took her less than two minutes to make the selections and I was very happy with her choices. I told her I wished she had come into the store about an hour and 20 minutes earlier.

We’ve all seen the pictures of E’Creia on the blogs. I told her that her pictures don’t do her any justice at all. She is so petite and adorable in person! So we looked through the pics on her cell phone and found this picture to post on my blog so my readers could see how pretty she was.

Like Tiny, E’Creia is a ride or die chick who stands by her man and is loyal to him despite being harassed night and day by groupies trying to get with him.