According to the folks over at STR8NYC, this is the cover art for Diddy's upcoming album, Last Train To Paris. They confirmed it with Capricorn Clark, the cool as ice global brand marketing director for Bad Boy Records.

I'm not surprised Sean's face isn't on his own album cover. If you knew your CD was wack would you put your picture on it?

  • Princess Smarty-Pants

    If you knew your CD was wack would you put your picture on it?

    Only if I was truly the narcisissiics that people accused me of being.

  • OutsidetheBox


    Hey Diddy.

  • mirsmommy

    Diddy is so whack. :rolleyes:

  • iscream

    Did you and Sarah have a fall out already :shrug:

    Anyway, Team Puffy :cheer1: I get the concept of the album cover

  • missy

    If this is the cover ..I could have taken this pic ...

    :cosign: mirsmommy

    #takethat,take that

  • Daisy

    @isc :cosign: your #teamPuffy :cheer:

    Hello Goodmorning :dance:

  • mzvirgo78

    I thought you promised Sarah that you wouldn't clown her babydaddy anymore. I guess you got the itis. :lol:

  • Janay

    Sandra i LOVE you for this "EPIC FAIL",personally i think he should just #GIVEUP !

  • Choco

    I don't like the cover I would've rather actually seen the last train to paris...that is dull

  • CivilEngineer

    I can't believe he stuck with that dumb title all this time.

    Team Anti-Puffy :cheer: :lol:

  • TSRBenz

    i hope thats not the cover its so blurry and puffy might need to take the last train to paris when this crap fails

  • TruGemini

    If I was Carpicorn, I'd still be mad at my mama... :blink:

  • Silhouette

    I like Puffy, I really enjoyed watching on Bravo the other day.
    Let me pull out my pompoms :cheer1: Team Puff :cheer1:
    *Diddy Bops on the sideline*

  • kdillon

    To All the Team Puffy's, are you really investing in this album? Seriously

  • OutsidetheBox

    :cheer: Team Puff!

    Last Train to Paris has real meaning for him and the honey he was chasing!

  • OutsidetheBox

    I :heart: Dirty Money and Diddy especially when he wears his lil' grill ;) :hump: so yes I will be getting the album @dillion

  • OutsidetheBox

    Sorry @Sandra! I didnt know the wink was going to emote!

  • pinksghetti

    Maybe he's trying to be unique *shrugs*. Puff is cool with me as far as a music maker but not a baby maker.

  • pinksghetti

    Hey Silhouette, I wanted to ask you since be are both Dec. 20th's were you born in the 80's, 70's, 90's? Just curious.

  • Silhouette

    The jury is still out on buying the whole album, but I bought Hello Good Morning from itunes. I will continue to dress my 9y/o in Sean Jean and if they become heavily discounted I will purchase some DiddyBeats head phones.

  • His_Mommy623

    Im a fan of Dirty Money (mostly because I think Dawn is talented as hell) but everything that group has put out thus far has been better than what I hear on the radio.. Thats just my opinion tho..

  • Silhouette

    @Pink I was born in 78

  • Tink Tink

    I don't like to cover, but so far every single dropped I kinda, secretly liked.

  • Tink Tink

    ^like the cover

  • pinksghetti

    Silhouette says:

    @Pink I was born in 78


    Now this is getting scary, we are born on the exact day. Please tell me you aren't from PA because if so something strange is going on?

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    I'm a Puffy fan but I don't think I will buy the album. There are only a FEW artist that I will actually buy an entire album for...

    **I hope he hires someone else to design for Sean John because that chit has been straight trash the last few years**

  • Val


  • Silhouette

    @Pink OMG are you serious! I was born in AR, now that would have been super freaky. I always wanted a twin sister thought. LOL

  • pinksghetti

    AR that's real far from PA, but what a odd coincidence that we are born on the same day. I was wondering because a couple of times people have mistaken me for someone else so I thought I may have a long lost twin in PA or something, lol. I would have liked a twin sister or brother too. What a small world.

  • Silhouette

    @Man I didn't like when they started putting the SEAN JOHN all big and chit on the front of the tshirts. The polos and the cardigans are nice with just the small SJ.

  • Silhouette

    @Pink It's not me I have never been to PA, but you hear about people separated at birth who go on in life and have the same interest (ie Sandra Rose. That's pretty cool, funny part is I always ask my Mom about my birth and she can't remember b/c back then they gave you a drug called Twlight. Hmmm :thinking:

  • M3z

    This album has been in the works for like 2 years...I mean really make it happen, but the cover... DO BETTER

  • pinksghetti

    @ Silhoutte, was Sandra Rose seprated at birth from a twin sister? It's probably just that a lot of people were born on that same day but we just happen to both be on here, it's pretty cool :) I never heard of Twilight but my mom had me by cesearan and she was knocked out too because back then they knocked you out first.

  • Silhouette

    @Pink No I was saying twins separated at birth have the same interest. The fact we both like reading That's funny your Mom was knocked out too.

  • pinksghetti

    Silhouette says:

    @Pink No I was saying twins separated at birth have the same interest. The fact we both like reading

    Oh, my bad, LOL.