“He said he’s been fighting from day one – you decide…”

This video provides us with a timeline of events that occurred since April 20, 2010 when a fiery explosion on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 BP platform workers and sent the platform sinking 5,000 feet to the ocean floor. The explosion ruptured n oil well on the seabed, allowing 19 million barrels of crude oil to escape into the sea.

This timeline follows US president Barack Obama’s activities since that fateful day 7 weeks ago. Accoridng to online reports, Obama knew about the devastating potential of the oil spill from Day 1.

The lapdog media has once again failed in its duty to inform Americans about the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 which gives the president (that would be Obama) complete responsibility for immediate action in cleaning up any oil spill.

Many critics and media outlets excoriated George Bush for his slow response to the flooding in New Orleans in 2005. But Bush visited the stricken area 8 times in 46 days (he surveyed the damage 2 days after the hurricane made landfall).

In 46 days, Obama has visited the LA coast a grand total of 3 times. Meanwhile, Obama has visited the golf course and basketball court at least 15 times in 7 weeks.

  • Anna

    My husband and I debated this on the way to dinner last night. Hubby said that the President can and has the power to stop this. I said, “what is he suppose to do, when BP is a company outside of “The States”? I reminded hubby that the President can only do so much. Hubby checked mated/schooled me. We learned long ago to agree to disagree. We were both still able to enjoy our meal, but I got educated. LOL.

  • Mother Jefferson

    :nono: Sandra, the timeline for this oil spill started LONG before Barack Obama was even elected.

    Most other countries, Canada for example, require relief wells to be drilled before the company can operate a rig. The oil companies “convinced” politicians to remove that regulation so now they are drilling a relief well that will take 3 months to complete (in the middle of hurricane season no less)

    The oil companies own most of our politicians, one of the worst being Dick Cheney, removed the requirement to have the safety piece that would have prevented this. So you can chalk another one to the Bush Administration.

    And I suggest you stop drinking that Tea Party tea :coffee: and dig a little deeper for these anti Obama posts. A lot of them are unfounded and I know you can do better.

  • KrayZKat

    @Anna – after your discussion with hubby, did you come away with something different that changed your position?

    @MJ – Well you learn something new everyday. Excellent points! :claps:

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Mother Jefferson says:

    Sandra, the timeline for this oil spill started LONG before Barack Obama was even elected.


    Stick to the facts please. The timeline began on the day of the explosion. Obama was informed about the severity of the damage before We the Public even knew about the explosion. Yet he acted like it was no big deal until the media started reporting about it. The president has the power to clean up the oil spill immediately. Yet he did nothing. He can’t pass this off on Cheney or anyone else. He’s the president now. He said “The buck stops with me.” Well, he needs to act like it.

  • luvly1957

    Thanks Mother Jefferson she will not stop drinking dat sour tea but she sure makes me sleepy wit these ridiculous azz articles dat she gets from Faux news and Rash Limbag.

    Ssandra invited to the wedding?

  • Cubz_Fan_In_Ga

    @Sandra: Agreed.

    Obama raised more money from BP than any politician in the last two election cylces. He voted for the Cheney-induced Energy Bill of 2005 (although he blatantly denied doing such during thee 2008 campaign). It was Obama’s administration that issued the permit for the subject rig to operate in the first place, and the bill you referenced gives the Executive Branch the power to intercede and take control in the case of an oil spill. This is logical considering it is the federal government who is party to the leasing contract with BP (and all other off-shore drillers), and it is the federal government’s regs that govern the rigs operations.

    He may not have been able to prevent the rig explosion, but he sure as hell could have abstained from playing golf and campaigning a little. Logical people understand he is still the president, and needs to take care of the other aspects of his office duties. But his nonchalance has been unmistakable.

  • Daisy

    So nobody is gonna say how Bush/Cheney de reuglated the industry that allowed this

    The President has been acting n working on the matter since day one he is always cool and calm and this situation is no different

    So what he got campaign money from BP that’s what candidates do raise money that drop in the bucket isn’t anything compared to what Bush has made off oil or Cheney

    BP messed up and the Prez is left to fix their mess and he will


  • darkflava

    It’s funny to me how people really think that Obama needs to be locked up in a lab 24/7 inventing new contraptions and ideas to remedy this oil spill. Or perhaps he’s supposed to swim to the ocean floor and close the leak himself with those “special President super powers” that bestowed on at the Inauguration. C’mon people! The people who have the knowledge and ability to clean and cap this this leak are working on it and keeping the President in the know on progress and issues. Rather you want to admit it or not, the President has a busy schedule to adhere to and granted golf may not be a “pressing engagement” but damn, this video was ridiculous. IMO. I don’t know anything about “koolaid drinking” or “tea drinking”. I just think people go overboard with this mess.

  • Mayborn

    how i missed this post yesterday beats me.